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                  Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle


In the world of Big Game Fishing, nothing ever stays the same from day to day. For the last few weeks it’s been wide open. By that I mean the fish are moving around the area with no real concentration for any real length of time in any one location. So, this means you have to be prepared to move around and find the fish. This is actually normal, but for those on a thin fuel budget this could be an issue if targeting large Marlin, Sailfish or Tuna. We have fish, but we don’t have them in a barrel.

Last week we had Seaweed move in with the currents which created a Dorado paradise. With the Dorado came Marlin and Sailfish. This week we’ve seen the seaweed move out and the fishing once again is wide open. That means anywhere from the Marietta Islands to Corbetena and then over to El Banco is the “fishing frontier” for the moment. If you’re in the El Banco area there are still some chances for Black Marlin to 400 lbs, Sailfish to 130 lbs and Cuberra Snappers to 50 lbs for the bottom fishing guys. But for the moment there isn’t much else happening. On the plus side any floating debris, clumps of crap or even a stump will be well worth the investigation. Stay positive things can improve before you finish reading this.

Corbetena has seen jumping Yellowfin Tuna Footballs in the 40 lb range. There is plenty of bait in the form of Skip Jack Tuna aka Skippies with blue water and perfect water temperatures. Black Marlin are in the area of 400 lbs and up, Blue Marlin the same size range. For those on overnights and multiple day trips the Marlin and Sailfish bite is great. Moving between the Rock at Corbetena and El Banco there is great action. We’re even seeing Striped Marlin which normally prefer a touch cooler water. This speaks well for the amount of bait in the area. Cuberra’s are probable if jigging. No real Dorado to speak of in the area, but again with all the heavy rains give it a day or two and there could be Dorado moving in. If looking for larger billfish you have to visit Corbetena.

El Morro, The Marietta Islands and the Point of Punta Mita are all in the same boat. There are fish moving around, but where they’ll be is a moving target. I’ve gotten reports of Sailfish off Sayulita and off El Morro. Dorado can be around any floating Debris, but the recent rains have produced a large trash line. Wait a day or two, give it some time to “ferment”, soon you could have another fishing option that can be very productive. Remember the dirty water behind the Trash Line is not always very thick, so use a planer and figure six feet under the dirty water, you should find clean water and feeding fish. Bonito are in the area as are Skippies to 8 lbs, Jack Crevalls possible to 30 lbs, bottom fishing at 200 ft. can bring in Amber Jacks and possible Cuberra’s, so don’t be disappointed, be flexible.

Inside the bay we’re seeing more dirty water as you’d expect after two days of heavy rain in the area. This heavy rain brings leaves, twigs, seeds, stumps, you name it into the bay. After a day or two this will attract the smaller fish, which attracts larger fish so you can understand why we like the trash line. For now the Jack Crevalls are still running in the 35 lb range. Dorado have thinned out a bit as have the Sailfish off Los Arcos with the recent rains and current changes. But with all the bait this will most likely change in the next few days. Football Yellowfin Tuna in the Yelapa area and south along the shoreline. Find fresh water and there is most likely Robalo or Snook in English. Inside the bay has been fun fishing for the flexible not demanding to catch Moby Dick.

The bite is still running around 9 a.m., sleep in a bit. If you want to target Yellowfin Tuna they’ve been hitting baits at the late bite at 6:00 p.m. Remember fish don’t just bite in the morning hours, don’t be afraid to ask your perspective fishing company to hit that bite. If not, call me, we’ll fix you up. The water is a beautiful blue if not in the shore area of the bay. Water temperatures are hanging at a perfect 86 degrees and there’s plenty of bait in the area. The fish are in the area, but they’re fish so they move. Live bait is still king, but if you want to run lures for the billfish start with Gucamayos, Petroleros and Iguana lures.

For those looking for fun days on the water a short day trip of six hours is perfect to find fish. For those looking for Marlin you’ll need a full 12 hr. day allowing for plenty of movement. Start dropping baits at El Morro and work the area, look for birds and look for debris! If you do this you’ll put “luck” on your side with a 60% shot at a billfish. If looking for better odds, inside the bay is my second suggestion.     

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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