Fishing in Puerto Vallarta is all about the Dorado!

Fishing in Puerto Vallarta continues to be world class this week with all the most popular species. Marlin are picking up in numbers and size. Sailfish, Dorado and even Yellowfin Tuna are all at our world famous deep water fishing grounds with blue water everywhere and plenty of varied baits. Water temperatures are holding steady and of course the climate here in Puerto Vallarta is nicer every day as we enter high season in Puerto Vallarta.

It’s all About Dorado and Sailfish

After what I thought might be a temporary thing, Dorado numbers have exploded. In fact fishing in Puerto Vallarta is all about Dorado right now. It’s now October, the fishing from now until hopefully New Year’s will be the best of the year. The local climate is calming down and it feels like an early winter. But for now a bay trip to Corbetena is well worth the time and money. With mostly dirty water, once you’re past the Marietta islands things change. If you’re in the south end of the bay, things are different and now even larger Dorado are in the bay. So sit back and let the Dorado Show begin.

Stagnant Conditions, Swirling Currents, Transition Time!

Fishing in Puerto Vallarta is never a sure thing if targeting only one species, but if you are looking for action we always have that. I know my reports lately seem to be a little “cookie cutter”. But if you’ve been reading my articles here in the past, you know this is the time of the year when the fishing seasons change. I call it a “Transition Period”. In a “normal” year the tourism season is normally over. With Covid restrictions winding down, we’re seeing a “second High season” in June. Thankfully we have Stripers still running the area, Yellowfin Tuna are small but out there. Blue Marlin are sparse and Sailfish are hard to find. What does this all mean? It means the fish are out there, the question is: Are you willing to do what it takes to boat a Bucket List fantasy?

World Class Fishing as Dorado Invade Puerto Vallarta

Well it’s not quite a cookie cutter report, but when the fishing is world class you and great you sound like you’re repeating yourself. No matter how you look at it, the fishing in Puerto Vallarta is incredible. We could call this article “Dorado City”, but the title is a little too short (Ha Ja). What we are long on is arm burning fishing action. Don’t want a long day, perfect. Looking to save some money, the bay is on fire. Want larger fish, we’ve got all the world class species you could hope for. Frankly, that’s pretty much the fishing report. Don’t worry, I’ll share the details while you try and stay calm.

Dorado Everywhere, Marlin are Big, Sailfish Abundant, Peak Fishing Season in Puerto Vallarta is Happening Now!

I have to tell you, I was wondering what happened to our fishing season. We had plenty of blue water just full of bait. But we weren’t seeing decent sized Dorado, the Marlin were here, just spread out so that meant burning fuel! The worst part was I couldn’t with any confidence say “You’d boat a Marlin or Dorado”. Well now I can! In fact Marlin are very thick, Dorado at varying sizes are essentially at every fishing grounds we have. Sailfish are also picking up in size and numbers as we normally expect. We’re moving out of the Hurricane season, that doesn’t mean we won’t see any more, but the possibility will diminish by the day. It’s this time of the year that built Puerto Vallarta’s reputation as being some of the best fishing locations in the world!

It’s All About Marlin!

Here in Puerto Vallarta we’re “Kinda” unique. Each of our world famous fishing grounds has its own personality and its own personal quirks. We can see long periods of time where the fishing is the same day in and day out. But like your teenage daughter, they can be temperamental and moody. We’ve had a very temperamental last couple of weeks with tropical storms marching up the coastline. The primary conditions we’re dealing with are strange storm currents and plenty of dirty water. The Currents on top of the rain is turning the bay into a dirty water frustration. The deep water locations of Corbetena and El Banco have blue water and it all starts about ten miles off the point of Punta Mita. Yes folks this week it’s been “All about the Marlin”!

El Banco / Corbetena Yellowfin Tuna 75 – 150 lbs, Marlin Picking Up in Size, Dorado Smaller and Perfect Water Conditions! What more could you want?

Lately it’s looking like the “good old days” have come back to our world famous fishing grounds. After years of diminished fishing, the Seiners (production fishing ships) have mostly faded away and we’re finally seeing small schools of Yellowfin tuna roaming the entire area. Dorado are still thin, but they’re “trickling in” daily. Water temps are hovering and water conditions are about as good as you could ask for. Even Hurricanes are “Tranquillo”. We’ve moved into our Summer Fishing pattern where in the bay fishing is not going to provide you with Marlin and Tuna. For the next four or five months we’ll be seeing the best fishing outside of the bay. Now that doesn’t mean the fishing in the bay is anything other than great, they’re just smaller that’s all. So family fishing or Big Game fishing for trophies, either way They’re just what the “Vacation Doctor” ordered!

Stripers in Bay, Smaller Dorado, Massive Bait Amounts, Warming Water, Fishing is Great!

For the last three weeks now I’ve been surprised at the amount of Striped Marlin in the bay. As water temperatures rise we normally see Striped Marlin leaving the area. But when there is so much “Fast Food” why would you leave? Smaller Dorado are in the bay which is encouraging. For now we’re focusing on the “water” conditions. We’re in a “current” transition period where clashing currents can create dirty water and hair pulling frustration.

Plenty of Fish, Too Much Bait, Wahoo and Tuna Move In

Every year like clockwork we see the changing of the seasons just about the second or third week of January. This means the water temperatures drop, currents change, and abundant “Whale Food” in the form of hard shell Squids, Red Crabs and massive amounts of Krill Shrimp and Squids. And this is just the tip of the iceberg amigos. At times “too much” bait can be a problem for the vacationing Angler looking for a bucket list Fish to be checked off. But never fear, we have fish if you can get them to take your bait.

Roller-coaster Action, Stripers Move in, Dorado Moving

As we begin to see the end of the peak fishing season we’re lucky to have good if not unpredictable action. Fishing is a “liquid” sport and I mean that in forms of the word. Fish move and they’re moving all around the bay. With winter here the Whales are back as are the Porpoise everyone but fisherman love. For those looking to boat that bucket list fish before another year passes, I’d suggest you “Get it in gear” before the Marlin head for South America.