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Mark Hoffman and his nice, in the bay Dorado.

This week things have gotten a little stuck. For the last three weeks we’ve seen pretty much the same conditions. Water temperatures are still in a decent range for Striped Marlin and Dorado, so we still have them. Dorado right now would be the dominant species once you’re out past the Marietta islands. The entire area is a mixture of blue water and the clean green water. This means with these swirling currents, water temperatures are fluctuating. But that doesn’t seem to be an issue now as fish are taking baits in any color water. But fishing isn’t that easy right now. With many species in the area, fish aren’t the issue this week. What is an issue is the massive amounts Krill and Squids in the area that are “fast food”. After three weeks the “song remains the same”. But there are some very positive things happening at Midpoint with Dorado and Striped Marlin. Once again the area in between Corbetena and El Banco is showing why this area produces more tournament winners than anywhere else. Fishing is “fishing” and conditions will never be perfect, but if you focus on what’s “biting” and what’s not, then Dorado right now should be grabbing your attention!

Another Midpoint Dorado

One again this week Corbetena has been overrun by Jack Crevalles. There are some nice 40 to 60 lb Yellowfin tuna around the rock, that’s good news. But with the Jack Crevalles lingering in the area now for three weeks, they’re still bait hogs. Anything trolled or cast on surface fishing has a wall of Jack Crevalles it has to get past before your bait gets in front of a Yellowfin Tuna! Once you know this, there is really no point fishing Corbetena. The water here is still light blue but the water temperatures are up a bit hovering between 74 and 76 degrees. About twelve miles to the north is what I call “Midpoint”. This area has produced more tournament winners than Corbetena or El Banco. But for some reason it’s been ignored and now it’s the primary fishing area if you’re looking for action. This action would be Dorado. Some days the Dorado are 20 lbs and others 25 lbs would be the smallest. No Krill or bait issues in this area for now. Striped Marlin are also running the area as are some Sailfish. Nothing is automatic, but at least you’ve got fish in the area that will take your bait. One secret in this area is lures, not live bait. Run 6 inch Petroleros lures and lure of Pink and lures of blue. Keep this to yourself for now.

Sea Bass in the bay, happening now!

I haven’t been talking much about the area north of Sayulita lately, but now we have a reason. For those targeting Sailfish and Striped Marlin, with Dorado in the mix, then it’s your lucky day amigo. You’ll need a ten hour duration fishing trip, but it’s worth it. Also in this same area are Rooster fish. But there’s a trick, use a Sierra Mackerel as a “teaser” and when the Rooster fish come to check it out, drop a Goggle Eye in and you’ll have a 35 lb Rooster fish tearing your arms off. A few miles off Punta Mita there are a few buoys producing many Dorado, but even then at times they’re not taking bait. They’re just not interested and this must be the results of overfeeding on Krill once again. Bonito are also in the area at 20 lbs, Jack Crevalles to 40 lbs and an outside chance of a rough Sailfish. With Roosters in the area, the back side of El Morro may be a spot worth a visit. Here you’ll also find large Sierra Mackerels and Bonito as well.  Feeling lucky?

Yellowfin Tuna are out there, if you can get a bait to them!!

Inside the bay it’s been and up and down rollercoaster at times. With warming water in the bay, you still have an outside chance to boat a smaller Dorado. Sierra Mackerels are huge for their size running over 12 lbs, many to 20 lbs of good eating fish. Bonitos are large in the 20 lb range. Jack Crevalles are in the bay, but you have to catch them perfectly when they come up or they will most likely ignore your baits. Red Krill the size of peas are all still in the middle of the bay and while the Whales love it, the locals do as well. This means where you find red Krill, you probably won’t catch anything because they’re stuffed! Water temperatures are low enough so Bass and Grouper are there for the bottom fishing guys. I suggest six hours if you’re fishing in the bay which gives you your best opportunity for action.

Nobody But Master Baiter’s Provides this Service, imagine that…

This week we’ve seen the bite change to about 08:00, this means you have to get out earlier, no sleeping in amigos. Also water temperatures are inching up a bit, so find warm water and the fishing will improve. I gave you some secrets regarding bait, but in reality try everything, including dead bait. We’re seeing fewer Dorado this week as the seasons are changing. Soon Dorado will be a thing of the past, so get out there while you can.

Thanks for your continued support and until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

Rah Hawkins and his beautiful off season Dorado at Midpoint between Corbetena and El Banco

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