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Another Great Day on the Water!

When People ask me “when is the best time of the year to go fishing in Puerto Vallarta”? My normal response is the first two weeks of November or the first two weeks of December. I’ve been saying this for years as those are the down times for tourism in between the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year, being a La Nina year, the calendar has changed seasons early and what was on fire last week, is cooling down a little more each day. The longer duration trips are still coming up winners, but blue water is scarce. With Swirling currents and massive amounts of bait moving into the area in the form of Krill, remember none of this is new to experienced captains. What is new or unusual is the “La Nina” factor that throws the whole “seasonal clock” into disarray. Those looking for larger Dorado, Marlin and Sailfish need to get on the water before the summer species bug out. For now the fishing is still “worth” the effort. But the clock is ticking and the summer fishing season will be over soon.

Corbetena, known as one of the top fishing locations in the world is full of Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado and other species. Yellowfin Tuna are thin in numbers for the moment at the rock. The whole area is sporting this clean green water. Not exactly unusual for PV. We’re seeing conditions we would normally associate with the end of the summer season fishing. Green water is always cooler than blue water and while “fish” don’t like the cold, they do like the bait in it. With these challenging conditions Billfish, Sailfish and Marlin are still taking bait in this green water. Which by the way is everywhere! Having said that, clients booking ten hour trips have been coming up winners, but it hasn’t been easy. You can expect three to five strikes now on Dorado bulls at the Rock, down from ten last week. Sailfish are also taking baits and are good sized. Blue Marlin are in the 400 lb range, but they too are thinning in numbers. I don’t want to sound too pessimistic after last week’s “down energy” predictions. But with the green water, the fishing is still great at Corbetena, but it’s going to be work amigos. For now, even with the green water, it’s well worth the expense. FYI: if heading to Corbetena take a heading of 330 at the 20 to 24 mile mark is where you’ll start to see the action. For the next twenty minutes or so…

Not pictured is the Sailfish they boated on Magnifico

The area around Punta Nayarit (aka Punta Mita) is a mixture of brown, dirty water. Six miles off the point you’ll find dirty brown water, the coffee colored water you get from swirling currents churning up the sediment. But at the seven mile mark the water is the “clean green” cold water, but clear. Strangely enough Sailfish and Dorado are taking bait in this dirty water! Having said that, it’s still better to be in the clean green. Once you’re in the ten to twelve mile mark the fishing will improve. But be warned, you may see many Dorado and Sailfish, even as they’re full of whale food Krill, they’ll still smash a bait, stay tuned.

Inside the bay it’s much the same as last week. We’ve seen Jack Crevalles in the bay, but they’re chowing down on the abundant whale food in the bay. Strangely enough the Whales are concentrated at Punta Nayarit which means the bay Krill are going uneaten. So there’s the challenge, but there are some tricks in our bag. One thing is lures of Pink or Purple and Orange will get results no matter how full of Krill these fish are! Having said that the area around the Punta Negra in the bay has had some larger Dorado in the 20 lb range. Sierra Mackerels are tasty but smaller. Hit the morning bite and guaranteed dinner fare. Jack Crevalles, fickle as they’ve been are in the 20 to 50 lb range. Throw in Bonito to 20 lbs, Skip jack Tuna to 12 lbs and a host of other possibilities. In the bay it’s changing to smaller gamefish. But on light tackle, you’ll think a Jack Crevalle is Moby Dick’s cousin. But be warned, a Jack Crevalle could have you crying “uncle”. Ha ha, lets hope! Dec. 1st: Magnifico at five miles off the point of Punta Mita or Punta Nayarit found Large Dorado at 20 lbs plus and Sailfish inside the five mile mark off the point. This is in dirty water but for now it seems that doesn’t matter… the water is more clean green now that just coffee colored and changing quickly… Stay tuned!

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Ok, here’s the deal. With the La Nina conditions of cold water, the summer fishing season is ending more than a month early. Those looking for larger species should get on the water as soon as possible before the warm water species bug out. Striped Marlin will hang around for a while longer as will Sailfish. But the other Marlin species will be riding currents heading to the south. The bite is still earlier so be where you want to be before 09:00.I’ve been sending boats out at 06:00 which seems to be a good time. Water temperatures are from 74 to 76 degrees in the “clean green” water. Swirling currents are mixed in and they’re at 78 degrees, that’s a paradox. Now the season isn’t quite over, but it’s not going to last until after New Year’s like we normally see.

As always, thanks for your continued support and until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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