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Welcome back to another incredible week of improving fishing. We aren’t quite up to the level that’s considered world class, but we’re right on time. Coming out of the winter fishing season, everything is in a state of flux as should be expected this early into the fishing season. Water temps have dropped a little, the clean green water is moving in and out. Blue Marlin made an appearance at Corbetena. Corbetena is stuffed full of bait and even a Wahoo or two have shown up. We’re moving forward into what feels like another world class season, but like always, it’s a day at a time.

This week we’ve seen the return of the clean green water that’s always a touch cooler. Luckily it hasn’t affected the action much as we see 280 to 400 lb Blue Marlin join our already in the area Black Marlin running the same size range. If targeting Marlin, drop baits at least three miles before you come to the rock, keep this to yourself! Yellowfin Tuna are down to 40 lbs if running with Spinner Dolphin. Otherwise the Yellowfin Tuna can be as large as 150 lbs so anything is possible. This is all happening northwest of the rock. With massive amounts of bait in the area. This means you may have trouble getting them to pay attention to your presentation. I can’t explain it, the must be some bait at lower depths because this is happening also at El Banco. Also known as ‘The Bank’ Blue Marlin along with Black Marlin are running the earlier mentioned size ranges. Sailfish are running in packs and there are Dorado at both El Banco and Corbetena. Being early season Dorado they’re small at 10 to 12 lbs, not exactly keepers. Knowing how things work, this could change into larger bulls in a blink of an eye. Stay tuned. FYI: Wahoo are running the area from el Morro to Corbetena and back up to El Banco! Good Luck!

The El Morrow to Punta Nayarit run is much the same as last week. Rooster fish at Caballeros are getting smaller by the day, running 10 to 25 lbs. Dorado are in the area, but again, early season young Dorado, keep one to eat, release the rest. Sailfish are running a bit farther out, but they too are feeding heavily on the Skip Jack Tuna, Bonito bullets, flying fish, Sardines and the list is impressive. Still, find a buoy, an underwater floating Dorado Machine and your day can change for the incredible. You can find buoys from Punta Nayarit to Sayulita, just look for the floating water bottles. The water in this area is mostly blue, but there can be patches of the clean green water, so don’t panic.

Inside the bay this week we’ve had the same swirling current situation where the water can be blue in one area and clean green in the next. Water temperatures are at 78 degrees in the clean green water. Baby Dorado are in the bay, but they’re 10 lbs as well. Have fun, but young Dorado deserve some time to grow into big Bulls. Sierra Mackerels are still running the area, Jack Crevalles, Bonito are all over the northern part of the bay. Los Arcos had the same Baby Dorado, but at Punta Negra there could be small Rooster fish and many Skip Jack Tuna in the 12 lb range. There is no shortage of action in the bay. Remember you can also stretch the day on the water into a snorkeling tour, fishing trip with a stop in Yelapa! We can help you get creative. I suggest six hour tours of the bay to maximize the experience.

As we move deeper into the fishing season, we’ll see more swirling currents and maybe even some dirty water. We’re now just weeks out of our ‘Rainy’ season which normally starts about the third week of June. So we only have a few weeks of these fairly stable conditions before the real fishing action begins! As mentioned earlier, bait is plentiful, but there’s all kinds of bait out there and making bait can be difficult, make sure when you can make bait, you do. Water temperatures are swinging around for now. Warm days and surface temperatures increasing could result in increased action. Be ready to head out fishing about 06:30 but a bit later if fishing a shorter duration day.

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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