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Fishing in Puerto Vallarta is all about the Dorado!

Puerto Vallarta fishing is alive and well this week as we’re in the middle of the best time of the year to be fishing in PV. With dropping water temperatures the Dorado domination is starting to tick down. That doesn’t mean you won’t catch Dorado, it just won’t be automatic. Marlin that was mysteriously absent have begun moving in again, but they’re small, if a 400 lb Marlin can be considered small? Sailfish are also picking up in numbers as well, we’re normally stuffed full of Sailfish in a non La Nina year. If you get the idea things are mixed up, you’re right. We’re seeing warm water species mixed with cold water species. Which all adds up to great fishing in perfect conditions. Plenty of bait and perfect conditions at our world famous fishing grounds adds up to arm burning action and endless grins!

Puerto Vallarta Fishing At Its Best Right Now!

And it finally happened, “BOOM” Puerto Vallarta Fishing Explodes. Yellowfin Tuna, Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Rooster fish and the list goes on. As predicted, actually after all these years in the fishing business it’s expected. This is some of the best fishing of the season. Plenty of bait everywhere, beautiful high visibility blue water with “any fish you wish” conditions you’d be hard pressed to find a better time to go fishing.

Peak Fishing Season Continues, Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado Everywhere!

First, let me say the fishing is fantastic! It’s the time of year to turn your “finned fantasy” into a reality! Welcome to Puerto Vallarta. Officially we’re in Peak Fishing Season. Just about any species of fish you’ve heard of or would like to catch “someday” is available right out our front door now. Of course that means it’s also tournament season.

Tropical Conditions, Marlin, Shark, Tuna, and Bottle Nose Dolphin, Oh My!

One reason why catching a big fish is so exciting is because it’s not as easy as you think. You don’t just drop a line in the water and Bam, you have a trophy gamefish! Especially now as we deal with Tropical storms, the occasional Hurricane, and weird currents to name a few challenges. You can also throw in there wild currents, dirty water, water temperatures and bait availability. Experienced captains know how to handle it all. Big Talking captains follow the ones out who know what they’re doing. At times it can come down to having the right colored feather or the right lure. Yes folks welcome to my world. But when you mix it all up in a bowl and bake it in the Tropical sun, it all adds up to some of the best fishing in the world. Right now it all comes down to skill, luck and your captains’ intuition. Throw in the quality and many times the amount of equipment you have then check your pulse. Of course there’s the other side of the equation, the “pay off” of big Black Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, Dorado and more.

Yellowfin Tuna Challenges, Perfect Conditions, Blue and Black Marlin Dominate!

All year long we wait for this part of the “fishing year”. As we are finally entering “Peak Season” for fishing, we’re seeing nothing short of perfect conditions! Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Sailfish and of course Yellowfin Tuna are all in the area. Naturally these fish aren’t going to jump into the boat, so there are always challenges. With a positive attitude and plenty of fuel, not to mention a little work, you too could boat a “finned fantasy” on any given day.

Water Temps Up, Trash Line Working, Black Marlin, Sailfish, 150 lb Yellowfin Tuna at Corbetena / El Banco

As we move deeper into the “High Season” for fishing we’re seeing the season develop as we’d expect. Water temperatures have taken a step up again, plenty of bait, warm blue water with perfect bait conditions are adding up to world class fishing you don’t want to ignore. The weather is hot, humid and uncomfortable to many visitors. Not really any worse than Houston or New Orleans, but still something to deal with. Fish don’t know this, they like the warm water and easy food. Locals should be considering heading out for at least eight hours, longer days will get you trophy gamefish and a story to last a lifetime.

Plenty of Fish, Too Much Bait, Wahoo and Tuna Move In

Every year like clockwork we see the changing of the seasons just about the second or third week of January. This means the water temperatures drop, currents change, and abundant “Whale Food” in the form of hard shell Squids, Red Crabs and massive amounts of Krill Shrimp and Squids. And this is just the tip of the iceberg amigos. At times “too much” bait can be a problem for the vacationing Angler looking for a bucket list Fish to be checked off. But never fear, we have fish if you can get them to take your bait.

Roller-coaster Action, Stripers Move in, Dorado Moving

As we begin to see the end of the peak fishing season we’re lucky to have good if not unpredictable action. Fishing is a “liquid” sport and I mean that in forms of the word. Fish move and they’re moving all around the bay. With winter here the Whales are back as are the Porpoise everyone but fisherman love. For those looking to boat that bucket list fish before another year passes, I’d suggest you “Get it in gear” before the Marlin head for South America.

Special Article: The Tres Maria Islands, Mexico,  World Record Yellowfin Tuna, World Class Fishing

 These days there has been a lot of talk about the Tres Maria Islands. When you ask a Yellowfin Tuna Fanatic, they don’t know much more than the “rumors” they’ve heard and the Pictures they’ve seen. And yes, they’re impressive. For the Pacific side of Mexico, Yellowfin Tuna are revered as the top game fish Sportsmen are looking for. With the secret out, there has been a lot of attention turning in the direction of Puerto Vallarta. I’ve stolen some information and inserted my own slant to develop what seems to be the only real independent description of the Tres Maria Islands. He I have stolen a little history and there’s a little “Wikki” in there too. To my knowledge this is the best description of the area and the fishing conditions available.