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Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Blue Marlin at El Banco

One reason why catching a big fish is so exciting is because it’s not as easy as you think. You don’t just drop a line in the water and Bam, you have a trophy gamefish! Especially now as we deal with Tropical storms, the occasional Hurricane, and weird currents to name a few challenges. You can also throw in there wild currents, dirty water, water temperatures and bait availability. Experienced captains know how to handle it all. Big Talking captains follow the ones out who know what they’re doing. At times it can come down to having the right colored feather or the right lure. Yes folks welcome to my world. But when you mix it all up in a bowl and bake it in the Tropical sun, it all adds up to some of the best fishing in the world. Right now it all comes down to skill, luck and your captains’ intuition. Throw in the quality and many times the amount of equipment you have then check your pulse. Of course there’s the other side of the equation, the “pay off” of big Black Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, Dorado and more. Right now you’re going to experience all of these things at Corbetena and El Banco. Is it worth it, well don’t look at your wallet when you answer that question, we already know you can put some big money out to bring home that “finned fantasy”. If the only thing you can think of is “if I don’t catch a fish I’ll be pissed”! Well then amigo, you’re missing the point and it would be best if you keep those few pesos in your pocket. Fishing, especially big game fishing isn’t for the squeamish or those who measure their life in dollars. Now if you’re like most of my customers at this time of the year looking at the challenge of bringing in a world class, maybe world record fish, well this article is dedicated to you! One thing to be aware of, the dirty water from the recent tropical storms passing by is far reaching. About six miles before you come to the High Spots you’ll find dirty water, but it’s blue after that, so a longer fishing day is what I would suggest, but not to the “wallet watchers”. You’ll catch fish, but it may take a major portion of your fishing day.

Tropical Storms and Hurricanes pass us all the time, most of the time you don’t even hear about them unless you’re looking for the information like I do. Stormy conditions, rough seas and the likes are part of my “job”. But they can also produce opportunities like we’re seeing now. This week Corbetena and El Banco have different personalities. El Banco is seeing a major increase in Black Marlin in both numbers and size as they’re averaging in the 600 lb range right now. Blue Marlin are here also in the same size ranges. Yellowfin Tuna are running between 80 and 200 lbs, but with the warm water you’ll be using the downriggers. There lies “a” challenge with Black tip sharks, they’re snatching bait like candy from a baby. Now if you like Shark this is great, they’re great tasting for sure. Most of these Black tip are in the six foot or two meter range and about 150 lbs up. Dorado averaging at 25 lbs, larger if there’s any debris or trash line. Massive amounts of bait and around the high spots Rainbow Runners are at 40 to 50 lbs. I’d suggest opening the stomach to see what they’re eating and do the best you can to mimic it. But your captain knows that already. A “daisy chain” with Hoochies, plastic squid impersonators have been working, but if you use line heavier than forty pound line it will be ignored by Tuna and Marlin. Captain Cesar was at El Banco for the last couple of days and was frustrated that one day the area was loaded with varied species, the next day it turned into a “fish ghost town”. That’s enough to keep the Wallet Watchers at bay.

Black Tip shark causing bait “havoc”

Corbetena is much the same, but at the “Rock” there are Bottle Nose Dolphin running the area playing “tag” with your bait. That means chasing your “Chorra” and eating your bait right up to the hook. It’s kinda cute until you start running out of bait, then it’s another “challenge”. Yellowfin tuna in the 100 lb range are there as well, but again on downriggers it’s candy from a baby for Shark. Sailfish are off the north side, Dorado are small but could be much larger around the Trash line. Sailfish are running eight miles to the north of the rock as well. Water here at Corbetena is mostly blue which means the visibility for Marlin and the others is great, so we’ll take the good with the bad. It’s your captain’s job to figure it out. For now El Banco and Corbetena are your best fishing options. I suggest a twelve hour day so you can move some water and take a tour between these two world famous locations. Good luck amigos, be ready to do some work!

If you notice we don’t’ talk much about the Marietta islands much anymore, it’s a protected area and you can’t get close, especially now since they allow people to visit the “lovers beach area”. But Punta Mita is alive and well. Not too many species running the area but with the recent rains and the normal trash line anything is possible. Sailfish are anywhere from the shore line where they love the “Agua Dulce” or fresh water to 10 miles off the point. Blue Marlin are small but there in the same location. No Dolphin and no sharks to challenge your captain. Dorado are also around a nice trash line in the area at 20 to 30 lbs if lucky. No word on Rooster fish availability and the water could be dirty here so be prepared to change your plan of attack. On the back side of El Morro there are Sailfish and the possibility of a Blue Marlin in the clean spots. One thing to remember is these conditions will only last a day or two more so don’t get depressed, just wait a day or two and this area will turn back into a fish machine… Or so my broken crystal ball is telling me…

Inside the bay is “inside the bay”. It’s not the place to be if you want to catch larger fish, but for the family guy or the person who just wants to have some fun and catch some smaller fish, well this is exactly what the doctor ordered. Jack Crevalls are in the 30 lb range, they don’t seem to be affected by dirty water. Sailfish, freaks I might add have been boated off La Cruz and around Los Arcos, opposite ends of the bay. Did I mention this is kinda freaky? A four hour day in the bay is fun but won’t produce Moby dick, so just remember that when the starving promoters are selling a bill of goods.

First, water temperatures are still in the 90 / 91 degree area so down riggers are a definite requirement. Even then Sharks could find your “candy” so be prepared with plenty of plastics or lures which have been working. And the Shark and Dolphin are smart enough to leave them alone. Probably the best advice this week is just that, Plastics!! The bite for some reason seems to be stuck at 09:30 so sleep in a bit and hit it when it’s hot. A four hour trip, well it’s best to leave about 08:30 so you can be sure to give yourself the best chances to catch the mini-mobiles! Ha ha… I imagine about Wednesday things will improve, dirty water will fade out and the wallet watchers can feel more comfortable. After the last Tropical Storm we saw some strong and strange currents come in, this is what brought the sharks but they also brought in Black marlin as well. So I guess the moral of the story this week is “Stay positive, have plenty of fuel and plastics”, Keep a positive attitude and get to know your crew, they’re all great guys.

80 lb Yellowfin Tuna

Our world famous Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Grounds close to the Tres Maria Islands fared very well after the recent storms and they’re seeing Yellowfin tuna well over 250 lbs, many over 325 lbs. Black Marlin are farther out off the islands and of course if around the first islands of Cleofas you’ve got a good shot are some nice sized Rooster fish. Again every time you’re line hits the water at this time of the year you have the real possibility of hooking into a world record, every time! I have the best boats and prices for these trips, check my web page for further details. This would be perfect for the Wallet Watchers, but you’ll be on a luxury boat for 2.5 days or more, depends on what you want. Contact me for more information amigos…

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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