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Seasonal Transition Begins, Large Dorado at Punta Mita

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

01-09-2017-curtis-martubeau-on-kate-corbetenaEvery year we know it´s coming, the end of high season for fishing here in PV. Normally by the second week of the New Year we see water temperatures drop and everything changes.  This year we saw this happen a little early, we´ve had 76 degree water temps now for about two weeks. We should see Dorado, Marlin, Sailfish and others bugging out. But that´s not the case as we see larger Dorado being boated, Striped Marlin in a frenzy, Blue Marlin are small but there. So no matter how contradictory it may sound, we have cool water and good fishing! Notice I didn´t say ¨great fishing¨ as it´s not. Having said that we´re seeing what Capt. Cesar of Magnifico calls a ¨Bait current¨. We´re seeing squids of three inches filling the area on a deep, warm current keeping Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna and Marlin very handy. One thing for sure as we get deeper in the month, the fishing will be less and less reliable for summer species. Ah, but fear now, we have fish, we will continue to have great fishing, they will be different species. So if you want a Marlin of any king you better get your backside in gear amigo.

Corbeteña this week has turned mostly into a into a fish ¨Ghost Town¨. There are smaller fish like Cubera Snappers to 35 lbs schooling, Rainbow runners to 40 lbs and Lemon Sharks. As you absorb this information don´t think things haven´t changed by the time you read this. It could be better, it could be worse. With the In / Out condition of fishing, you can still see days that are a sportsman’s dream or night mare. For now it´s best to get the recent info, call me, I´ll share with you!

01-05-2017-mexican-footalls-yf-tuna-that-is-good-eat-ing-copyEl Banco is a completely different story! Looking for Yellowfin Tuna, how about footballs to 45 lbs and thick. Cubera Snappers at (15 to 35 lbs) are schooling, Blue Marlin at 250 lbs, small but there. A big surprise is we have Striped Marlin in frenzy 4 to 7 miles either north or west of the high spots. Sailfish are also taking baits. Rainbow Runners 45 lbs, and who knows what else. It´s a 12 hr day, but worth it. Finally El Banco comes to life. Be advised the ¨Bait Current¨ is bringing in 3 inch squids and the YF Tuna are stuffed to the gills. Bring baits to mimic these and you´ll have a wonderful day.

01-06-2011-policonfodido-cubera-snapper-small-marietta-islands-copyThe Punta Mita point is rocking with 40 lb Dorado off the Reef Buoy just two miles off shore! This is the best sized Dorado in this area for the whole season so don´t hesitate, get out there now! Sailfish are a little tough to find but there for sure. Snappers to 20 lbs are also in the area. Small Rooster fish in the surf line and Anclote reef. Plenty of Jack Crevalls around El Morro. Pompano to 15 lbs at the Marietta Islands, don´t forget 35 lb Bonito as well. Right now eight hours is a great option to El Banco if looking at the time or the money issues, nice to have options. Oh, if targeting Dorado in this area dead bait is working better than live bait and lures.

12-17-2016-hector-marlin-02-800-pxls-mbtextInside the bay is surprising right now with abundant Sailfish. Yes I said abundant! If you´re around la Cruz or Los Arcos you have a great chance at boating a healthy sized Sailfish. You also have a good probability of catching a 25 lb Sailfish as well, not a keeper! Some small Dorado to 20 lbs, Bonito 25 lbs., Jack Crevalls are massively abundant. River mouth could sport Snook and Snappers. So it could be said that bay fishing is better than any other fishing grounds for the next twenty minutes. Again, surprising and perfect for the client looking for a short day and plenty of action, not mention affordable!!

The bite has been happening a little earlier these days so be where you want to be early, before 8 a.m. Water temperatures are hovering at 76 to 77 degrees but with the Bait current it doesn´t seem to matter to these locals for now.

My down town store is now being Manned by Benjamin, he’s a super guy and he is now working the Basidillo Badillo and Insurgentes location in much longer hours and the results are very obvious in our bottom line. We see a great future for Benjamin in Master Baiter’s and we’re lucky to have him, next week I’ll have a picture…. We also pained the front of the Marina Shop to be more like the Mural we have on the Downtown store, I’ll tell

marina-vallarta-location-01-01-2017For those of you that read my articles weekly, I have to appologize for my lack ot posting as I normally do, no excuses . . . I’ve been a very busy and getting busier which is a great problem, so thank you for your patience and we’ll make sure to get you fresh and accurate information to make informed vacationing decisions!

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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