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Surprising Great Fishing For Early Spring, Dorado in the Bay!

Written by: Stan Gabruk

With water temperatures at unseasonable highs, it´s more like summer fishing than winter fishing. Winter and summer species are streaked throughout our world famous fishing grounds and anything is possible. Dorado are still hanging out and have moved into the bay, which is a good thing. Monster Yellowfin Tuna at the Tres Maria Islands. Spinner Dolphin at El Banco and Corbeteña mean ever welcome Football Tuna to 70 lbs. And with Striped Marlin in the area, there seems little to complain about when it comes to fishing in Puerto Vallarta. For fair weather fisherman, you finally can have your cake and eat it too! It may be Global Warming, it may be El Nino once again, but whatever it is, we´ll just thank the stars that it seems to be continuing.Larry and the boys YellowfinTuna 275 MBSP article pic

It seems every one of our world famous fishing grounds this week has something exciting happening.  The bay as mentioned earlier has some more action these days. Jack Crevalls have moved into the area again and what is a ¨go to¨ fish has been less than abundant this year. For the first time since I can remember, Dorado in the 15 lb range are finding their way near the Los Arcos area. El Faro or the Light house at Cabo Corrientes has exploded with Jack Crevalls as well. So there is action in the bay for those looking for a shorter day and looking for decent action. Four to six hours in the bay, as long as you´re going farther than Nuevo Vallarta and Los Arcos is better than it has been, so give it a shot.

The Marietta Islands have taken a step back, the Bull Dorado has moved out to deeper water spots, but there are still nice sized 25 lb Dorado to be had. So be happy to have Dorado in Late March amigo. Sailfish are thinning out a bit as well, but they´re still in the area, you may need to search a little. Rooster fish are less abundant after being an automatic catch for the last couple of weeks. Worth a shot, especially since there is plenty of action to replace the Roosters if you don´t find them. Skip Jack Tuna, Bonito, Pompano to 25 lbs and tasty.  2013 Robert Bryant of Virgina  RedPix 450 ,  Magnifico, 10 rhs

El Banco or The Bank in English is still showing signs of Striped Marlin, but again not as abundant as last week. Bull Dorado have moved into this area running in the 35 to 50 lb range. Sailfish as well hitting trolled Goggle Eyes. Yellowfin Football  Tuna to 70 lbs running with Spinner Dolphin, always a welcome sight. Cubera Snappers if you don´t mind doing some jigging. All and all the area around the high spots is worth the time and money. With water temperatures above 75 degrees anything is possible and the Yellowfin may be smaller this week, but north of El Banco at the Tres Maria Islands has great weather, smooth seas and Monster Yellowfin Tuna in the 200 lb range and up. Now the Tres Maria islands are about 100 miles one way north, four hours on a fast boat. So consider overnight trips on sound boats and you could wind up with a world record fish. Not cheap for the average angler, but when was fishing ever cheap. Those with the means will be satisfied with the catch.

As I walk around the Marina I see boats advertised from $155 to $170 dollars for 4 and 6 hrs respectively. Now this looks like a good deal on the surface, but remember these trips go from Nuevo Vallarta to Los Arcos and that is it. There are times when these areas are alive with action, but not now. So be sure to ask what you get and don´t come in mad for not fully understanding what you´re not getting compared to your expectations. To me, you´re over paying for what you didn´t get. It´s always a buyer beware situation in Mexico. Mexicans understand that lower prices should come with lower product and quality expectations. Americans think there is a certain level of quality these Mex. Boats have to measure up to, they have no such requirements. Legal or ethical, they get around them. Radios are also not a given on these boats, so make sure you at least have a CB Marina Radio on the boat. Probably nothing will happen, but what if it does, you can´t even call a S.O.S. for another boat to come save the day. What you aren´t paying for may be a deal breaker, but only if you know what you´re not getting. So beware amigos, saving money is a goal, but at what cost and when is it too cheap?

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