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Summer is here bringing with it the seasonal rains, many call monsoons, but in reality it’s just a mostly daily heavy rain that will last a few hours then leave a nice, “fresh” breeze to follow. If you’re a local, it’s a welcome break from the heat and humidity. But if you’re a “fish”, the rain is a god send. The rain fills the rivers, washing the organic materials like leaves, twigs, seeds and many other things fish love to eat. We call this a trash line, clean water on one side, dirty water behind it. Finding a mature trash line can guarantee Dorado. Same goes for floating debris or floating logs, you have a Dorado Goldmine! Trash lines can be great for Dorado and other smaller fish. But if you’re looking for a species bigger than your car, aka a Black Marlin, you’ll need a ten hour day. Bucket List Marlin are presently at your disposal and being boated daily! It appears that we’re finally in the middle of our summer fishing season. For those holding off on making reservations hoping for better Marlin or Tuna, it’s time to make a move.

When you’re talking about Marlin, Black or Blue marlin from 300 to 700 lbs now, El Banco is probably your best option. I can’t remember the last time I mentioned that El Banco was a “better choice”. We seem to have more boats heading out this way since there has been some “news” about the action. With warm, clean, blue water and plenty of Skipjack Tuna as bait in the area, the stage is set. It’s not 100%, but it’s close. There haven’t been too many reports about Tuna since everyone is now targeting Marlin! But where there’s Marlin, most of the time there are Yellowfin Tuna in varying sizes. Last week they were running about 40 lbs, right now, who knows. Sailfish and Dorado should be running the area as well, but no reports, stay tuned. Corbetena is alive as well, but if you’re targeting Yellowfin Tuna, the rock is your best option for the moment. Not many reports about YF Tuna this week, but they’re out there and they’re chowing down on squid. I should say there is a lot of squid for bait out there and many of the species are filling up on this squid. So there are challenges, but it’s not as difficult if you bring Calamari with you, which is the real secret, have the right bait to begin with and you improve your chances. Corbetena has Sailfish as well as the Marlin, both blue and black. Cubera Snapper are 45 to 60 lbs and taking trolled Skippies as well.

Not too much has changed this week at the 25 mile mark, Dorado are still at Punta Mita about 8 miles out along with Sailfish. If you’re near El Morro, drop baits there as you head to Corbetena, but if you’re there, troll the area, there are also Cubera Snappers there as well. There are plenty of Jack Crevalles, Bonito and Skipjack Tuna in the entire area. All and all I’d hang more around Punta Mita to Sayulita for now. But remember, things can change in a heartbeat so keep your ears on.

Inside the bay, we have the trash line I like to talk about and this week it’s been producing nicely. Capt. Cesar of Magnifico came across a young trash line and it was a Dorados dream. He boated several Dorado over 15 lbs and a few over 20 lbs. Skipjack tuna are large at 12 lbs and are a surprising attraction to larger fish to come into the bay. An example is a freak Blue Marlin was spotted chasing baits in the bay as well as several Sailfish. Jack Crevalles are anywhere from 25 lbs to 40 lbs and are full of arm burning action. Possible Rooster fish at Punta Negra and a host of other species is your best reason for a six hour trip in the bay! But be warned, the dirty water and the trash line is a moving target. Some days the bay if full of dirty water and other days, I should say when there is a lapse in the season rains, the water will be divided clean blue water ahead of the dirty water with the trash line leading the way. Also remember this dirty water can be very thin, so run a planer and you could get some bottom feeders!

I was a little worried about the conditions a few weeks ago. First they got great, then they just got horrible for a few weeks. With an El Nino year, all you can do is sit back and see what happens. Luckily we’ve settled into a decent pattern where El Banco and Corbetena are still “in the game”. From my broken crystal ball, it looks like a fair season for PV’s world class fishing. The water is warm and will continue to be warm in the 89 degree temperature range, which is pretty much normal. The bite is changing, if you’re targeting larger species at the deep water locations it’s best if you’re leaving at 06:00 to be at the fishing grounds at 07:00 when the bite is. The afternoon bite has been a bit strange happening about 13:30 to about 16:00. Remember the bite is always best on an incoming tide, and right now the bite and the tide fit perfectly. There is a bait issue, it’s called Squid! If heading out it’s a good idea to have some store bought calamari on hand and it will improve your chances. Everything from Dorado to Sailfish are full of these squids and if you’re having “bite” issues, it’s because the local species are full of their favorite food! So it’s best to be prepared. Live bait in the form of Skipjack Tuna are your best option other than Calamari. Lures of pink and blue are also getting attention as well.

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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