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I’m afraid this week’s report is much like last weeks, but that’s not a bad thing. As we continue to see Corbetena on and off again when it comes to Marlin, we’ve seen Dorado move into most of our world famous fishing grounds. Now that we’re in the solid beginnings of world class fishing in Puerto Vallarta’s fishing grounds, things will only improve with the coming days. But it’s a “menu” item fishing report. It seems that each area has its particular species of choice. Water temperatures are warmer yet perfect, but don’t expect any changes there with an El Nino year. The water is blue, plenty of bait and the only thing missing is you!

As just suggested, there are very few boats going out and that’s not unusual in September, the slowest tourism month of the year in Puerto Vallarta. It also happens to be when the fishing kicks in gear as we prepare for the October tournament season. For now it’s hard telling what’s happening at El Banco. With no boats heading out to this famous area, even private boats are not leaving the docks. This means it could be incredible fishing, but with the fuel expense and lack of charters heading out, we don’t know. Basically what was on fire is now being ignored and this means El Banco could be the hot spot nobody is fishing. It’s a roll of the dice, but in reality I think Blue Marlin, Sailfish and Dorado should be around the high spots and any debris. Corbetena on the other hand is seeing action, but not too many charters heading out. Blue Marlin and Black Marlin are mostly about 8 miles to the north, so drop baits there to begin with. Anywhere from the rock heading north, Yellowfin Tuna running 40 to 60 lbs. It’s not automatic, but they’re out there. One issue we don’t have is bait.  Ballyhoos, Goggle Eyes, Flying fish, Green runners, bait isn’t an issue. Sailfish are also north of the rock and frankly right now anything is possible at Corbetena. For now, those looking for larger fish, Corbetena is still your best and most affordable deep water option. But for the bold, El Banco is where I’d personally head out to, damn the fuel expense. To round things off, dead bait, Petrolero lures and Ballyhoos are your best baits to start with, keep this to yourself.

Punta Mita, once again this week is full of fish. Find a trash line, log or debris patty and you’ve got a Dorado goldmine. The secret to a successful day is where you’re dropping baits. For the last three weeks anywhere from three to eight miles out seems to be the “fish zone”.  There are a few mature trash lines, which means plenty of Dorado and other species like Bonito feeding on the “fish McDonalds”. Unless you’re targeting Rooster fish at Marinal Rock just north of Punta Nayarit I wouldn’t get any close to shore than three miles. There are many Sailfish running the area, but again they’re all full of Ballyhoos, Flying fish and the list is endless. An eight hour trip is full of arm burning action and a lifetime of memories!

Inside the bay is a cookie cutter situation, much the same as last week. One subtle difference is there are many Dorado in the bay, but you have to be about ten miles out from Marina Vallarta and find the trash line. Once a trash line is a few day old, it’s ripe and perfect for Dorado and in reality all the fish in the bay. It’s part of the eco-system we have learned to use to our advantage. Jack Crevalles are still in the bay, but who knows why? I assume it’s the level of bait since Jacks like this are a cool water species. Still, the jack Crevalles are in the 30 to 40 lb range and super fun to catch. Bonito are a bit small right now, but they’re a perfect bait for many species so don’t avoid them. As mentioned Dorado are in the middle of the bay, but Los Arcos has the “express” route straight from Corbetena. Those looking for Rooster fish, they’re all over the south end of the bay at Mito, but this is a ten hour day due to the distance. I still suggest a six hour trip to give you time to find where the fish went from yesterday, but four hours will get you some nice action.

We’re now in Yellowfin Tuna Season, if you’re looking for options for targeting Yellowfin tuna, you don’t need to spend a fortune and live a few days with complete strangers. We have shorter trips, super long days, but Yellowfin tuna is on the menu! I’ll be posting my 30ft Grady white soon designed and built for this style of fishing. The general report for the Tres Maria Islands are with 250 to 300 lb Yellowfin Tuna well into the safe zone or about ten miles off the islands. Soon we’ll have the multiple day trips targeting World Record sized Yellowfin Tuna, See the Tuna below with Capt. Jose!…… stay tuned.

As we finalize the details, if you’re targeting Yellowfin tuna, the bite is before sun-up and at Sun-down. If you’re targeting all the other species, the bite is about 07:00 to 10:00 and again from about 15:00 to sunset. The best baits for now are dead bait, Petroleros for Dorado and purple lures. Ballyhoos are a great option if you know where to find them, hint,hint. We load our boats up with Ballyhoos, but if you’re not fishing with us, we’ll sell them to you, no worries. Water temperatures are exactly where we left them last week at 88 degrees and mostly blue water at all the fishing grounds for now.

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

Capt. Jose (L) with the Results of a Full 15 hr day trip to the Isla Marias. Right now if you’re willing to put in the time, this is the reward! Read more about the Tres Maria Islands Below!

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