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Now that we’ve moved into what I call “Fishing High Season” conditions are much the same as last week and that’s not bad. Sailfish are picking up in numbers at Corbetena. Black and Blue Marlin are at both El Banco and Corbetena. Two weeks ago “making bait” at the deep water fishing grounds were an issue. Right now we’re seeing massive amounts of different baits moving into both the bay and the deep water locations. Fickle fish are full of Ballyhoo’s, flying fish, Squid and more. Water temperatures have stabilized and there is a nice circling current from Corbetena to El Banco like we used to have! With more of our treasured summer species moving into the area with these favorable conditions including perfect high visibility blue water, if you don’t catch fish right now, that’s all on you amigo!

As I just mentioned, we have a nice circling current that is catching both El Banco and Corbetena in its path. This is a beautiful thing. Fish ride the currents like an electric walk way. With plenty of bait and perfect conditions, this circling current keeps all the species we’re famous for in what could be described as a “fish bowl” condition. With more fish moving in daily, this means conditions can only improve as the days go by. With El Banco this last week being on fire for Black Marlin to 700 lbs, things are taking a slight step backwards. But that’s not to say the Marlin fishing is diminishing, it’s just taking a bit of a breather. Sailfish are a little sparse at El Banco, now that the Marlin are slowing a bit, there are fewer charters heading to El Banco. Now this can be a real opportunity when conditions “are” as they are. Corbetena is alive and now seeing more Sailfish than last week. Blue and Black Marlin are also roaming the area. But to be straight up, about seven to ten miles north of Corbetena the Marlin fishing has been more productive. In fact the bite in general has been better so don’t be afraid to roam a bit at the rock. You may have been surprised at the fact the local species are full of Ballyhoo’s. It’s a strange thing, we have Ballyhoo’s in the bay and around the area. Fish love them as bait, yet you can’t find a bait boat that will sell them. I’ve been in the bait business and frankly I’ve tried to find a bait provider between PV and Mazatlán and it’s just this side of a joke on us all. I can purchase ballyhoo’s from the states easier than getting them locally! In the next day or so, I’m heading out to get as many as I can and freeze them! But until then Ballyhoo’s are your best bait, if you can make it. Squid have dropped off abundance wise, but still a good idea to bring with you. Just a mention, Yellowfin Tuna

From El Morro to Punta Nayarit and points north, the fishing has been fairly stable or a touch slower. For now the dominant species in the area are Dorado from 10 to 30 lbs, just depends on your luck, the debris in the water and a mature trash line. Find any of those conditions and you’ve found a Dorado goldmine. Sailfish are running from El Morro to points north of Punta Mita aka Punt Nayarit. Keeping in mind if you head out for more than 8 miles, the Sailfish start to thin, the upside is Blue Marlin could be in the neighborhood five to ten miles out farther. Naturally you’ll find Jack Crevalles to 45 lbs, Bonito, Skipjack Tuna and more. If targeting Sailfish, this is the place to be!

Inside the bay is much the same as last week. We’re still getting the Seasonal Rains, but not as much lately so the dirty water producing trash lines in the bay isn’t very heavy right now. This means the trash lines in the bay will mature and lately are producing nicely around the Los Arcos area. Magnifico has been working the trash line and boating between ten and 15 Dorado in a six hour trip. This might be a bit optimistic, but the fact remains a six hour fishing trip in the bay will pay off in arm burning action and smiles to last a lifetime. We’re still seeing the freak Sailfish in the bay, but with dirty water they will shy away a bit. You will still find Jack Crevalls to 40 lbs, Sierra Mackerels by the buoys, Needle fish and more. Ask us about our loss leader six hour trip in the bay, good for four people. To be straight up, four hours in the bay is fun, but the action is lacking in comparison to a few extra hours.

Water temperatures are still in the 88 degree area, but there are some cooler locations north of Corbetena at about the eight mile mark for some reason. There you could find some Spinner Dolphin with 40 lb Yellowfin Tuna running with them Then again you may just run into a 100 lb Yellowfin Tuna trolling in this area, anything is possible. The bite has been a bit weird lately, some morning it’s happening before 08:00, then there’s the strong bite about 09:30, with an afternoon bite after 13:30. Confused? Me too. As mentioned earlier Ballyhoo’s are the key this week. With massive amounts of this bait in the bay, your best chances of boating Marlin, Dorado or Sailfish are with Ballyhoo’s, but don’t expect your captain to tell you after he purchased bait. This is the difference is a captain working for the client or a captain working for a wage. One secret is dead Goggle Eyes, yep, they’re working! So, there you have it, keep an eye on the water temperatures, have Ballyhoo’s and be on the bite. Have fun amigos catching that dream fish!

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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