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Favorable Currents, Great Conditions, Marlin, Dorado and More

Now that we’ve moved into what I call “Fishing High Season” conditions are much the same as last week and that’s not bad. Sailfish are picking up in numbers at Corbetena. Black and Blue Marlin are at both El Banco and Corbetena. Two weeks ago “making bait” at the deep water fishing grounds were an issue. Right now we’re seeing massive amounts of different baits moving into both the bay and the deep water locations. Fickle fish are full of Ballyhoo’s, flying fish, Squid and more. Water temperatures have stabilized and there is a nice circling current from Corbetena to El Banco like we used to have! With more of our treasured summer species moving into the area with these favorable conditions including perfect high visibility blue water, if you don’t catch fish right now, that’s all on you amigo!

 Rooster fish in Mass off Punta Mita, Little Else!

Fishing is never stable or predictable, there is no way around that amigo. But there are yearly patterns and those patterns can be predictable within reason. For now we’re moving into the predictable seasonal changes. Once we move into spring, we see the days get longer, the water get warmer and many species move into breeding season. As this is all happening there are the changing currents, changing species and increasing water temperatures. Puerto Vallarta’s world famous fishing grounds are entering this phase now. We try and keep a finger on the “pulse” with the daily changes and this works well for us. What happened yesterday, can be an indication for tomorrow expectations, but not always, you see fish move. For now we’re dealing with the fact many species are breeding and ignoring baits, while other species are moving out. For now with the conditions changing daily and the fickle nature of breeding species it’s important to remember “fish are where you find them”. That means start where you they were yesterday, then develop a plan. Finding fish isn’t a problem, getting them to take bait is another thing.

Roll the Dice Fishing, Clean Green, Sailfish and Dorado   

As we enter deeper into December, we know it won’t be long before the warm water species head south for the winter. Riding the strong currents will also bring fish into the area, who are also on their way south. We’re living with La Nina Conditions which means early in the season drops in water temperatures. Happens every year and the only thing unusual is the early “Big Chill”. This is the condition we normally get about the third week of December, you guessed it, right at Christmas time when tourism is at it’s peak holiday numbers. We’ve already had the “Big Chill” so what happens next? That is the question now isn’t it? Right now it seems to be about where you are and where the fish went. It’s a “bait and Switch”. Get the right bait, head for the fish, then you find they switched location. It’s the old “you should have been here yesterday” scenario. For now we have fish, you just have to find them. Where they were yesterday, they probably won’t be there today, but check it out anyway. The clock is ticking and it’s just a matter of weeks before we see the winter species move in. Looking to target a Blue or Striped Marlin, Sailfish or Dorado, then you better get on the water before “you wish you did”!

Water Temps Drop, Winter Currents, Krill, Mahi and Marlin

It was amazing, last week, what was looking so promising for the rest of “high season” for fishing, has now changed with the early indicators of early winter currents. Suddenly the drop in water temperatures dropped from 84 degrees to 79 degrees in a matter of a few days with early winter currents are going take it’s toll. We’re also seeing the winter currents stirring up the sediment on the ocean floors in some areas. When we get these winter currents, Krill or Whale food show move in as expected at this time of the year. The annual challenge of competing with local baits versus the baits you’re running is nothing new. It happens yearkly and the local Captains know how to deal with this. Having Said that, Blue Marlin are picking up in numbers and size. Dorado are still thick at Corbetena, Sailfish are spread out, with concentrations from Punta Mita aka Punta Nayarit to Corbetena and El Morro. Fishing is always the process of dealing with daily challenges, nothing new there. Normally they come about a month later in the season. Are you up for the challenge?

Bay Fishing Explodes with Sailfish Dorado and Marlin


Here we go again folks! It’s been a strange and wonderful week, but the “norms” these days are anything but normal. Remembering it’s still a “La Nina” year with a strange mix of Hurricanes, strange water temperatures and even stranger currents, anything is possible. Water temperatures are perfect, blue water in all the deep water fishing grounds and mostly blue in the bay. Plenty of varied bait and favorable seas. With the seasonal Tropical Rains finally kicking in gear, we have a beautiful trash line and plenty of fish. Sailfish, Dorado, Marlin, Tuna, pick a fish and set your sights. But like always, no matter how perfect things seem, we know there are always challenges in the world of fishing. Right now, if you’re here in Puerto Vallarta and you’re not at least on the water for a six hour fishing trip, then you’re missing out on short day fishing, with long day species results!