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As we enter deeper into December, we know it won’t be long before the warm water species head south for the winter. Riding the strong currents will also bring fish into the area, who are also on their way south. We’re living with La Nina Conditions which means early in the season drops in water temperatures. Happens every year and the only thing unusual is the early “Big Chill”. This is the condition we normally get about the third week of December, you guessed it, right at Christmas time when tourism is at it’s peak holiday numbers. We’ve already had the “Big Chill” so what happens next? That is the question now isn’t it? Right now it seems to be about where you are and where the fish went. It’s a “bait and Switch”. Get the right bait, head for the fish, then you find they switched location. It’s the old “you should have been here yesterday” scenario. For now we have fish, you just have to find them. Where they were yesterday, they probably won’t be there today, but check it out anyway. The clock is ticking and it’s just a matter of weeks before we see the winter species move in. Looking to target a Blue or Striped Marlin, Sailfish or Dorado, then you better get on the water before “you wish you did”!

It’s another week with the Clean Green water we talked about last week. I was hoping this would turn into blue water, but not yet. This means we’re still dealing with Clean Green water, which is cooler than your blue water areas. The currents are still swirling and Krill, aka Whale food is thick throughout the region. Having said that Corbetena is still sporting Dorado in the 20 to 30 lb range. Sailfish are thin in numbers, but still in the neighborhood. Striped Marlin at 175 lbs are anywhere from Corbetena to Punta Nayarit. Smaller Yellowfin Tuna in the 30 lb range are roaming the area about ten miles northeast of the rock. Plenty of Skip Jack tuna for bait on top of the already abundant natural bait in the area. For now a ten hour trip can be the day of your life or a real hair puller. If you have the fuel budget to move around and chase the birds, then that’s a different thing. Ready to roll the dice? Feeling lucky?  

The day after I posted my weekly article last week, I had to put an update on the webpage. The next day Punta Mita blew the lid off with Sailfish, Dorado and Bonito taking any bait offered! What is happening now, within the six miles off the point of Punta Mita Sailfish have been roaming the area in decent numbers. Dorado are also running the point of Punta Nayarit to El Morro and beyond. Yes the water is “clean green”, and for now it doesn’t matter. Fish are still taking bait and the fishing is good even with all the pessimism I’m throwing out there! Nice thing about an eight hour day fishing, your fallback position is boating 40 lb Jack Crevalles in the bay. Here’s the secret of the week. Take a heading of 330 off Punta Nayarit point, head out 24 miles and you’ll find Spinner Dolphin with Football Yellowfin Tuna in the 30 lb range, maybe larger. Good news indeed.

Inside the bay we’ve seen more winter species picking up in numbers. Specifically I’m talking about Jack Crevalles to 40 lbs, Dorado to 20 lbs but could be much smaller off the Los Arcos rocks to Punta Negra. Jack Crevalles are super strong fighting species, but not the best eating fish. There are some local restaurants that can make them taste pretty good, but for those looking for action, they’re a super strong gamefish. When you get your first strike, you’ll understand why the locals call them Torros or Bull fish. Sierra Mackerels, small by stature, they’re great tasting and on super light tackle can be the prefect fish for families with younglings first fishing experiences. Bonito are also moving into the bay and they’re anywhere from baby “bullets” to 20 lbs. Remember our Bonito are arctic Bonita which are cousins of the Tuna family. So if motivated to eat the bait, you have your motivation now. Four hour trips will get you small action fishing. Six hours can make all the difference. Bay fishing is worth the fuel expense and it comes with the added option of seeing Whales.

The biggest challenge we have now is Krill, Whale food, it’s everywhere. Of course that’s why Whales hang out in the bay, plenty of their favorite food and babies, they’re having babies all over the bay. But for now the Punta Nayarit seems to be their hangout. This means the bay if full of Krill and every species is chowing down on them. It makes it more difficult to tempt them, but the strange news is they’ll still take pink or orange lures when they won’t take live bait. Another drastic change is the fact the morning bite is a little weak for some reason. But the afternoon bite about 2 O’clock in the after is strong. So schedule your trips to leave a little later in the morning and make sure you get that afternoon bite amigos. Water temperatures are hovering at 76 degrees. We should see blue water by this time next week, but don’t hold me to it, I’m hoping for blue water.

Thanks for your continued support and until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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