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        Krill, Crazy Currents and Big Dorado

This year we have the unfortunate luck to deal with our normal seasonal transition. Throw in La Nina and now crazy currents from storms to the north and to the west, included in the mix, fluctuating water temperatures and Clean Green water. All that is in the sauce we call world class fishing in Puerto Vallarta to Punta Mita. Has it been frustrating? A little, but there is a strong upside as well. Dorado have been mostly abundant in between Corbetena and El Banco. Find floating debris or a log anywhere from El Morro to Punta Nayarit and you’ve found larger Dorado who are attacking baits. For now it’s a real mixed bag that’s hard to figure out. One thing that isn’t confusing is when you come in after a ten hour fishing trip with a fish box full of Dorado.

Roll the Dice Fishing, Clean Green, Sailfish and Dorado   

As we enter deeper into December, we know it won’t be long before the warm water species head south for the winter. Riding the strong currents will also bring fish into the area, who are also on their way south. We’re living with La Nina Conditions which means early in the season drops in water temperatures. Happens every year and the only thing unusual is the early “Big Chill”. This is the condition we normally get about the third week of December, you guessed it, right at Christmas time when tourism is at it’s peak holiday numbers. We’ve already had the “Big Chill” so what happens next? That is the question now isn’t it? Right now it seems to be about where you are and where the fish went. It’s a “bait and Switch”. Get the right bait, head for the fish, then you find they switched location. It’s the old “you should have been here yesterday” scenario. For now we have fish, you just have to find them. Where they were yesterday, they probably won’t be there today, but check it out anyway. The clock is ticking and it’s just a matter of weeks before we see the winter species move in. Looking to target a Blue or Striped Marlin, Sailfish or Dorado, then you better get on the water before “you wish you did”!

Another Week, Another Hurricane, Fishing PV

I think the title says it all. If you’ve been watching the news lately there have been Hurricanes all over the evening news. Puerto Vallarta had a Hurricane skirt past us but that didn’t stop the massive amount of rain. Normally Hurricanes either push fish into the area, a great thing. Or push fish out of the area, a bad thing. You never know which it’s going to be until you get out to the fishing grounds. At that point it’s all about rolling the dice. With massive amounts of debris and trees and trash in the bay and out of the bay, it’s best you wait a few days before heading out. The fishing was great before the Hurricane so it’s going to be great again in the next few days. So let’s focus on the positive and there is plenty positive about fishing in Puerto Vallarta!

Living like a local: Re-Discover Marina Vallarta!

Not long ago I had this couple walk into my shop. They were just amazed that there was actually a private marina in Puerto Vallarta. They continued that they had come to Puerto Vallarta for the last ten years and stayed in the Marriott Hotel. For some reason this couple never knew that within walking distance was one of the top ten private marinas in the world. It just amazed me. But, after a few seconds of thought I could understand. You see as you enter Marina Vallarta, driving down Paseo de la Marina avenue, you will never see a boat, water, anything that suggest you’re in Marina Vallarta, nothing. You’ll pass the Marina Vallarta Golf Course and you’ll pass many condominium complexes just before you arrive at your hotel. In fact most people don’t even know that Marina Vallarta’s entrance is signified by our world famous whale statue!