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Small Changes, Big Differences, 100 lb Tuna & Cubera’s

This week it seems like we’ve been riding a rollercoaster. Some days are incredible and some days are not as good as we would like. But every day is a new day and we’re seeing slight, yet important changes in conditions. We’ve also seen heavy rains in the mountains and in the local area. Everything seems to be in a “flux” situation where one day you can have great arm burning action, the next you’re wondering what happened? The fact of the matter is fishing is an inexact sport where we’re all vulnerable to the whims of the weather and the fish gods. The secret is to be informed and ready to go in a heartbeat. Having said that, this week is definitely better than the last week with the challenges of no bait at Corbetena, but there were fish if you could make bait. This week things are much the same, but like always, not everything is the same. Small improvements can mean big differences in targeted species and the amount of action you can expect. Right now you’re rolling the dice, the only question is, how lucky are you?

Sailfish and Dorado Dominate, Corbetena Calms, El Banco Marlin

As we get deeper into the early stages of Puerto Vallarta’s high season for fishing, we’re still waiting for the “fishing” public to arrive. Nothing new here, this is pretty much normal. As we see the conditions pick up, there really aren’t very many fishing charters. We have great fishing, but it’s hard to give a report, when there are so few anglers hitting our fishing grounds right now. Now this may sound negative, but in reality it’s an opportunity to have Puerto Vallarta’s world famous fishing grounds to yourself. Now this is priceless when you have 300 lb Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado and more waiting for you to arrive! So forgive any holes there may be in this week’s report, but the bottom line is we have great fishing and if you head out to these fishing grounds, then next week, I’ll be writing about you! If not, I’ll be writing about somebody else.

Action Fishing Returns, It’s All About Jack Crevalles

Well, it’s starting. We’re seeing another massive infusion of Smaller Sardines and other baits moving into the area on top of what’s already out there. To call this whole area “Bait Landia” would not be an exaggeration. Water temperatures are staying steady between 73 and 75 degrees. The days are longer now, the water is warming on the surface and the “Seasonal Change” indicators are kicking in again. Soon we’ll be changing the clocks here in Mexico, I understand North America has already changed. Normally we get past Easter before we see the drastic results of swirling and clashing currents which result in coffee colored dirty water. Mix that in with the “clean green” and then the green water that looks like coffee is frustrating. There are some blue spots of water out past Corbetena a bit and of course north of El Banco. With this being a La Nina Year, we may be seeing the regular seasonal patterns returning to normal.

Crazy Currents, Krill and Your Bag of Tricks

Well, we made it past the holidays with decent fishing if not challenging. When it comes to Sportfishing in Puerto Vallarta, right now anything is possible. From Corbetena to Punta Nayarit (aka Punta Mita) it’s a real mixed bag and if you don’t have the inside scoop, you’re struggling. For the last few weeks we’ve seen a rollercoaster of water temperatures, crazy currents, massive amounts of Krill (aka whale food), Blue water, Clean Green water, you name it, we’ve been dealing with it. Some days the fishing is on fire, other days they’re nowhere to be found and even worse, when you do find them, they won’t take bait. We’ve seen this all before and the experienced captains know what to do. So what’s the answer, for now we’re throwing the “kitchen sink” at them, once again demonstrating how important a “bag of tricks” at the ready is! Even with massive amounts of bait in the water lures will still “work”.  But things will be changing soon, our warm water summer species of Marlin and Tuna will be bugging out soon. For now if you’re lucky enough to be in Puerto Vallarta fishing, you’ve still got time to get that “Bucket List” finned fantasy before we transition to winter species.

                      The Big Chill!

Here we go again, the rollercoaster of rising and falling water temperatures has struck again. It’s frustrating because we know “The Big Chill” is coming. Every year I hope we get through the holiday season with warmer water temperatures so the fishing remains great for the holiday travelers. So we got past Christmas, but barely and now we’re seeing dramatic drops in water temperature. Which means we saw the return of dirty water and the clean green water. Both are indicators of colder water temperatures, but we’ve seen this as recently as two weeks ago. So what happened? Who knows, all I know is we have to deal with it. The good news is we still have Marlin, Sailfish and Dorado. The bad news is we also have massive amounts of Krill or Whale food. This means every species in the area is chowing down on the “fast food”, which is known as Krill. The challenges are obvious. But even with massive krill, which even the bait if feeding on, you can still have some great action. It’s not going to be easy, being equipped with the right information can improve the odds, stay tuned.

Roll the Dice Fishing, Clean Green, Sailfish and Dorado   

As we enter deeper into December, we know it won’t be long before the warm water species head south for the winter. Riding the strong currents will also bring fish into the area, who are also on their way south. We’re living with La Nina Conditions which means early in the season drops in water temperatures. Happens every year and the only thing unusual is the early “Big Chill”. This is the condition we normally get about the third week of December, you guessed it, right at Christmas time when tourism is at it’s peak holiday numbers. We’ve already had the “Big Chill” so what happens next? That is the question now isn’t it? Right now it seems to be about where you are and where the fish went. It’s a “bait and Switch”. Get the right bait, head for the fish, then you find they switched location. It’s the old “you should have been here yesterday” scenario. For now we have fish, you just have to find them. Where they were yesterday, they probably won’t be there today, but check it out anyway. The clock is ticking and it’s just a matter of weeks before we see the winter species move in. Looking to target a Blue or Striped Marlin, Sailfish or Dorado, then you better get on the water before “you wish you did”!

Puerto Vallarta Fishing, It’s All About Dorado!

For the last three weeks my articles look similar because we’re in a great fishing loop. Last week it was all about Dorado, this week it’s still all about Dorado, but now we’re seeing Striped Marlin in the bay along with Sailfish! Up until the first week of October, it’s summer fishing. It’s good fishing, but when October hits, our world class fishing gets super charged. From this point forward the deep water fishing grounds of Corbetena and El Banco will turn into Marlin-Landia. With perfect blue water, perfect water temperatures, plenty of bait and plenty of fish to target. You can’t go wrong fishing right now until late December. With this being a La Nina year, the fishing could continue into late February. Excited yet?