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Dorado Invade Corbeteña / El Banco

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Mar.21,07 Big Dorado 03
Large Dorado at Corbeteña and El Banco

Every year we know that the first two weeks of September are slow for tourism. In the second two weeks comes the invasion of Mexican Nationals for the Independence Celebrations and Fiestas! But it also marks the time of the year when eyes from around the world turn to Mexico. It´s been no secret that the endless string of tropical storms and Hurricanes which have taken their toll on fishing in PV this year. Normally Hurricanes are hundreds of miles out, but this last one, Hurricane Odile was a little too close four out taste. But it´s past us now, so it´s a mute point. The result of the storms is Dorado are finally here with the currents. El Banco and Corbeteña are the primary locations for now for these desired species, but soon we´ll be seeing them in the bay so cross your fingers. Marlin and Sailfish are still on the job, increasing in numbers. Even the moon phase is in our favor, so be happy, the best part of fishing season has just started!

Well it seemed like forever would pass before we would see Dorado again, they´re a little late, but very welcome. If you´re at Corbeteña or El Banco you can expect to find Dorado in the 50 to 65 lb range. Hungry and aggressive these Gold and Blue beauties are just waiting for you to show up and present your bait! If you´re at Corbeteña, you´ll need to drift four or five miles northish from the rock and you´ll find them with no problems, just look for the birds. Those interested in Sailfish and Marlin will also find they´re in Paradise as they boat ¨finned fantasies¨ weighing in at over 500 lbs for Black marlin. The Sailfish are tournament winners and increasing in numbers daily. Still no sign of Yellowfin Tuna at either El Banco or Corbeteña, not even small ones. Cubera Snappers in excess of 60 lbs, Rainbow runners in the 45 lb to 65 lb range. It´s fish heaven at Corbeteña right now and El Banco right NOW, so get off your ¨Bagel Dog¨ eating duff and do a Marlin Dance with us on Magnifico!

July13th MarlinNegroCawi
Blue Marlin, El Banco

Punta Mita is still a little on the slow side this past week, but there are still small Dorado off the point, Sailfish are a little farther out. Not too much happening in this area for the last few days. Just remember everything changes in three days when it comes to fishing.

With all the Tropical Storms and small Hurricanes passing PV on their chosen path, we´ve seen a dramatic increase in the rains so this means the Trash Lines are alive and well inside the bay. This fish trail mix consisting of roots, leaves, seeds, who knows what actually, is a fish smorgasbord where ¨All You Can Eat¨ takes on a new meaning. Stuffing themselves you´ll find small Dorado and Tons of Skip Jack Tuna, Bonito and assorted other ¨fast food junkies¨! Sailfish are still creeping their ways into the bay on occasion which should increase with the abundant bait and calm weather in the next few days. Jack Crevalls for some reason are still in the north end of the bay. Snook is at the river mouths, remember after the rains is the perfect time to be there. Just don´t surf fish near the river mouths, you could turn into a ¨Gringo on a cracker¨ for a Croc! And no matter what I say, don´t pet them!

The Marietta Islands, really I shouldn´t even mention this normally productive area. For now, forget about it, no Dorado, Small Skip Jacks, Small Bonito, mostly bait are hanging out around the reefs and the shallows. Hang in there, soon we´ll be talking about how it´s on fire so stay tuned, things have to change soon.

Aug. 8HectorsSailLewisFamily
Sailfish Photo Represents Catch at Punta Mita

The Tres Maria Islands, needless to say they´re catching Monster Yellowfin Tuna at the fishery. Most cattle car fishing trips to the islands have been cancelled this past week due to Hurricane and Tropical storm concerns. Just remember, if you keep out of the buffer zone as some call it, you´re not a poacher! If you´re in the zone, the authorities have been chasing those breaking the law, so have a fast boat and a keen eye…. Or better yet, don´t fish in our fishery! Enough said.

Conditions: What can you say, things couldn´t be better for fishing, minus the storms. Clean, clear, blue water, plenty of bait, water temps are on the warm side of 86 to 90 degrees, but it´s streaky water temp wise out there. Plenty of Skippies for bait, Google Eyes, Flying fish in the north end, Goggle Eyes, Mullets, Bullet Bonito, it´s a bait convention that the Yellowfin have not found as yet, soon they will. The bite the last few days has been anytime of the day. With Hurricanes the bite becomes a non-issue. Cloud cover at night, clouds during the day, fish are striking biats at all hours for the present. For now tides and moon phases are in your favor! Live bait is king, but once again brown and purple colored lures should be the first colors you look for. I suggest getting bait at the bait boat in the morning, but make bait when you get there to make sure you´re presenting the same area species.

Dporado on Tap at the deep water fishing ground of Corbeteña and El Banco, RIGHT NOW!


Mexico is still stepping up the fuel prices and we´re now paying fifteen pesos a liter or about a $1.25 a liter… which equates to about $4.85 a gallon. Because of this boats and fishing companies are doing what they can to keep prices down and we can all understand that. This means the product being presented to the clients is not what it was in previous years. It´s like when the one pound coffee cans started putting fourteen ounces of coffee in the can. You never noticed you got less for the same price. Using that scenario, slower boats use less fuel, naturally. With less fuel usage, the consumers’ price of the boat should be less and generally they are. Other companies looking to provide the same fast boat fishing products (like a full can of coffee) with superior service where fuel is used liberally are raising prices to reflect the speed at which you´ll head to the fishing grounds. These companies will look for fish once you´re in the area you want to be in and come in quickly. It´s all good as long as you know the product you are purchasing before you get shanghaied paying for a ¨tug boat¨. Remember, fast boats equate to more time with your line in the water fishing in a specified time frame. A ten hour trip on faster boats will get to Corbetena in about an hour and a half, sea conditions apply naturally. A slower boat, going say 30% slower will take at least an additional thirty minutes or more to get to the rock. That´s equates to an additional hour fishing with fast boats, but more expensive for sure. If you need to relocate because the fish gods’ don´t cooperate, that is at a fast pace also. Slow boats trolling baits to another location slowly, that just eats your time and reduces your chances for catching fish. It all adds up amigo and it´s all good if you understand what you´re getting for your hard earned fishing buck. If you don´t tell ¨them¨ you want a fast boat, you´ll find yourself and your boat being passed up by fuel using boats leaving the marina in the morning hours. I´ll tell you right now, that will piss you off when the captain won´t kick up the speed! Another option is, if you ask a more expensive company for slower destination speed boats using less fuel, the more expensive guys will drop their price ( We at Master Baiter´s won´t as our clients expect a fishing trip, not a tour). They will make sure you understand the product you´re receiving is not up to their normal business standards. As long as you understand what you´re paying for, then it´s all good. There are always different levels of service and quality. Slow boat trips may be to your advantage, it just depends. One thing for sure, Mexico’s fuel policies are to continue raising fuel prices to pay for new refineries inside Mexico working towards fuel independence, a smart thing. I guess it all comes down to getting what you ¨think¨you´re paying for.

Until next time don’t forget to kiss your fish and remember at Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle “ We Won’t Jerk You Around”!

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