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World Class Sportfishing Explodes, Catch a Finned Fantasy Now!

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

It seems like I spend most of the year talking about how the Monster Yellowfin Tuna over 200 lbs will show up about mid August with big Black Marlin at our world famous fishing grounds. The last couple of weeks we´ve been teased by glimpses of big fish, but nothing consistent. It appears that for the next few moments the fishing has turned into the stuff Finned Fantasies are made of. Tournaments are happening as we get deeper into Fishings High Season here in Puerto Vallarta. It´s the best time to be in Puerto Vallarta if you´re a Big Game Fishing enthusiast and for the time being you have plenty to be enthused about. 08 10 2008 Discovery, Thomas Harris, 10hrs, Corb. Sail, Marlin 009

Lets´ just go straight to the bottom line, El Banco and Corbeteña, take your pick, Big Black Marlin pushing 700 lbs are turning into tournament winners at your favorite secret spot. Yellowfin Tuna, we have your addiction covered with 250 lb and larger at the rock and on top of the high spots at El Banco. It doesn´t really matter where you are go, you´ll be boating fish we mostly talk about for nine months and fantasize about for the summer! Seriously, no fluff, the fishing is what our jaded clients and locals have come to expect. So you won´t find much fanfare, this is what is supposed to happen anyway. Me, I am so tired of bad seasons, I can hardly keep my excitement contained… Ha ha. But wait, there´s more, if you head out now, you will get not just Marlin and YF Tuna, Cubera Snappers well over 65 lbs are hitting trolled skip jack´s like a Mac Truck! Sailfish, Rainbow runners, you name it, you´ll catch it! Seriously, I can´t remember the last time we saw fishing this consistent and predictable for years. So grab the piggy bank, kiss the little woman goodby and get on the water. Trust me days like this are never long lived.

Don´t want to spend ten to twelve hours on the water, well you´re in luck Mr. Short-day, the Marietta Islands are producing like a vending machine. Show up, place your baits and see what Lady Luck brings your way. Sailfish about a mile of the island are fair sized from 60 to 80ish pounds. Snappers in the 35 lb range, Small Dorado and strangely not many to speak of. The occasional Rooster fish, with Sardines moving in again we may see them increase. Bonito, Skip Jack tuna, I mean anything is possible, but great fishing is guaranteed!Blue Marlin Corbeteña RdPx 600

Inside the bay has gotten a little strange and yet wonderful at the same time. We´re seeing Jack Crevalls move into the bay in a big way. Now you may remember Jack Crevalls as being a seasonal indicator species of current and water temperature changes. But for now, Jack Crevalls are all over the bay and they´re hungry. No need to get fancy, just head out towards the center of the bay and start trolling Google Eyes or Silver Jigs and be ready. 35 to 45 lb Jacks are tearing arms off all over the bay, so a four hour day Mr. Short-day is worth the money! More strangeness is you´ll find Sailfish thick up around the Nuevo to La Cruz area just a few miles off the shore. With plenty of bait and warm water temperatures the Sailfish are not worrying much about where they are. So have fun amigos, I can´t wait to hear about the guy surf fishing and coming in with one of these. Yellowfin Tuna are still footballs at Yelapa, but again, four hours of arm burning action will make the day seem long enough! With the trash line, if you go out fishing and don´t come in with a full fish box, you should reconsider your fishing associate or company. Even the guys I warn you about are catching fish!

If you head out a mile or three off the islands in the area between El Morro and the Marietta Islands there have been Blue Marlin all over the place. Also running in the larger ranges Blue Marlin are taking a hold in the area, one was boated at 289 kilos or about 650 lbs. How´s that for motivation?Torta YFTuna 280 lbs

Now let’s remember, there may be plenty of bait fish in the area, but Yellowfin are still running HOT when it comes to their body temperatures. With water temperatures still over ninety degrees we are going to continue to see YF tuna moderating their body temperatures by continuing to dwell in the deeper water levels of 100 feet and deeper. They are coming to the surface in the late afternoon, but forget about much of a morning bite. Marlins are happy as pigs in a poke, but the YF tuna are a little more ¨sensitive¨. So keep this in mind, it could save you some money and frustration. Still the good news is for the moment a guy with a shinny hook can catch fish. Don´t be shy, you don´t need to be an expert, the fish don´t know either. You do need to find a way to get your lazy butt on the water and build a bucket list memory. The better news is you hopefully will be able to enjoy these conditions until the end of December. You´re looking at the sort of fishing that built the reputation PV has come be known for. Now if this doesn´t motivate you to make a move, then amigo, you´re dead!

Until next time don’t forget to kiss your fish and remember at Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle “ We Won’t Jerk You Around”!

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