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I have to say that I am just flabbergasted that the fishing is so great this late in the fishing season. We normally expect an explosion of Dorado and Striped Marlin about now, but things have been ‘exploding’ for some time now. The amazing late season fishing in Puerto Vallarta isn’t showing any indications of slowing down any time soon. With Striped Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna footballs and plenty of larger Dorado, it makes ‘catching’ a no brainer! For the last few weeks I was afraid to allow myself to be optimistic about what was to come. But now it’s obvious that the second fishing season. An ‘Indian Summer’ of our fishing season means all you have to do is show up at your favorite fishing grounds and get prepared for a ‘bucket list’ day of fishing amigos.  

It seems these days El Banco is mostly ignored. But on occasion there are some brave souls that take the chance, hoping to find Yellowfin Tuna. Right now depending on the conditions, you could wind up boating 100 lb Yellowfin Tuna. Or you may find the Spinner Dolphin that the Yellowfin Football tuna in the 35 to 60 lb Tuna love to run with. Striped Marlin are also running the area and it’s not a stretch to see a freak Blue Marlin or Striped Marlin. On the other hand you may come up empty handed. The good news is Corbetena is only about 25 miles to the south and those with a fuel budget can zip over to the rock. One location that’s ignored is what I call ‘Mid-Point’. Many a tournament winning Tuna has been boated in this area. So you really have three world class fishing grounds in Puerto Vallarta’s deep water fishing grounds.

But if you’re like normal people, you hit one area and that area will most likely be Corbetena, especially if looking for a variety of ‘bucket list’ fish. Striped Marlin in the 225 lb range are running the area, why is anybody’s guess with the cool water temps. Sailfish seem to be thinning in numbers, but not Dorado in the 20 to 50 lb range if the fish gods smile on you. The pessimist in me says this can’t last much longer, so my suggestion is to get your butt out there ASAP! Yellowfin Tuna have been hanging out about eight miles north of the rock, but they’re not predictable and there are days when the Yellowfin Tuna can disappoint. FYI, if targeting larger Yellowfin Tuna, the full moon made the bite early, before sunrise and just after sunset. If you’re chasing Spinners, then they’ll take baits all day, so keep that in mind.

The area around El Morro and the Marietta islands can be one of the best fishing grounds PV has to offer if you catch it just right. And right now is a great time if targeting Dorado to 40 lbs, possible Sailfish, Rooster fish off the back side of the Marietta Islands and Wahoo! Wahoo (Ono in Hawaii) alone are reason enough to risk your fuel dollar! Over at Punta Mita the fishing is still happening closer in to shore, about four miles out. Capt. Jaime sent me this beautiful 25 kilo Dorado, in pounds it’s about 50 lbs. Sailfish are also in the area, but so are the “freak” Blue Marlin! Yes, I said Blue Marlin, the one at the top of the page was a big surprise. Throw in Jack Crevalles, Bonito and Skip Jack Tuna and anything is possible out there right now!

Inside the bay is frankly incredible. Those looking for Dorado will find them in the 20 lb range. Those looking for family action will find it in Skip Jack Tuna in the 15 lb range. Sierra Mackerels are smaller, but perfect for the ‘younglings’, not to mention incredible tasting. There have been some occasional freak Striped Marlin chasing the abundant bait in the bay. Yes we still have plenty of Whale food in the form of Krill Squids, but for some reason the locals have been taking trolled Goggle eyes and lures. Jack Crevalles are all over the Nuevo Vallarta area, with occasion freaky Sailfish off La Cruz Marina. I still suggest six hours, this give you extra time to find where the fish went. Instead of going where they were yesterday. Besides, you can still see Whales in the bay, so why not kill two birds with one stone!

Bring in your processed and ready to freeze fish in Ziplock bags. We’ll freeze your catch for 150 pesos a bag. Master Baiter’s fishing clients receive free catch freezing as part of our service.

Things this week are still pretty much the same as last week, the bite is still about 08:30. That is unless you’re targeting larger Yellowfin Tuna, you’ll need to keep an eye on the moon phase amigo. The water is still a chilly 73 degrees, yet Dorado are still hanging out. I can only blame El Nino for this situation. Soon we’ll be looking at Sea Bass, Snappers and Grouper moving into the bay. You know the bay is just alive with sea life these days. If you don’t get on the water, to me it’s like going to aspen and never getting near or on the mountain! The Bay of Banderas is world famous for its beauty and all it has to offer. Something to consider amigos.

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

Written by Stan Gabruk

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