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200 lb Yellowfin Tuna, Huge Sailfish, Marlin, Large Dorado, Fishing Explodes in PV!

Written by Stan Gabruk

For months now I have been writing what I call ¨fluffy¨ fishing articles making what I would consider a disappointing summer sound as positive as possible. The fishing scene this summer was not about Mexico, but rather southern California. Warm water, plenty of bait and currents that swept our world class gamefish to points north of the Mexican border were very welcome indeed to the Southern Cal boys for sure. Yes we had fair sized Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, small Marlin, but no Dorado to speak of. With plenty of bait in the water, perfect water temperatures, Sapphire blue water at all the fishing grounds and disappointing fish counts. This week things have changed for the positive, Animal House with Captain Luis and First Mate David Chorra came in with a 300 lb Yellowfin Monster! Even The Bank or El Banco finally started firing on all eight cylinders. For those who have been saving their precious fuel dollars now is the time to raid the piggy bank amigos. We are now in the best time of the year to boat that ¨bucket list¨ fish you´ve always dreamed of as fishing explodes in Puerto Vallarta!

Let’s start with El Banco, normally our biggest producer of Yellowfin Tuna has been dismal at best until now. Yellowfin Tuna are finally here, but they seem to be in and out. You can find them in sizes from 30 lbs to over 200lbs with Monsters in the 300 lb range if you have any luck at all! Marlin is running now between 400 and 800 lbs, Dorado are in the 40 to 60lb range, Sailfish everywhere. Bait is more than abundant and varied in the form of baby Tuna called Bullets, Chorras (Bonito / Skip Jack Tuna), Google Eyes, Sardines, you name it, it´s a fish smorgasbord at El Banco.

Corbeteña has been the place to be all season so far and things have not changed in that regard. Yellowfin Tuna have been hanging out all around the rock and the YF Tuna fishing has been consistent for the last few weeks. Even if they were small by comparison for what we normally see at this time of the year, but there! For the moment, if you are heading out on a full day trip, I would be hitting Corbeteña first. Many 200 plus pound Yellowfin Tuna are circling the rock. Bait is off the hook which can be an issue, this is the challenge. Sailfish are fighting for your presented bait, and it doesn´t have to be fancy, shinny works. Large Dorado to 60 lbs is a welcome sight, big blue and black Marlin are also fighting for your baits as well. Cubera Snappers are still here as well in the 45 to70lb range.

The Marietta Islands have sprung to life again as well. Sailfish have literally taken over all the fishing grounds and can be had on shorter day trips. So if you are targeting Sailfish, then there is no need to hit he deep water locations. Dorado running 20 to about 35 lbs are more abundant by the day. Skip Jack Tuna, Bonito, Snappers, all the regular players are here again. Eight hours on a super panga will be most affordable option in this case and won`t break the family vacation budget.

Inside the bay we have what I would consider a wonderful fluke. All summer the Yellowfin Tuna fishing has been better in front of Yelapa in the south end of the bay than at El Banco or Corbeteña! Now the larger YF Tuna are now where they should be, there are still large Tuna in the deep holes in front of this favorite tourist location. Bonita, Sailfish and YF tuna between 30 and70lbs are there now for the taking. It makes a four to six hour fishing trip worth the time and money. Don´t want to spend all day on a boat, but still would love to have the thrill, then this is a great option.

Many people have been concerned that I am out of business and to be frank it has been no cake walk. The local ¨Pirates¨ went way out of their way to make sure I could not get a business license by bribing public officials to keep me out of the market place. So I moved again and can be found / reached at my cell phone number until I get the power and internet hooked up at my new location which is five doors down from Victors Café Te Cuba. I am at the far end of the Marina now closest to the Westin Hotel End of Marina Vallarta. I am on the boardwalk in a glass structure you won´t be able to miss. It´s going to take me a few more weeks to get the shop up and running, my shop phone number is not working as yet either, so call my cell phone (011 52 1 322 779 75 71) and you can  reserve a fishing date on MY world class exclusive boats.

Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish….

Don´t forget to visit Marina Vallarta with its 150 shops, restaurants and professional services. It´s Puerto Vallarta´s other Malicon or Boardwalk. You owe it to yourself to come down and see it especially since the police are cleaning up the ¨Pirates¨ who bug the crap out of you!

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