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Grouper and Sea Bass are not here for long

What has been for the most part an amazing year for fishing, has me scratching my head as we once again see all the indicators of seasonal changes. Our primary “indicator” this week was the two to three degree increase in water temperatures. We’re moving into spring so this isn’t too unusual. We have the swirling currents, the continued clean green water and of course massive amounts of Whale food in the form of Krill. Many times things can look the same from day to day. But there are always subtle changes that can make a difference. This week we’ve seen water temperatures increase between two and three degrees depending on where you are. Now these warmer “inclinations” can just be surface water temps, but even if they are, the currents are changing. Soon the Whales will be moving out, all that Krill will be eaten by the “locals” as we begin to change from winter species to summer species, day by day. It’s hard to say that with a straight face since we still have Dorado, Sailfish and Striped Marlin. So how much “change” can we expect?

“Football” Yellowfin Tuna running with Spinner Dolphin
Mark Hoffman Loves Bottom Fishing!

For the last three weeks or so, we’ve seen stagnant conditions at Corbetena. With Skip Jack Tuna and Jack Crevalles setting up house and are still just “bait stealers”. So no real attention is being paid to Corbetena presently. Those looking for Yellowfin Tuna will find them running with the Spinner Dolphin anywhere from the midpoint area, fifteen miles north of Corbetena to points north. With no guarantees of any action, you’re rolling the dice. Depending on your “pain factor” you may not want to throw your fuel money at a “maybe”. El Banco has the same, Spinners running with Yellowfin Tuna footballs. You have to head out to El Banco and points north by ten to fifteen miles. Looking for Tuna, this is where you’ll find them. Possible Sailfish, Possible Striped Marlin, but you’d have to be one lucky puppy.

One area completely ignored is the area around El Morro. For those bucking the trend, Sailfish and Striped marlin are jumping off the back side towards Corbetena. For a few days, there were even Dorado in the 20 lb range running the area. An old friend came in and give me his report thankfully. All the captains are heading to where they think they can find what the clients are craving. This is the only report I’ve had form the El Morro area, could be the best kept secret in Puerto Vallarta. Once you hit the point of Punta Nayarit, set a heading of 310 and head out 18 miles. You’ll find the spinner Dolphin running with Football Tuna. But most of the Charter Captains are still heading north of Punta Nayarit. But they’re staying closer in, no more than eight miles out. Drop baits anywhere from the Punta Nayarit point to north of Sayulita. The entire area has Striped Marlin, but they’re spread out! Find a buoy and it’s a Dorado Playground as well. No buoy, then the Dorado are sparse. Right now you’ve got a 40% chance of Sailfish or Striped marlin. Those “changes” increase as you head farther north. Dorado and Rooster fish have faded out, but they are still out there. Dorado are at a 25% chance. Now if you head out for longer durations and you’re using fuel, then you chances of Dorado increase to 40%. Make sure you time the bite correctly leaving a touch later in the morning.

The Pillon Family, Four Hours and 32 Bonito & more!

Inside the bay is much the same, but the number of Jack Crevalles are increasing. Bonito are picking up the slack at 20 lbs and many times you’ll boat between twenty and thirty. Bottom fishing is doing well, but with warming water temperatures this will be short lived. If you’re in the south end of the bay near Garza Blanca hotel, Rooster fish are possible and Dorado will be smaller, so throw the babies back. Sierra Mackerels running 12 lbs are great tasting and plentiful. Avoid the dirty water patches and you’ll have a fun day of light tackle, “action fishing”. Six hours in the bay will produce lifetime memories at bargain pricing.

Jack Crevalles on Magnifico, Bay trip, 4 hrs

We’re keeping an eye on the bite these days. Leaving too early in the morning won’t help your cause unless you plan on bottom fishing. The bite is just after 10:00 in the morning, including points north of Punta Nayarit. With increasing water temperatures now between 72 to 75 degrees, this could be surface temperatures for early spring. But with longer days and changing currents it won’t be long before we’re seeing Sailfish Numbers and Striped Marlin taking over Punta Nayarit. For now Rapallas are working well as at timed dead bait. With so much varied baits, be prepared with plenty of color for lures and plenty of live bait.

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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