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Disappointing inside the Bay, Roosters Return, Yellowfin Footballs from El Banco to Corbeteña!

Written by Stan Gabruk of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing and Tackle

One more time, just when you think you know what the deal is, you don´t. To me it looked like we were going to have a warm water winter this year as we all enjoyed some of the warmer water species that have been hanging around. But the green water returned to the bay and if you are looking at anything under eight hours your chances of boating anything larger than Nimo is dismal at best amigo. Straight up the bay is dead, dead, dead. But not so elsewhere in our world famous fishing grounds.

Football Yellowfin Tuna on the Gaff

Now that warm current has seemed to disappear, water temperatures have plummeted to 67 to 69 degrees, downright chilly for this area. On top of that the water in the outer areas is a ¨clear green¨ which means for the most part the fish can handle it and many times there is just a thin film of this on the surface water. Now there is the dark green as well so stay out of the green stuff!

All the action this week has centered around two places in general. The channel from the Point at Punta Mita to the Marietta Islands you will find Snappers and Pompano and maybe even some spinner Dolphin, which is a welcome sight for sure. Around the Sayulita area you have a shot at some decent sized Rooster fish around 35 lbs.

The triangular area between El Banco, the Marietta Islands and El Banco, the Golden Triangleas I call it is the area that produces the most fish. Maybe not always the biggest fish, but plenty of game fish to be sure. Between El Banco and Corbeteña there have been Yellowfin Football Tuna in the 35 to 50 lb range and this is pretty much the game between these two locations.  Now if you are at El Banco there are Whachalango Snappers that are dark in color and white meat. They`re running 40 to 50 lbs and are hitting live bait of Google eyes or Chorras. Between the point and El Banco there have been some, not many, Striped Marlin Hook-ups which is an added plus if in the area.   

Yellowfin Football Ready to Filet

Corbeteña is also seeing Red Snappers to 40lbs, Jumping Yellowfin (Yfin) Tuna (35 to 50 lbs) on the surface and are hitting Google eyes, cedar plugs and lures of purple and green. Whachalangos (Snapper Species) are here as well in the same 40 lb range Arctic Bonito with teeth have a light colored meat and are great tasting, look for the black striping on the upper quarter of the body and you´ll know these are not your California Bonito that are deep red meat fish.

The Marietta Islands remain the place to be if you´re looking for winter gamefish action. Rooster Fish are back in the 30 to 45 lb range, Jack Cravalls, Pompano to 30 lbs, Skippies, Bonito, and even some Snappers, anything is possible and they´re taking baits. Normally this is an eight hour trip so plan for that.

There is still a lot of noise about the Tres Maria Islands and something you all should know about is that this area is more than a game preserve, it is an official Biosphere which makes a game reserve seem like nothing when you look at the regulations.  Keep the safe distance of twelve miles off the islands and you will be fine.

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When in Puerto Vallarta don´t forget to visit the other Malicon in Marina Vallarta where there is a twenty restaurant row and 150 shops to explore and discover. If you don´t know how to find Marina Vallarta just tell the Taxi Driver go to El Faro in  Marina Vallarta and you found Marina Vallarta!

Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish!            

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