Stripers in Bay, Smaller Dorado, Massive Bait Amounts, Warming Water, Fishing is Great!

For the last three weeks now I’ve been surprised at the amount of Striped Marlin in the bay. As water temperatures rise we normally see Striped Marlin leaving the area. But when there is so much “Fast Food” why would you leave? Smaller Dorado are in the bay which is encouraging. For now we’re focusing on the “water” conditions. We’re in a “current” transition period where clashing currents can create dirty water and hair pulling frustration.

Water Temps Nosedive, Marlin, Wahoo, Sailfish & Tuna

As we get ready to move into December we’re seeing an earlier than normal drop in the water temperatures. We normally start to see 80 degree water temperatures at locations like the Rock in the second week of January almost like clock-work. This year with the 80 degree mark happening about a month early we’re dealing with the challenges and the opportunities this all presents. With the continued massive amounts of bait in the area and especially the bay the fishing has remained world class.

120 lb Yellowfin Tuna at Corbetena, While They Last

I love writing these articles for you all, especially when the fishing is at the world class level like we are now. We’ve seen a lot of “fish moving” these days, especially when it comes to sailfish. The weather couldn’t be better if you asked, we’re in the peak of the fishing season and of course the fishing is better than great! A short day trip will get you great you plenty of action. A longer trip could pay off in a fish “bigger than your car”!

Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, Dorado, Spread Out and Challenging!

Those that take the challenge of the possibility of not catching fish understand it’s not an exact science. This week the deep water locations of Corbetena and El Banco have changed a little, not that you’d notice! Corbetena is back to seeing Yellowfin Tuna anywhere from 40 to 75 lbs and they’re taking bait! Sailfish are a little thing as are Marlin in the 500 lb range, both blue and black. Dorado are in the 20 to 40 lb range, but they’ve been taking green runners, keep that in your back pocket when heading out. El Banco, forget about it.

Our Best Fishing in Two Years, It´s Fish City in PV!

When it does get warm, the warm currents come with it and with the currents come Puerto Vallarta´s Fishing Reputation as being one of the top ten fishing locations in the world! Right now Puerto Vallarta is living up to that reputation with abundant ¨Bucket List¨ trophy gamefish and happy Anglers, YeHa!

Spring Has Sprung, Sailfish Moving In, Water Temps Up!

People ask me all the time when the fishing is best in Puerto Vallarta. That is always a moving target because everyone wants a little something different. My standard answer is Mid July to the second week of January. But for some reason people seem to take that as if the fishing is bad any other time. This of course is not the case, but we do know up front that January, February, March and early April are not Billfish months. But we´re in March now, the water is warming up daily, we have seen Sailfish fifty miles out at The Bank or El Banco in Spanish. There is still plenty of bait in the bay, the water is clearer and bluer every day. Spring is right on time this year with the weather conditions coming in line with expectations and water temperatures moving into the range summer fish prefer! Yes Amigos if you are into fishing, then this is the time of year when things will change for the better. Larger, more abundant gamefish are already here, time to think about your summer fishing trips!

Early Indicators Show Early Spring Fishing, Warm Water Species Returning!

It seems at times that all I do is rewrite what I said the week before and I guess that is normal when your primary subjects, fish in this case, don´t change habits drastically in the winter. Normally for February the sailfish are still here and we´ll see Dorado in diminishing numbers and smaller as time passes. In March we see the water temperatures normally warm up a bit. After a La Nina year I have no clue what to expect. But remember this La Nina Year came after an El Nino year which is hot water temps. Now that we are hopefully moving into a normal current pattern we are seeing warm water species move back in to the area. The fish I am talking about here are primarily Needle Fish. Just as we see the Sierra Mackerals and Jack Crevalls indicate that water temperatures have cooled down come the end of winter in to fall. So it looks like we will see an early spring this year is this is any indication.

Quickie Report: El Morro Springs to Life With Rooster Fish

One of the places I don´t write much about is El Morro. Located about ten (10) miles south of the Marietta Islands, El Morro is one of those locations that can be dead for extended periods of time and then just explode with action. One reason is the bottom of the bay in that area works to produce upwelling’s that contain all sorts of organic materials that have settled on the bottom from the summer months. This is a little known area that a new comer would not know of unless a local told him about it.

Mind Boggling Mixed Conditions, But There are Fish Out There!

Two weeks ago I turned away more people than I care to think about with the truth about what the actual conditions were in the bay. Four hour trips, unless you like checking out sea life and whales, was pretty much a waste of your time and money. Same for Six hour trips and even the eight hour days were coming in at times with empty fish boxes. But as the warmer water is working its way back into the area we have seen the normal players like Jack Crevalls return in a big way. Tons of smaller Red Snappers, Pompano and several larger Rooster Fish and the list goes on. One thing for sure, there is no reason now to hold back. Even the four hour trips are averaging 10 to 15 fish or all types.

Quickie Report: Jacks Move in Strong, Pompano at the Point

Feb. 15, 2011 We are seeing the water temperatures hover in the low 70’s and while that is still cold water for us here in Puerto Vallarta, it is still much better for fishing than the low 60’s we were dealing with last week. There were some mornings where my Mexican side wanted a parka […]