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Punta Negra Rooster Fish

          Written by Stan Gabruk, owner Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle

Normally in Puerto Vallarta April is the “last” month of the year where you are still blissfully ignorant that summer is coming. But the last week or so we’ve seen much warmer and longer days. For most of the world it’s early spring, for us in Puerto Vallarta we go pretty much straight from winter to summer. Yes we get seasons, but it seems spring this year is going to be about three weeks long, in PV that is. First the days get longer, then the water temperatures increase daily. Once that happens we see the warm water species like Dorado, Marlin and larger Tuna move in. that pretty much explains where we are in the fishing season in Puerto Vallarta. Water temperatures have ticked up a bit, Stripers increase in numbers near Punta Mita and Rooster fish at Sayulita. Summer species are coming soon, but for now we’re moving into a transitional period like we always do.

Your Master Baiter’s Video Fishing Report for April 10kth With Stan Gabruk!

This week some interesting things happened, the area around El Banco saw a drastic increase of Striped Marlin move in. Now we’ve had Striped Marlin throughout the area for some time now, but now for some reason Stripers are picking up in numbers. Taking a heading off the point of Punta Mita take a 300 to 320 heading and head out. Once you’re in the ten mile point, that’s where you want to start dropping baits. Striper numbers have increased drastically but that doesn’t mean their size has. Still, small Strippers are fun to catch, but please release. And that news is thanks to Capt. Scooby who released three, had eight strikes with novice fisherman in a ten hour day. For now Corbetena is still quiet but showing a pulse. Striped Marlin are in the area as well, spread out like always. Cubera Snappers for the bottom fisherman and 60 lb Yellowfin Tuna Footballs six to ten miles northwest of the rock. No Sailfish as yet but we should start seeing them in ever increasing numbers any day now. There is plenty of Skip Jack tuna in the area as well as massive live bait.

From the point of Punta Mita again with a 310 heading you’re liable to run into Stripers anywhere past the six mile point. There is still a lot of clean green cold water, but past the six mile point it’s mostly blue! There is where you’ll find the Stripers and Jack Crevalles. Rooster fish are still in the Sayulita area, but the reports are dropping off. For those heading out this distance the back side of El Morro is where most of the eight hour fishing trips have been heading to. Once again Stripers are here, Jack Crevalles are here but with some luck there should be some Wahoo in the areas as well. For weeks Pompano have been taking advantage of the upwelling’s, but they’re dropping in numbers and size. Red Snappers are still possible but not hearing much after the Snapper invasion of last week. If heading out for eight hour this is a good place to start. Especially if heading to Corbetena!

Inside the bay is still consistent with Jack Crevalles 20 to 45 lbs in size and they’re moving all around. I can’t hardly believe we still have Sea Bass and Grouper in the bay around the river mouths. Snook are also a real possibility as well. Sierra Mackerels are a morning constant with plenty of action in the early morning hours. Perfect especially for younger anglers. There have been some smaller Snappers in the bay, about 4 to 10 lbs, perfect plate size but you’ll have to find them. Rooster fish are still be caught off Estela Dera and Punta Negra. Bonito, small Tuna around Yelapa are possible as well.

Bait, there are massive bait balls all over the place. Plenty of birds to show you the way as well. With Squids still in the area Tuna are happy puppies. But here’s the deal, dead bait and lures are working better than live bait for the last few days. Not exactly unusual, it is surprising! Lures of Green and Black, Petroleros with purple are both working well. The bite is still after 09:30 so hit the mackerels early, then head for your fishing grounds after. Water temperatures are inching up with 80 degree water near El Banco and warming in the entire region now as well. This will bring in our summer species as it is early for temps like this. Summer I suspect will be coming early this year. One last thing, PV and the entire state of Jalisco is now “Green Light” conditions. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but every shop and restaurant and bar is open, including gyms. Test are readily available and there really are no restrictions regarding our pandemic situation. Those thinking of coming down from the States have no issues to speak of and PV is wide open.

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Until next week, don’t forget to Kiss Your Fish!

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