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You know it’s funny, every week I’m tasked with the happy responsibility to inform, be a bit entertaining with a bit of a positive spin, but always honest. When we come to this time of the year it can be a real mixed bag. Things can change from day to day. Spring means many species are full of eggs, currents change, water temperatures are in “’neutral” and the fish are moving all over the place. Where they were yesterday, most likely isn’t where they will be today. For that reason you need to be open minded when figuring out your daily fishing plan of attack. Depending on your targeted species, this will determine where you need to go. It also means you may get some bad news, which means you have the necessary information, good or bad. Using this information will help to make sure you don’t waste your day, your money and lose your hair. Spring fishing is a challenge, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, arm burning action. Just don’t expect to find Moby Dick on the end of your line.

We’ve seen massive amounts of bait in the bay and surrounding area now for many months. Much of this is Whale food of course. But when we reach the end of March, we see the Whales return to their home waters. But the bait remains and that’s where are now. With the current changes, the “leftover” Krill will soon be a thing of the past. The species that have been chowing down on this Krill will move out when the Krill has been eaten. For me that can’t happen fast enough. Frankly in two weeks I expect conditions to improve. For now we have seen the ugly red tide move in. We knew it was coming last week and it’s arrived in a big way. Now fish hate red tide, it removes the oxygen in the water, they have trouble breathing in this, so they move to clean water. Corbetena this week was dead as a door nail. Clients went to Corbetena for three days straight, they were not very receptive to changing their daily fishing plan and decided to target a species that wasn’t in the area. Many clients read my articles from last year or weeks past and think it will be the same in the following days and weeks. For now we need to focus on the fact the seasonal changes dictate the daily plan. For now the largest challenges are finding the clean green water, stay out of the red tide and you can have a day you won’t forget. In about two weeks the “transition” will look more normal and hopefully we’ll see some blue water soon. For now forget Corbetena, red tide everywhere. If you’re north of the rock, then there is clean green water mixed with red tide. In the clean green areas you can find Yellowfin Tuna anywhere from 40 to 100 lbs. Striped Marlin and Sailfish are also in the area, they are spread out, but there. Feeling lucky?

The area around El Morro has this same red tide in large areas. But outside those areas there are Bonito and Skip Jack Tuna are all over these fishing grounds. Jack Crevalles are also in the area, no surprise there. Heading to Punta Mita, where the Rooster fishing got a little soft, it appears they’re still in the Caballeros area at the Marinal rock. Here’s the secret, if you’re out past four miles from shore, your chances of boating fish diminish greatly. Inside this area you’ll find Jack Crevalles, Rooster fish to 40 lbs, Skip Jack Tuna, and of course Bonito to 20 lbs and plentiful. Eight hours will give you an outside shot at Sailfish and Striped Marlin (if they are taking bait) for the lucky. For the lucky there are Dorado in the 20 lb range. I should have titled this article as “Lucky Fishing”.

Inside the bay, as mentioned earlier, fish are moving from one end of the bay to the other. Jack Crevalles are in the 20 to 40 lb range, Sierra Mackerels while small in stature are very tasty! Bonito are in full display and a normal six hour trip will produce between twenty and forty of these 20 lb Bonito!You want action, there’s plenty in the bay, that’s why we call it “Action Fishing”. Smaller species, light tackle, arm burning action. My suggestion is six hours to find “where they went”. Four hours will produce action, but sometimes four hours isn’t enough. We’re running some “loss leader” deals in this slow time, ask for details. In the meantime, there are still Whales in the bay. So you can include Whale watching in your day on the water. But changes are coming shortly so keep up with the articles!

We’re still seeing the bite around 10:00 in the morning and 15:00 in the afternoon. Water temperatures are still at 73 degrees and will probably stay there for the coming days. Local bait conditions will soon change, but for now Krill, Sardines, Green Runners, Flying fish, Goggle Eyes and more are on the fish menu. For now the Green Runner is your best bait and you can’t buy that bait in the morning. Using small spoons will get you these Green Runners increasing your chances greatly. Keep that to yourself.

Until Next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish.  

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