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   Written by Stan Gabruk, owner Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle

Striped Marlin Numbers Increase Around Corbetena

A few weeks ago, we saw an incredible drop in water temperatures which of course pushed the warm water species out and rather quickly I might ad. It decimated the local fishing, but things have improved. Water temperatures are now 70 degrees pretty much in all our world famous fishing grounds. So the local conditions have become a bit more attractive as we have more Striped Marlin moving in. Covid on the other hand is causing some tourism challenges, but not when it comes to fishing. For those lucky enough to be “stuck” in Puerto Vallarta you will for the most part have empty fishing grounds. For the moment the fishing is about as good as you could hope for with plenty of action and Whales are just a side benefit!


When you think of Corbetena, images of huge Yellowfin Tuna, Big Marlin, Sailfish and more come to mind. But now that we’re coming into the full-fledged winter fishing season, the larger warm water species have headed south for the winter. There are always Yellowfin Tuna at Corbetena, now the size will vary but they’re always there… At this time of the year we consider ourselves lucky to have Striped Marlin to 150 lbs, Jack Crevalles to 50 lbs, Cubera Snappers for the jiggers to 60 lbs. Possible Amber Jacks and of course Yellowfin Tuna running about 30 lbs and possibly upwards depending on what’s happening.

The area around Punta Mita isn’t all that exciting for now. North of Sayulita there is always the possibility of Sailfish, but you’d be rolling the dice on that one. Jack Crevalles can be found around the point that’s no reason to head to this area. The surrounding fishing grounds have Pompano to 30 lbs, Jack Crevalles to 45 lbs are pretty much everywhere, Sierra Mackerels of course and Bonito are getting larger by the day. The downside here is the simple fact the authorities’ patrol this area around the Mariettas, it’s a protected area and those fishing this area are taking their chances. If you would rather avoid this issue the El Morro area has these same species with the possibility of Wahoo and Striped Marlin as well. So keep your wits about you and stay in areas where you don’t have to sweat the consequences.

Corbetena Amber Jack

Inside the bay is much the same with some small subtle differences. Yes we have Jack Crevalles still, but they’re picking up in numbers (finally) and the size range is up to 50 lbs if lucky. Especially around Nuevo Vallarta and the area around Garza Blanco or Punta Negra. Sierra Mackerels to 12 lbs are still a stable of the bay for early morning anglers close in. Bonito are picking up in size as well up to 20 lbs, remember they are part of the Tuna family and are great eating, so they’re keepers. Snapper are around the structure as always and of course there are always the Grouper, Bass and Snook running the cold water river areas and secret spots! So fishing in the bay is fun and exciting as long as your expectations don’t include “Moby Dick” being boated! For now a six hour trip is a good way to spend the day and remember there are Whales in the bay so you can “multi-task” your time on the water amigos.

As mentioned water temperatures have leveled off at 70 degrees and shouldn’t get any colder than that unless crazy currents show up again. The bite is mid-morning, but for species like Jack Crevalles the bite is late morning. Best to be where you want to be by 08:00 if possible. Bait conditions are changing with massive amounts of Sardines in huge bait ball all over the bay out to Corbetena. Every species loves Sardines and the possibility of Rooster fish moving is a little greater. We’re also seeing those one inch shelled Squids roaming the area again which makes things a bit more challenging. All and all the fishing is pretty good for the winter Angler or the family that wants to have some smaller game fish action!

Remember we’re doing private tours for anything you have in mind for groups to families with our own private Airport Transfers / private transportation at reasonable rates. We can also pick up your group up with favorable pricing. If interested in sharing a boat, contact us as well and we’ll do what we can to “hook you up”! For those looking for Bass fishing we have the “Endless Action” trips that focus on catching “blue plate specials”. And as always if you have any questions, feel free to ask us, we won’t sell you a timeshare!

Until next week, don’t forget to Kiss Your Fish!

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