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Dorado Still Running at Mid-Point, on our 35ft Cabo!

Well, here we go again, Krill, Krill and more Krill! They’re getting under my skin. Maybe not the best way to start this article, but for four weeks now we’ve had these stagnant conditions. We all know, that is if you’ve been reading my articles, that we’re ending a La Nina year. You know, when the water stays cooler for the year, then at some point it “snaps” back. This is normal and it’s not like the fishing is bad, but it’s the never ending challenge. The good news is you’re reading this article. The bad news is, things may stay the same for a while. With slightly increasing water temperatures and the endless “green clean” water at our deep water locations, the challenges are nothing new. But no worries, the fishing isn’t exactly “disastrous”. With Dorado, Sailfish, Striped Marlin still running the area, you can still have these warm water, world class species if you’re willing to do what it takes. What is that? Well stay tuned!

Benjamin of Master Baiter’s, went personally to El Cajon De Pena and it blew his mind. Big Mouth Bass of this size and much larger are more or less on “Tap”. We’re setting this all up and now and if you’d like to get on our mailing list so you can be notified, hit us with an email and we’ll keep you informed on our Bass-only mailing list. Imagine 5 lb BM Bass, with many over 10lbs… or bigger!

Ok, Corbetena, our world class fishing area is alive and well with massive amounts of clean green water and Jack Crevalles. Now the Jacks are huge, but we can get large Jack Crevalles in the bay. There are some nice Football Tuna out there, but you can’t get a bait past the Jack Crevalles. There are Striped Marlin running the area, but unless you see them, like we have, you would never know. Krill levels at the rock have increased dramatically. Normally this sort of thing would last for a week or two. But never for a month. One thing that proves La Nina isn’t done causing havoc is the fact water temperatures in the area have risen to 77 degrees! If you remember, we had 73 degree water temperatures just a few weeks ago! For the Striped Marlin lovers, you can still find them, but it won’t be around the rock. For now, just say no to Corbetena!

35 to 50 lbs Jack Crevalles are hard “fighters”, but not the best tasting. Those looking for strong and fast action fishing will appreciate this species. Those who think Jacks like this are trash fish, well, they don’t know what they’re missing!

Once again the best place to be, outside the bay that is, is the “Midpoint” area halfway between Corbetena and El Banco. Yes, the water is mostly green clean water, but for some reason that isn’t stopping Dorado from taking over the area. Some days are better than others naturally, but for the most part a ten hour trip will fill your need for arm burning action. A secret here is lures are working better than live bait. Oh, the Dorado by the way are mostly over 25 lbs. Striped Marlin are also running the area, you can see them, Sailfish are also in packs running the area as well. If you need to scratch that deep water itch, then this is your best option. The Dorado have been in this area a lot longer than I ever expected, which raises the question: How long can this last? The answer is: Who knows? But the longer you wait, the less likely the action will be at its present level. One good thing I can say about El Banco is there is blue water 8 miles west of the high spots. There are Spinner Dolphin out there, about five pods in all. They’re all running with 40 to 60lb Yellowfin Tuna for those willing to take the chance. Feeling lucky?

When the water temperatures in the bay drop, normally early February or late January continuing into early March. About 8 weeks out of the year can get these tasty species in the bay

The area around El Morro has turned into “action city”. Pompano, at better than 20lbs have taken over el Morro. Head north to the point at Punta Nayarit (aka Punta Mita), find a buoy and you’ll fill your fish box with 25lb Dorado all day long. Head north of Sayulita and you could find Sailfish, Rooster fish and Striped Marlin. Expect a ten hour day, with no guarantees amigos. There are also large Bonito, Jack Crevalls and who knows what else. Not your best bang for your fishing dollar, but if you’re in the area, drop some lures and see what happens.

Looking to live in Puerto Vallarta, then you’ll need to understand the Mexican Acclamation Process!

Right now inside the bay is your second best fishing option. The area around Los Arcos to Punta Negra have been hot and cold. Some days the fishing is off the hook, other days you can’t get a fish on your hook! When this happens head south around Yelapa, there will be Skip Jack Tuna the size of Bonito. Bonito in the 20 lb plus range all over the place. Sierra Mackerels are an early bite, but the Jack Crevalles are up to 50 lbs right now. So the bay is happening for sure. One thing though, the Bass are getting thin due to the warmer water and they’re moving to their summer “holes”. Stay tuned on the Bass bite, lets hope for the best. For family and fun fishing on lite Tackle, the bay is the place to be.

Looking for Dorado, hit the “Mid-Point” half way between Corbetena and El Banco!

So we have Krill, that doesn’t explain to what extent. There are just massive fields of this tiny red Squids that just turn the water red as if it’s red tide. When you see this, go the other direction, but you may find more where you’re going. Good luck with that one. Water temperatures have gone back up to 77 degrees and this will keep fish in the area. But the currents are just a mixture of swirling currents and frustrating situations. Clean Green water is likely to continue and frankly that’s the biggest reason for the krill, they will travel and love this clean green! The bite is still from 08:30 to 10:30 whereas the afternoon bite is about p.m. Lures are working better than bait, start with Petroleros.

Bass Fishing in Puerto Vallarta

For years people have asked me about Bass Fishing in or near Puerto Vallarta. The answer of course is “YES”!! We have a couple of lakes about a two hour drive from PV. We’ve sent people with our guides to El Cajon de Pena lake for those looking to hook into decent sized Bass. But to be honest it was never something we promoted much. Benjamin and I were talking about how we have this wonderfull resource, a big 80 square mile lake full of Bass! Ignored Bass that is, well not completely, but barely touched. Ben decided, on his days off, to visit the lake and give it a try. The results were / are impressive. Five pound Bass are all over this lake. Bass larger than 10 lbs is common place. And there are even larger Bass with rumors of 15 lbs! If you’re a Bass Fisherman, then you’re squirming in your seat right now. But lets start with some histoy, better than 50 yrs ago a Dam was built and this created the lake Cajon de Pena. As it was slowly filling up, the lake was stocked with different species, one of which were Big Mouth Bass! Fifty years later, if you can imagine fifty years of basically untouched Bass fishing, we really don’t know how big they can be in the lake.

Five pounds is basic and exciting. Reports of larger than ten pounds is common place. When they talk about what “could” be out there or rather “in there” you start to shake your head in disbelief. How big can they get, who knows? Who Cares! I’ll take five pound bass all day long. So we’ve decided to take things to another level. We’re in the process of finding available lodging. We have boats and captains with all the necessary equipment available. Now if you’re a “Bass Guy” then I’m sure you have all the equipment and tackle you need. We’re working on Transportation and pricing, but it would cost you an “arm and leg” to enjoy this Bass Fishing Bonanza. So what should you do, if you’re interested in this style of fishing, either sign up at the bottom of any page on my web site or subscribe and you’ll be well informed before we get this “show on the road”! We’re excited to be able to offer more or less untouched bass fishing in Puerto Vallarta….

Thanks for your continued support and until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

So you just caught a bunch of fish, you want to take some home, but you need to freeze it somewhere. What are you going to do, give your fish away or come to Master Baiter’s where we’ll freeze and store your catch. Just another way how at Master Baiter’s “We won’t jerk you around”!

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