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Striped Marlin at Punta Mita, dirty water and all!

We’ve been riding a Rollercoaster of storm currents when it comes to fishing in Puerto Vallarta. Right now to find fish, you have to follow the bait. And they’re riding the currents. With changing storm currents this means fish right now are spread out from Yelapa to El Banco. We had a Hurricane pass us last week and for a few days Sailfish and Marlin were pushed into the area. Then we got hit with some heavy rains, which of course means plenty of dirty water washing down the rivers which dumped into the bay. Dirty water pretty much, at the moment this article was written, was in most of the bay, and any fishing grounds that would be normally associated with an eight hour trip. Sounds kinda negative now doesn’t it. This is when you have to turn your head and look in a different direction. Open you mind and think like a fish. What would you do if you were a fish in our local waters?

To Find Fish, Follow the Bait

I’ll answer that question latter, but for now lets start with Corbetena, aka The Rock. Heading out of Marina Vallarta we’re dealing with all sorts of debris and obstacles, so if you’re in town fishing, be prepared. Leaving early doesn’t help things, unseen submerged “dead heads” can sink a boat pretty easily, not to mention do a minimum of serious and costly damage to the boat. Let alone your day on the water. So straight up, 07:00 is a good time to depart for fishing right now. About four miles before you get to Corbetena you’ll find blue water. Remembering the bait is thick, there are millions of baby Trigger fish, I’ve never seen this before, and the locals are full of them. But the “Bait Buffet” doesn’t stop there. This is the challenge should you decide to accept it. Dorado are mid-sized, sailfish and Marlin numbers are thin, but there is a Trash Line out there and that always presents opportunities. No word of Yellowfin Tuna and frankly right this very moment, you might want to hold off a few days before heading to the rock. Everything changes in three days, normally, I think. The Bank has blue water and possible Marlin, I say possible because nobody is venturing out to this area, but if you have the desire and the fuel money, let me know how you did!

Dorado at Punta Mita also!

Heading out to Punta Mita to El Morro, same conditions, except there is no blue water to be found and the action is dismal at best right now. They don’t have as many rivers up this way so the water can turn blue in an instant. The good news is the reefs north of Sayulita are normally clean and clear. You’d have a good chance at Rooster fish in this area as well. Possible Sailfish, Possible Blue Marlin in the 400 lb range. Bonito and possible Jack Crevalles are always on the list as well. Dorado have been hard to find and with so much debris in the water, even a stump can come up empty. Feeling lucky? Update: the dirty water is thinning out and moving out. Punta Mita is not mostly blue water. Dorado are taking bait now and Sailfish are also running the area. One day after i wrote this article things have changed a bit.

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Inside the bay is, you guessed it, dirty, coffee colored water. If you’re looking for fish and clean water, you have to be near Yelapa right now. From Los Arcos to Yelapa the water gets gradually cleaner, but it may be the clean green, preferable to dirty water any day. You may be able to boat some Jack Crevalles, Bonito or Mackerel before you get to Yelapa. This is where the answer in the first paragraph applies, the south end of the bay! The completely ignore area, very few visit and is the only place you’ll find clean water for 30 miles out of Marina Vallarta. For some reason people completely ignore this natural rocky coastline with sandy beaches. Remembering just because you’re still in the bay doesn’t mean it’s close, you’ll need at least eight hours to get to El Faro or the Lighthouse at Cabo Corrientes. Yes there is bait in the water, but not the “Bait Buffet” it is at the other deep water locations. Sailfish, Dorado and Rooster fish right now would be your best option in my opinion.

The bite is still just before 09:00, remember no hurries to the fishing grounds amigos. When there is massive amounts of bait in the water, dead bait can be the secret as well as lures. No need to mention water temperatures, they’re a perfect 84 degrees.

Courtesy of Capt Scooby on Guanatuna, Cabo Corrientes

So if you’re trying to think like a fish, and you can’t quite reach that “Zen” state, remember you can always refer back to these articles. Thanks reading and like always, until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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Coming in and enjoying the sunset in Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta

Written by Stan Gabruk of Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle ….