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Nicolas Reeves and Friends Had a Great Day with Rooster fish of Punta Mita

Every year as we come to the Easter holiday we know spring fishing and all that entails will once again go through the yearly cycles. That means spring is in the air along with all that suggest. The first indication “spring” has arrived is with the Whales Puerto Vallarta is so famous for, return to points to the extreme north. When we reach the middle to end of March we see the local fish appetites take a back seat to the yearly ritual of life and reproduction. For this reason we see “fickleness” and frustration. That means once again we have to adapt to yearly conditions and work around the bite. Spring also means a “transition” is underway, currents clashing creating the dirty water that happens when the sediment from the ocean floor gets mixed up in it all. With what seems to be a constant and massive influx of bait, your challenges also include competing with local bait balls on top of the bite. Be at the right place, at the right time and you’ve got a day to remember. Yes friends, spring is in the air and you can’t get around a “force of nature”!

Pictured Again is Nicolas and friends with part of the days catch!

This week, finally we have an interesting report from Corbetena. The water at the rock is that brown dirty, sediment cocktail fish just detest. But if you go eight miles or so north of the rock, you’ll find 100 lb Yellowfin Tuna. No joke, but the rub is getting them to take bait. With massive amounts of 2 inch Squids with shells, Green Runners, Sardines, Skip Jack Tuna and more, the biggest challenge can be competing with the “bait”. You could say it’s a race for which bait the “fish gets” first! In this area the water is the clean green I’ve been telling you about for what seems like months now. Striped Marlin have been making appearances, but again, fickle and picky. Dorado are also in the area at 15 lbs, but they’re mostly full of the tiny Sardines and the remaining Krill. Not to mention the small squids. Get my point? Also, with spring in the air, you need to hit the “bite” just right. Those who are “Tuna Starved” will find this an irresistible opportunity, but don’t be deceived, nothing is easy out there. Feeling lucky?

Good Sized Jack Crevalles everywhere around the bay

Starting at El Morrow there are fields of Bonito and Jack Crevalles, as many have been ignoring this area. Capt. Pablo took clients on the back side and started boating Bonito to 25 lbs in multiple hookups with plenty of action. Capt. Pablo called it out on the radio and went to Punta Mita. At Caballeros. on the “Malinal Rock”, this fishing hot spot is underwater just off the point of Punta Nayarit, aka Punta Mita. Rooster fish on some days are thick and taking trolled baits like Poppers and Rapallas. Roosters are mostly in the 20 to 30 lb range but there are some that are well over 40 lbs running the area. Dorado to 15 lbs are still running the area for the lucky. Some days they take baits, other days they’ll ignore your “offering”. Find a buoy and who knows what will happen. Those making this trip need a ten hour day. It gives you the ability to hit the late and early bite putting Sailfish and Striped Marlin on your species menu. But remember this can all change quickly, so get your butt in gear amigo, this will only last until the Sardines pull out again.

Inside the bay is much the same as last week. With the clashing currents the water is getting dirty in many locations, but the south end of the bay is mostly clean green with Bonito to 20 lbs, Sierra Mackerels to 10 lb, Jack Crevalles to 35 lbs or larger. The bay is full of bait as well but the water temperatures took a bit of a drop and are at 73 degrees. So who knows, grouper anyone?? Remembering the same conditions still exist, hitting the bite time is all important. Those looking for Action fishing will be satisfied in the bay with the family and friends.

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The bite is still at 10:00 but this has to change sooner than later. The late bite is about 6 p.m… Keep an eye on the incoming tide for when the bite is best. The amount of bait in the bay and the entire area is massive. Live bait may not work, then again, who knows. That’s the situation, Rapallas and Stick baits are working for Rooster fish. And of course the water temperatures are a touch on the low side, with spring and the longer days the warmer surface water may be a little trick to remember. For the next few weeks the spring fishing conditions will be much the same. But with tourism down, this is the perfect time for a seasonal change. You will still have fun, but check your expectations, roll with it the all and you’ll have the time of your life.

Until Next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish.

Written by: Stan Gabruk, owner of Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle 

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