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Sailfish of the Point of Punta Mita

For the last couple of weeks the fishing in PV has been on fire. This week, as Puerto Vallarta fishing slows, Sailfish and Dorado are still off the Punta Mita coastline. Marlin are at Corbetena this week as well, but El Banco is showing signs of “life” with Blue Marlin as well. One frustrating thing is fish move. Where they were yesterday is never a guarantee they’ll be in the same place tomorrow. Especially in this time of the year as we have Hurricanes hundreds of miles out causing changing currents and pushing bait and fish in and out. This past week with the weather pattern changing, the pattern is now from the sea. As a result we have some fairly stiff winds for a few days which made the fishing a little rough. But we all know these conditions only last a few days and with all the “positives” the fishing isn’t great, but it’s still good.

As I mentioned we’ve had a weather the last few days and the seas have been rough. Now big swells, but serious wind chop. Especially at Corbetena, located 35 miles out to sea. Those brave enough to face the rough seas had Sailfish, Blue Marlin to 350 lbs running the area. Yellowfin Tuna are in the “football” size range of 30 to 50 lbs right now and they’re mostly to the north of the rock. Strangely enough Striped Marlin are still running the area. Dorado are also running the area, but they’re in and out. When in they are “in” they’re in the 20 lb range. Now if you’re near El Banco, aka The Bank, there have been larger numbers of Blue Marlin running around the high spots. There could be Yellowfin Tuna, but to be frank there have been very few reports from this area, but those heading to this are have been getting multiple strikes. Feeling lucky?

Once again as the Puerto Vallarta fishing slows, Sailfish and Dorado at Punta Mita are still taking baits and this is the most productive area for Sailfish and Dorado. Find a floating log or a mature trash line and you could have a day you’ll never forget. Now that we’re in the rainy season there is a ton of “trash” washing down the mountains and streams into the bay. Perfect conditions for Rooster fish. Now that they’ve closed the reefs off the Marietta Islands for that stupid tour people get “rooked” on, the most reliable location for Rooster fish are the reefs north of Sayulita. Rooster fish come and go, there is no chart you can look at that will give you a confident feeling you’re in the right season. So it’s a roll of the dice, but with conditions like this your chances increase greatly.

Rooster Fish !

Inside the bay things are much the same. With so much rain lately the trash lines are plentiful and it comes down to mostly luck if there will be any action. Once you get south of Los Arcos the water gets cleaner and the Dorado are still running the area is sizes from 10 lbs to 25 lbs. Sierra Mackerels are still in the bay, but they’re an early bite. Freak Sailfish are also possible near Los Arcos. There are even some Jack Crevalles around the river mouths with the abundant food coming down the rivers. Four hour trips are good, six hours give you time to find where the fish moved to from yesterday, ja ja.

The bite is still mid-morning, be where you want to be before 08:30. Running lures that mimic Dorado of green and yellow are working as well as live bait. Water temperatures are still at 85 degrees, remember it’s a La Nina year, it’s not hard to believe, but water temperatures should raise shortly. Bait isn’t an issue right now with plenty of Skip Jack Tuna aka Skippies, Flying fish, Goggle eyes and more, it’s good to remember that when there’s too much bait, dead bait may work.  

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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