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Sailfish off Punta Nayarit aka Punta Mita

Every year we deal with “low” season action, when in reality the funny thing is “low” season for tourism happens smack in the middle of “High Season for fishing”. And you might ask what that means? You see when the weather in perfect in Puerto Vallarta, that reflects the lower water temperatures in the area. As we know, weather patterns follow water temperatures, nothing new there. Well in “Low” season Puerto Vallarta Fishing is at its best because with the high temperatures, comes warmer water temperatures. Perfect for our most famous species of Sailfish, Dorado, Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna. In fact, it’s Dorado city at all our fishing grounds! And that’s where we are now. But, things are changing, as we enter October, we enter the best time of the year to be on the water in Puerto Vallarta. If you’re looking to catch a fish bigger than your car, now is the time to be booking fishing trips amigo or get left with another year before you do!

Sailfish in the bay, just amazing, do you have six hours?
Shannon at it again in Dorado City!

This week it’s still pretty much the same as last week. We had another Hurricane pass us, push some swells our way and that wound up closing the port for a day. Normally after that, it takes a day for the seas to calm down. So we lost a few days of fishing this week, but the up side is this last hurricane pushed fish back into the area. The results were “fisherman favorable”. There wasn’t as much rain as you’d expect so we didn’t get the super dirty water flowing down the rivers and streams. Because of this Corbetena in the northern region and Blue Marlin were taking baits and fighting their best. Marlin in the neighborhood of 350 to 500 lbs. Dorado are in the 20 lb range, Cubera Snappers for the jiggers or bottom fishing types. Yellowfin Tuna are in and out and mostly in the range of 40 to 80 lbs, but you could see much larger at any moment. If you’re on a private boat, remember the whole area is fertile fishing grounds. There is still massive amounts of bait in the form of Skip Jack Tuna, Goggle Eyes, flying fish and the list is pretty much endless. El Banco is the place to be if targeting Blue and Striped Marlin. Mostly around the high spots, but find debris and you’re in Dorado Heaven!

Anywhere from El Morro to north of Punta Mita, aka Punta Nayarit now, you’ll find Sailfish and Dorado. Possible Jack Crevalles and Bonito as well. That’s pretty much the story there. Mostly blue water, the inshore areas can still have dirty water, so be prepared for that. If you’re north of Sayulita, the water is normally clean and blue. It’s a ten hour trip but you’ll find Rooster fish and Sailfish, along with Dorado of course. In fact there are so many Dorado around the point, you can expect to boat several! Feeling lucky?

This Weeks Video Fishing Report!!

Inside the bay, it’s been perfect or as close to it as you’ll get with rainy conditions. With dirty water pouring into the bay and massive amounts of bait, it’s almost impossible to have a bad fishing experience in the bay right now. There is still dirty water close to shore and lets face it, this is normal when in rainy season. With some luck, you can “squeak” in when the water is cleaner and the action is hot. Interesting enough we’ve seen some incredible fishing. The bay and basically the entire area has turned into Dorado City. Right now you can get in the middle of the bay, right out of Marina Vallarta and find some decent sized Dorado, Jack Crevales, and Sierra Mackerels. If you’re in the La Cruz area there have been several Sailfish boated here with the crazy amounts of bait. If you’re just on the other side of Los Arcos, there are larger Dorado to 30 maybe 35 lbs, but averaging in the 20lb range. Rooster fish possible at Punta Negra and more possible at Cabo Corrientes. A rich trash line in the area would pay off in Dorado! For the next few days the fishing in the bay can’t be beat, but you’ll need six hours to get you to Los Arcos and beyond.

And of course, more Dorado… No complaining!

And of course the bait is still earlier about 08:30 so plan accordingly. Bait, plenty of that so if you can catch some local area bait, it’s always best. But for now live bait has been working, but remember dead bait can seem a bad idea, but in reality it’s a good option. Water temperatures in this La Nina year seem to be locked in at 84 degrees and we won’t complain about that. Remember we’re not too far from changing the clocks again, so give yourself some time to find the fishing grounds, but leave about 07:00 to avoid floating hazards with no worries about hitting the bite.  

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Thanks for your support and like always, until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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