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Puerto Vallarta Fishing
Sailfish from Corbetena to Punta Mita, not to mention the bay!

Hurricane originating down near Acapulco

As you probably gathered, we had another Hurricane originating down near Acapulco, heading north just passed PV on its way towards Cabo. Pushed the humidity through the roof, got some rain and we’re not sure yet if it pushed fish into the area. But either way, Corbetena has been producing nicely. Keeping in mind fish move, you need to be able to “move” to where the fish are. Now if you paid for Corbetena, you didn’t pay for expanding your “fishing grounds”.  Then you will have more difficulties boating that “finned fantasy” you’ve waited your whole life to catch.

For now the entire area between Corbetena and El Banco, especially at the midpoint, are the running grounds of Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado and more. To give you an example, at Corbetena there are still Sailfish, Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin (if you can believe they’re still here in the area). El Banco is seeing Blue Marlin to 500 lbs, Sailfish, possible Yellowfin Tuna and more. But the area at the midpoint is also full of Marlin and Tuna as well. And what are you going to do about that? Be sure to ask the right questions when booking your fishing trip. Cheap boats, choke on fuel usage, straight up. You’re now informed.

My Friend Piece Reddel came back to PV, he’s glad he went fishing!

Hurricanes and strong currents

With the Seasonal Rains Rooter Fish are springing up, but you need to know where to go!

Inside the bay

Inside the bay, we’re dealing with the seasonal rains. Dirty water coming down the mountain sides and from inland, the bay trash line is hit and miss. With so much rain, with many trash lines, at times you can find nothing happening. One inside secret is the area around Los Arcos to locations south will have clean water. This week we’ve seen Dorado from 10 to 20 lbs with lots of babies in the mix.

We’re still seeing some winter species like Jack Crevalles to 20 lbs, Sierra Mackerels to 10 lbs around the buoys at Marina Vallarta’s opening. Plenty of Skip Jack Tuna to 12 lbs, Not too much Bonito but they’re still around. Snook near the river mouths and of course there is always smaller action around the structure and rocks. Six hour trips give you time to find clean water and fishing biting! My suggestion would be to give yourself the few extra hours, it will make a big difference.

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The Bite

The bite is moving slightly to a bit later. Be at your selected fishing grounds by 08:30 and be prepared to hit the afternoon bite. For some reason this past week the bit has been happening around 1:00 p.m., so keep this in the back of your mind. There is plenty of bait in the bay which includes flying fish so be proactive and catch fish. Water temperatures are a perfect 85 degrees and we won’t complain about that.

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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