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Hurricanes and Strong Currents, Puerto Vallarta Fishing Challenges in Perfect Fishing Conditions

Master Baiter's

We all know at this time of the year Hurricanes and strong currents can present challenges to those fishing in Puerto Vallarta. One thing most people don’t know is we have many, not a few, but many passing Hurricanes every month. If there isn’t damage or threat thereof, we tend to ignore weather conditions. But the guy on the water dealing with the swells, fish moving in or out, perfect blue water and plenty of bait, conditions are about perfect. At times like this, with perfect conditions, when you can’t find fish or they won’t take bait, welcome to fishing amigo. This happens all the time. Don’t panic, people are catching fish, the thing is fish move. Amazing concept, fish moving. This means if you’re heading to one spot and you don’t have an agreement with your captain through your agent, you may miss what’s out there because you didn’t pay for unlimited fuel usage! And that’s the real problem. Fish are out there, the question is will your captain take you to them?