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Written by Stan Gabruk, owner Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle

Suddenly Dorado show up off the point of Punta Mita!

Well, here we are again, another week of changing currents, changing water temperatures and massive amounts of bait and whale food! Yes folks this is the transition period where you never really know what conditions you’ll be dealing with and for the last three weeks now, things have pretty much been the same. Of course this is no surprise and my articles are meant to limit the frustration and save on the fuel expenses. And like I’ve been telling everyone for the last few weeks, you have two real fishing options, six hours in the bay or twelve hours, more would be better. Where Dorado, Sailfish and Striped Marlin  can be found. Maybe not boated, again, that depends on the level of bait in the water and how hungry the fish are. Are you getting a “feel” for conditions? We’re transitioning from not only a La Nina year, but from winter species and water temperatures to summer species and hopefully warm water.

We are posting video fishing reports when conditions warrant a report. If you don’t see one for a week or two, that’s because conditions haven’t changed. So you can always be informed and knowledgeable. if heading down, even if you don’t go fishing with us at Master Baiter’s, you’ll have the latest and greatest information available, designed to help you make a “wise” fishing decision. If that’s possible … Ja Ha…

Once again we’re going to start with Corbetena, but there has been some small changes. First water temperatures are now up to 79 degrees, that’s a four degree increase in one week! For that reason we’re seeing the Spinner Dolphin which most of the time run with Football Tuna. Which of course they are, but the footballs are in the 20 to 30 lb range for the moment. But this is a good indicator of fish moving into the area. You’ll still find Jack Crevalles, Bonito, Skip Jack Tuna and other smaller species. I’ll let you decide if they’re worth the fuel dollars! North of the high spots of El Banco by about 20 miles there are fields of Dorado! That’s right, now if they’ll take bait is another thing. It’s hit and miss, but there is a buoy out there that’s been helping the cause. For now this is worth the fuel dollar and has been for about two weeks now. Figure an 18 hr. day and you’ll be in the “correct” neighborhood. Feeling lucky??

Jack Crevelles are fun to catch, fairly abundant and you can catch these hard fighters in the bay on a six hour trip. You can have fun and save money with Master Baiter’s Sportfishing and Tackle!

El Morro surprisingly enough is sporting Red Snappers again, unexpectedly! This will be short-lived with the rising water temperatures, but with plenty of bait in the water anything is possible. Now there are Jack Crevalles, Bonito, Sierra Mackerels as well. But you can get those in the bay. If you’re near the point of Punta Mita, closer to shore is your best opportunity for Sailfish, possible Dorado or Striped Marlin. But you’d have to be one lucky son of a gun to find them. Keeping in mind things can change in a heartbeat, things could change drastically overnight. Stay Tuned! UpDate May 10th: Dorado have all of a sudden found their way to the area off punta mita on a heading of 315. The cover picture is of the surprised group who didn’t expect to see Dorado. And of course everything can change, no matter how disappointing the moment is, things always change quickly. So there you do, looking for Dorado, we’ll fix you up….. Sg.

Dave Sparks, a visitor to Puerto Vallarta from England had a nice Dorado Surprise!

In the bay, nothing much has changed. One frustrating thing is the Jack Crevalles are moving all over the bay and they’re feeding on Krill Squids. Again, there are massive amounts of “whale food” and no whales! As a favorite food it’s hard to turn a fishers head! Keeping this in mind run everything at them. Live bait, lures, dead bait, your car keys, who knows, one thing for sure, it’s not going to be easy for Jacks. Sierra Mackerels are still taking early baits, they like to bite early. Bonito are still running there are and some are over 25 lbs. Remember the Bonito here are African Bonito, the same fish they put in local tuna cans. So don’t be afraid to eat the bait! I do it all the time. Right now there could be some dirty water, but it’s worth a six hour trip.

We had a few days where the Cuberra Snappers were coming up taking trolled baits at El Morro.

Now there is “dirty” water from the clashing currents mixing up the sediment on the ocean floors, but this will go away pretty quickly. We’re seeing the “clean green” water out from Punta Mita to Corbeteña. With it we’re seeing Sardines in massive amounts and more Krill. Like we need more whale food, but the bait if feeding out it, so there you go. Water temps are up a few degrees this week to 79 degrees. Which is right on time. Bite is still early, be where you want to be before 08:00 and you’ll be in good shape. Good luck out there amigos! Things will change shortly so keep calm and patient.

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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Ok, one last thing, El Faro, the Govenor of Jalisco has ordered that face mask are no longer required in Jalisco! Not in Gyms, Restaurants, Stores, you name it, you don’t need to wear a mask any longer in Puerto Vallarta…. YeHa!

This is the announcement of Mask Freedom!! You no longer need a mask for Restaurants, Gyms, Stores etc!

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