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World Class Fishing as Dorado Invade Puerto Vallarta     

Nice Dorado caught on Buddy one of our pangas!

  Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Well it’s not quite a cookie cutter report, but when the fishing is world class you and great you sound like you’re repeating yourself. No matter how you look at it, the fishing in Puerto Vallarta is incredible. We could call this article “Dorado City”, but the title is a little too short (Ha Ja). What we are long on is arm burning fishing action. Don’t want a long day, perfect. Looking to save some money, the bay is on fire. Want larger fish, we’ve got all the world class species you could hope for. Frankly, that’s pretty much the fishing report. Don’t worry, I’ll share the details while you try and stay calm.

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Fun Stuff this week at Corbetena, Yellowfin Tuna to 450 lbs, Sailfish north of the rock, Dorado of course, Blue Marlin to 650 lbs and plenty of bait! It’s a ten hour day and worth every second. Plenty of Skip Jack Tuna for bait. There is one problem, there are billions of these tiny “guppy” like fish that are almost transparent out there. Yes folks the Tuna are stuffing themselves on these and getting a Yellowfin Tuna to turn their head with this smorgasbord of Plantaneyos. Full moon has been the background for Tuna to feed on these and other bait’s all night long. That’s the challenge right now. To expand this a bit the area about twelve miles north of Corbetena has Yellowfin Tuna, Sails, Dorado, Marlin and more if you’re not afraid to spend a few extra fuel dollars!

The area around Punta Mita is interesting. The point has Dorado to 30 lbs like everywhere, Sailfish in the entire area and the possibility of a Blue Marlin to 500 lbs a few to ten miles off the point. With no real trash lines any floating debris is Dorado City. The seasonal rains have stopped so the trash line is a thing of the past. Not any news of Rooster fish in the area but the sandy beaches will always have Rooster fish but the size is always questionable. Also the area around El Morro has been interesting. If you’re on the ocean side the picking have been slim. If you’re on the bay side there has been a lot of Sailfish action and again, Dorado! FYI Rooster fish like the upwellings on the backside of El Morro and many times you can boat Roosters when they shouldn’t be there.

Inside the bay is Dorado city. Dorado everywhere and they’re all great sized of 20 to 60 lbs. In fact there are so many Dorado in the bay that frankly a six hour trip adds up to some serious arm burning action! If I was going to suggest an area to drop baits it would be from Los Muertos Pier to Los Arcos! Having said that Dorado are everywhere and hungry! Sailfish are also in the bay and they’re more plentiful as you’d expect by the day as we get deeper into November. Bonito are running the area but they’re still smaller. Jack Crevalls at 20 lbs are running the river mouths. Sierra Mackerels and even Striped Marlin running from Los Arcos to the Marietta islands. The bay is such a good value for your fishing dollar if you’re “on the fence” then it’s time to jump!

Catch Dorado like these guys for $350 usd for 6 hrs!

We’ve seen the water temperatures stay stable and the water is a high visibility blue! One secret is that dead bait and lures are your best baits for now. Lures like Guacamayos which mimic Dorado and lures of Dark blue and light blue together. Dead Google eyes are working well, but I’d still run at least one live bait. Now here’s a secret, the full moon has made the morning bite tough. If you’re not at the fishing grounds before the sun is up then you missed the Tuna bite. On the other hand late afternoon is the “afternoon” bite. Anytime about 4:30 pm is when you’ll find hungry Yellowfin Tuna. Other species are hitting now about 10 a.m. even with a full moon. We haven’t been seeing any Black Marlin, but this will change in the next week or two. In case you didn’t know Black Marlin are considered a “rare” species and we normally have our fill for the local tournaments.

Covid: For the record Puerto Vallarta is open, we are in a mild locked up conditions where local business are closing at 8 p.m. But the fishing, tours, restaurants and the rest are open, even the Gyms are open so Puerto Vallarta is open and ready for your tourism business.

Bait !

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Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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