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Marina Vallarta Las Palmas I Local 3

    Written by Stan Gabruk, owner Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle

This week’s report is much like the last report, it’s winter fishing. Yes folks it’s all about the colder water, massive Whale food baits, smaller gamefish and the possibility of a Striped Marlin or Yellowfin Tuna! Nothing is easy and with minimal fishing trips for clients it’s hard to get a handle on the daily conditions. But we do know what we’ve been seeing so we’ll go from that starting point. It’s not bad fishing, it’s just not summer fishing, if you have a positive attitude and a desire to give it all a shot, then you’re the guy I’m talking to this week!

We’ve seen a rollercoaster of conditions for the last few weeks and nothing much has changed. The good news is the water temperatures for some reason are on the rise and at Corbetena you’ll find 72 degree temperatures. Perfect for Striped Marlin to 200 lbs, averaging about 150 lbs. Sailfish have been spotted in the area chasing huge Sardine bait balls. Yellowfin Tuna are still running the rock at 60 lbs or so. Cubera Snappers at 50 lbs are always a possibility and will go after a trolled bait. But if targeting this great tasting species jigging would be the better option. You could also find Amber Jacks as well so be prepared. Jack Crevalles are everywhere as you’d expect with Skip Jack Tuna for bait in less than abundant amounts. It’s all more or less spread out so have patience and if you’re the type of person who’s going to blow a fuse if you don’t boat Moby Dick, then you’d be better off with a shorter day of fishing as you could come up empty handed. Feeling lucky? UPDATE: Striped Marlin have moved into the Punta De Mita area out to El Banco! Ballyhoos baits are plentiful right now and this explains the action that’s frankly surprising!

It’s kind of interesting right now around El Morro. Normally this area is more of a “hit and miss” situation. But we’ve seen some fun and decent action here with smaller Pompano to 15 lbs, Striped Marlin have been spotted a few miles off the El Morro Rocks towards Corbetena, jack Crevalles at 40 lbs, Sierra Mackerels are everywhere including here. Wahoo should be in the area as well since it’s that time of the year, but few target this elusive species. Pedro on one of our pangs boated a shark as well. So again, you don’t really know what you’re going to run into out there. An eight hour trip would be worth it to shoot for the Striped Marlin, then if nothing works you have the bay full of fish and action. We’ll be keeping an eye on this area. When it comes to the Punta Mita area I haven’t seen much going on here. Jack Crevalls are everywhere including here. Captain Cesar tells me that there are Striped Marlin off the point of Punta Mita about ten miles on a heading of 330 if you’d like to give it a try amigos. Feeling lucky?

Inside the bay we’re pretty much the same. Jack Crevalles are all over the bay, but it seems the area around Nuevo Vallarta and in the center of the bay are good places to start. Bonito to 20 lbs or larger are great tasting. The river mouths are still producing Bass, Snappers and of course Robalo or Snook. Sierra mackerels are taking baits early and are around the buoy heading out of Marina Vallarta for the early birds. We’ve even seen a Striped Marlin off the Los Arcos area, the one bright spot for fishing this week!

It’s a little difficult to determine what time the bite is, so for now it “feels” like mid-morning. But of course being at your favorite fishing spot early can’t hurt. Bait conditions are incredible with Sardines, Goggle Eyes and massive whale food of all kinds. Some interesting news is the water temperatures which have risen to the 72 degree mark. Maybe a little warm actually for February so we won’t complain.

Remember is you’re coming to Puerto Vallarta we’re doing airport transfers which means if you have a group of any size we can save you some money and hassle to hotels in the area. We also rent Surf Fishing Poles for rent. If interested in sharing a boat with others we will do our best in this Covid challenged season. The “Red Button” is officially off and all the bars, restaurants and gyms are open again. All of Puerto Vallarta is practicing “more than required” precautions for the international traveler. Test are being provided by hotels and local businesses alike so you have plenty of support in that arena. And of course if you have any questions please feel free to ask, it doesn’t have to be about fishing.

Until next week, don’t forget to Kiss Your Fish!

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