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Bosco, Arturo and Miguel had a great day on the water!!

Living in a tropical place like Puerto Vallarta, Hurricanes can and do happen all the time. Most are hundreds of miles out to sea and frankly the general public doesn’t know anything about Hurricanes until they come close to shore. But this last week we had a slow moving Hurricane that screwed with the fishing for three days. So the report this week is positive and we expect the perfect conditions for Dorado, Sailfish and Blue Marlin to continue. As we move into “High Season” for fishing we’re in tournament season, which of course means the time of the year to boat that “bucket list” fantasy fish. Feeling lucky?

  After the last tropical storm that passed us, it pushed massive amounts of varied bait into the area. Corbetena has benefited greatly, but at the same time created a challenge for even the most experienced captains. And naturally when there’s massive bait, fish follow. Sailfish are good sized and north of the rock. Dorado are in good numbers, but they’re only around 20 lbs, but many are larger. Blue Marlin are running the entire area so be patient. We’re having a disappointing Black Marlin year, water temperatures have been a little “cool” for Blacks that prefer 88 degrees and up. Now they’re be in cooler water, but if they’re happy where they are, why move and that seems to be the situation. As mentioned there are “lots” of Dorado and they’ve been running with large smaller Yellowfin Tuna “footballs” in the 20 to 40lb range. With Blue water and an occasional trash line you’re fishing options couldn’t be better.

At the eight hour distance, primarily the point at Punta Nayarit (aka Punta Mita) to El Morro has been interesting. Sailfish can be in any of those areas. Find some floating debris or a mature trash line and you’ve got a Dorado goldmine. Dorado, which were running with the football Tuna. Head north to Sayulita and the reefs are a good place to find Rooster fish. Also, remember the area at the other end of the bay, inside the bay, is full of Rooster fish. Throw in Bonita and Needle fish and you’ve got a nice lineup of fish possibilities. Eight hours is a great day with any possibilities. Blue Marlin at 350 to 450 lbs are still running the area but are farther out from the point.

Inside the bay is still amazing fishing. Normally at this time of the year you’re looking for Dorado, Bonita and needle fish in the bay. This year is a different game with it being a La Nina year. We’ve seen several Hurricanes pushing crazy currents in all directions, especially the bay where we’ve seen unusual Sailfish action, Sailfish, and even a Striped Marlin or two. Right now its Dorado heaven if you get close to the Yelapa area, but drop baits at Los Arcos and get ready for action amigos. Yellowfin Tuna to 40 lbs at Yelapa, but you have to chum to get them to the surface, then they’ll take baits, a little secret so keep this to yourself. The bay still has dirty water and will most likely remain the same until the rainy season stops, not too far in the future. Or now on a six hour trip you’ll boat on average four good sized Dorado, possibly a few larger Bonita and there are some Jack Crevalles as well.

You can’t beat fresh ceviche made from “just out of the ocean” Dorado!

With the high levels of rain with trash lines we expect the season to continually improve by the day. We’re moving into fishing high season and we’ve got our yearly tournament in Marina Vallarta Nov. 9th to  13th. But until then the bite is still early, before 09:00, but remember some large logs or stumps are in the bay so make sure you leave late enough to see them. Also dead bait is a secret when you’re having trouble with too much bait. Lures work also but use Dorado colored lures.  

Capt. Scooby does it again!

Thanks for your support and like always, until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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Written by Stan Gabruk, owner Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle