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Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Well, here we all are, stuck in a pandemic as Puerto Vallarta gets shut down like the rest of the world! This week’s report is about the bay and the possibilities which are mostly ignored. Fish don’t know there’s a pandemic so they’re ignoring the whole situation. With 68 degree water temperatures we’re still seeing the cold water species like Sea Bass, Snappers and Groupers around the river mouths. But there are some “secret” spots in the Bay where you’ll be alone and catch all you want. The point being you don’t need to go to the deep water locations, especially at this time of the year to get some wonderful action in our world famous Banderas Bay of Puerto Vallarta.

Right now the water temperatures are hovering at 68 degrees, the coldest you will see for the year and last for about six weeks. Not long, but with this cold water comes Snappers of all kinds, Sea Bass and Grouper. Great Tasting and fun to catch, with the upside being you don’t need to head to the deep water fishing grounds to have some fun! Since we have a “break” in the action, I get a chance to discuss the kind of fishing we normally are space squeezed on.

Most people know we have Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna and the list is almost endless when you consider the possible species available in the area. There are basically two types of fishing Captains in PV. You have the high profile type fishing of Marlin, Sailfish etc., then you have the in-shore fishing expert. This type of Captain catches fish or he doesn’t make money. It’s about catching fish, not catching Moby dick! Normally these Captains get clients that want to catch fish, don’t have any budget and want action! Who doesn’t? These Captains are jigging, not trolling. The difference is mostly that for some reason people don’t like Jigging. You know, you’re in one spot, you have a lure at the end of your line and you lightly pull the pole up, return to starting position, repeat. It sounds boring, but it’s just another form of fishing that for some reason has lost favor over the years.

Capt Chema of Profetta

“Local” Captains for the most part know very little about bottom fishing in the bay! I’m serious, they all learned how to troll, but jigging and catching fish where the others “aren’t”, well that comes from experience.  First you have to understand the fishing grounds. Right now you can go to the Ameca River mouth and find a several smaller boats trolling the same area. Which of course doesn’t work in “mass”. The Captain who knows the bay and the “secret” spots is what you’re looking for. One spot is in front of the Sheraton Hotel where there’s a wonderful area where Grouper and Sea Bass will hang out unmolested by the unknowing Captains fishing the Ameca River. Another area is around Los Arcos, great bottom fishing in this area and understandably with all the underwater structure. There is always action there. Those talking with “Promoters” will find they’ll tell you anything you want to hear, but don’t know much about fishing, can’t answer specifics. Experienced Captains know there are always great tasting fish in the bay, you just need to go with the guy that focuses on such fishing. Don’t know who to talk to, we got you covered. The bad news is you won’t be boating Moby Dick!

We’re still doing the shared boats, Surf Pole rentals out of the Marina Shop. We also have some loss leader promotions you’ll find on my Facebook pages (Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle). Benjamin our Tour Expert can wrap this all up in one nice package so you don’t need to fret with some of these Bozos out there. 

UpDate: Fishing and any tour type activities have come to a complete stop.
Nayarit, or the next state which is only ten miles or so north of PV has no reported incidents as yet… they even closed down the beaches. Hotels are at an occupancy rate of about 4% .. most of whom are stuck… Jalisco, where PV is located is the largest state in mexico and is for all practical purposed Mexico’s “California”… there have been cases reported, not too many, but mostly in Guadalajara a five hour drive inland. There were five caught at the PV airport so it’s not anything out of control. We do have an international Airport here so naturally we’re going to have some exposure… They’ve all but closed down the airport though, planes coming is are empty except for a few family types… Planes are here to take people out…. This will last for another couple of weeks, but it’s the rest of the world that is now being filtered out. I can’t imagine a safer place to be now than PV!

 All fishing, private boats as well are being asked not to go on the water. Boats have a tendency to be populated with several people …. I think it’s too much.
It’s surrealistic here as you may imagine, empty streets and roads.. Nearly empty Restaurants …. But most anyone that could be a carrier has either left or they’re staying home … I am as safe as it can get in PV.. Of course the financial aspect is the same for everyone.. still paying rents, utilities. the works. Many won’t survive as March and April are the money maker month. A late start to the season, many are already hurting. I imagine it’s worse in the states… 

If you’re looking for a positive spin, Puerto Vallarta and the area had no incidents of this covirus flu… Canadians populate the largest portion of tourism in PV and were ordered “home”. Americans with family in the states worried wanted family members home…. Any real risk left the PV area … Anything that involves the masses is closed! Tours, churches, movie houses,sporting events, etc… family groups and people in general are at restaurants and spread out …. People are still walking the boardwalks, many stores are still open.. It’s not the end of the world and we went through this in 2009 … So we’re well versed here in PV in this sort of thing… Be Safe People!

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

If you didn’t walk in this shop, you didn’t go fishing with Master Baiter’s!
You have to wonder why they need to Copy MB’s, But then again, you already know why!

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