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Sailfish are still happening at Punta Mita aka Punta Nayarit

Normally at this time of the year, we’re discussing the “incredible fishing” at Corbetena, but this week there has been no pulse at Corbetena. This week we’re seeing the complete opposite. You see we’ve had tons of heavy rain. Combine this with passing Hurricanes pushing currents in all different directions and all of a sudden, fishing at Corbetena turns into a grave yard! We all know “fishing is fishing” but this is a bit unusual. It’s a La Nina year, we should have close to 90 degree water temperatures, but we don’t. Air temperatures should be much warmer, but they’ve been hovering at 85 to about 88, with high humidity. The panic that these “conditions” could last are unfounded. Remembering I’m writing about last week, this is no indication of what’s going to happen. We all know fishing is like riding a roller coaster, lots of ups and downs. But we have Marlin at El Banco, even if there is almost no pulse at Corbetena. If that’s not bad enough, Porpoise have been stealing your dead bait and chasing your lures. For now that’s all a “pain in the drain”. For many the Bay is your best fishing option.   

Marlin at El Banco

So you know we’ve had a less than exciting week, the good news is there aren’t that many people heading out to our world famous fishing grounds. At Corbetena, located 35 miles out from Marina Vallarta is seems most of the species at this world famous area have taken a powder. But there are some great reasons to avoid Corbetena right now. The fact there is so much trash in the water, floating logs, under the waterline obstruction’s, floating crap of all kinds, mostly from the heavy rains down the mountains and into the bay, it’s a mess. Hard to troll, trash fouling lines and massive amounts of bait feeding on this debris. Not exactly normal, but not that unusual. Give it a few days and things will change drastically, that’s how it all works amigo. Now El Banco is a different story. Famously known for its “high spots” and being a Yellowfin Tuna hotspot, it hasn’t been like that for years. There is a reason for that, but no space here to get into it. Let’s just say for right now El Banco or The Bank, Marlin fishing is the best I’ve seen in this area for years. Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Sailfish are all running the area and taking bait. Don’t get the idea it’s “fishing in a barrel”. It’s going to be work and it’s not a bad ideas to have some extra fuel and bait amigos!

Rooster Fish at Cabo Corrientes and the Reefs north of Sayulita

Closer in at the point of Punta Mita things are much the same. You’ll find Dorado in the 15 lb range and on the sparse side unless you find a floating log or debris. Sailfish are still fairly close to shore for some reason. And north by the reefs of Sayulita, Rooster fish are a real possibility with all the rain and sardines in the area. Possible Blue Marlin about ten miles off the point and that’s the story. Not much to say, but at the other end of the bay, the Cabo Corrientes area Rooster fish have been a bit more consistent. People seem to think we have the four basic areas and that’s it. When actually we have many fishing grounds that go ignored. Cabo Corrientes is one of them. Now you need to plan for a ten hour day, but with rainy season, Sardines and crap in the water, it’s a Rooster fish playground. Sandy beaches and structure are a perfect formula for a great day of Rooster fishing. The down side is we don’t get any information from this area because nobody, no fishing companies that is, head in this direction. They don’t want to risk the tip in an area with questionable action. Well for me, this is when you look in the other directions and roll the dice. Be bold, take a chance and I’m pretty confident you’ll be glad you did. Sailfish and Dorado are also in this area, but it’s a Rooster fish playground, why push it? Well, maybe push a little, ja ja.

Always exciting to see Dorado as they jump out of the water

Bay Fishing, Your Best Option for Now

Quickly, inside the bay is probably your best bang for your fishing dollar. Rain means dirty water, so the south end of the bay is probably the best option with Dorado, 25 lb Football Tunas, Jack Crevalles around the river mouths. Sierra Mackerels, Snook by the river mouths and more. I suggest six hours, but four hours are working as well, Stay tuned.

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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