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Written By Stan Gabruk

Before I start this article, I have to say the latest travel warning posted by the United States surprised me. I expected them to warn the world about Covid-19 again. Put the fear of god into you travelers, but that’s not the case at all. In fact the U.S. Travel Warning had no mention of Covid at all. So as you read this, remember to read the links and see this information first hand, it shocked me frankly. So don’t think the warning is for something that may seem obvious.  

Years ago I lived in the the United States of America, no big surprise. When I was younger I made the mistake of coming to Mexico with a group sponsored by the U.S. Navy called the Sea Cadets. With them I came to Mazatlán for the first time, I was 14 yrs old. It was a life changing experience and I always knew in my heart I’d be living in Mexico someday. Fast forward more than fifty years and I now live in Puerto Vallarta. If I was going to design a perfect place, it wouldn’t be much different than Puerto Vallarta. The people are world famous for their politeness and Puerto Vallarta is one of the safest if not “the” safest locations to live in all of Mexico. I’ve lived in PV now for more than twenty years, I’ve never seen a dead body. I’ve never been confronted with Cartel types, and you really, really have to be an idiot to get in trouble in PV as a tourist! In a nut shell, Puerto Vallarta to me is my heaven on earth and PV has been very good to me.

I could make a list of a thousand things I find amazing about Puerto Vallarta and Mexico in General. So it always surprises me that the U.S. Government keeps issuing travel warnings about Mexico. Let’s face it, the United States has been issuing travel warming for Americans for as long as I can remember. The bulk of travel warnings about the state of Jalisco will tell you that Puerto Vallarta has no travel warnings or suggested travel restrictions at all. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories/mexico-travel-advisory.html#Jalisco)

Yet today there were several articles posted where the “United States” govt. is now, again, warning you to stay out of Mexico for crime related reasons for the most part. You can check out the travel warning here: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories.html/

Now I’ve gone through these warnings, then I thought I’d check the rest of the world. Only Mexico is  singled out distinctively by the United States.  Canada also has a real problem with travel to Mexico and the Caribbean. You’d think it would be about Covid travel issues but you’d be wrong. When you look at the U.S. Department of State those travel warnings are worldwide. Now this is no joke, in the Travel Warnings the United States is supposed to be telling you hot spots to avoid. Right now that means pretty much the whole world, not just Mexico. Now you’re not seriously going to tell me the whole world is dangerous. Yet the American govt. wants you to believe just that! 

How is it the “Whole World” is “Dangerous” ?

Now I’m focusing on Mexico since I live in Puerto Vallarta, work in PV, Promote PV and pretty much love PV from every angle. But I have a real problem with the American Press and the American Govt for posting what they know are out and out lies. Personally I’ve lived in PV now for about twenty years. I’ve never seen a dead body, never had a cartel issue, never had any issues I didn’t create for myself. I was genuinely upset and I started to think about those “Bleeps” and why they would tell the American and World public to stay away from Mexico and in Canada’s case, the Caribbean as well. Those dirty, third world types are “gonna kill you” they say. And if you don’t believe it just ask any person in PV if their friends or family didn’t warn them they were “gonna die” in Mexico! It’s a common thing, nothing new.

But what you don’t hear is how Mexico has more “freedom” than the United States. Frankly except for the benefits they’re having laid at their feet, the Mexican people live better in Mexico than most Americans live in America. The whole world has this false impression that Mexicans are Pisteleros, Banditos, drug dealers or Timeshare salesman. Mexico receives no credit for anything positive. Well maybe except for the beaches and the Tequila. Yes folks, if Uncle Sam had his way you’d stay in the United States where “they” will keep you safe. Did you hear that Chicago is Dangerous? Washington D.C., you’re a criminal playground yet you’re “safe”. Throw in Baltimore, Houston, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and you’re in the lap of “first world” safety. Or rather this is the “juice” they’re pouring into the cups of thirsty, waiting hands. Of course all this important news regarding your safety is from the same sources as always. Same motivations, same agendas to keep your money where it should be. In your home country!

But you see, there are problems with the news outlets and the Government sources, they all have an agenda and it has nothing to do with your safety. Yes there are millions of people out there shocked and amazed but the simple fact is the “Truth” is anything but. Frankly when was the last time you were told the truth about anything from the news and the Government?

Fauchi and CDC / State Dept. warnings, Covid warnings, Death numbers, even the covid test are all rigged. Yet there is no questioning of authority? There is no logic / science to support claims. There is no truth to these “stories” and you have to wonder what the end game is. Well let me help you….

Money, it’s not about your safety, it’s not about Covid, it’s all about money, big money. So I’m going to spell it out for you. The United States is broke! After the last financial crisis where the banks and the corrupt politicians saved their back sides at the expense of the American account holders. Government once again bailed out a flawed system, based on Ponzi schemes and creative “crookery”! The way the American Govt. fixed the financial system was not a fix, but a band aide. So the financial system is still standing on tooth picks for financial legs. The financial world knows this, but you don’t.

So the Travel warnings all come down to the national debt and the flow of “their / your” money. Last year there were crazy billions of dollars left in Mexico from traveling Americans, Canadians and other world travelers. They come to Mexico and spend money. Many if not most are retired and traveling on their hard earned retirement money. That’s the problem, the dollars leaving America to destinations around the world. We’re sensitive about Mexico because most international travelers from America and Canada wind up vacationing in Mexico. Now we’re not talking millions of Dollars, we’re talking Billions of Dollars. Dollars the United States and Canada want to stay in the country! Now 70 billion dollars or so reported coming into Mexico is not chicken feed.  When you look at the billions being “spent” by the United States Govt it doesn’t sound that surprising, but still that’s a serious money leaving the North American economies. Money that doesn’t come back or circulate in the system.

Then you have to realize who is doing the international travel, again older people that’s who. The people who have money in the bank, transfer accounts and are spending money on vacation and travel. The USA doesn’t want this, you may ask why? Frankly living outside the United States I’m surprised by the outrageous cost of things. A beer is five dollars in a restaurant or bar and that’s the average price. Why? Now imagine you have to deal with that so called “health system” in both Canada and the United States. Basically low quality doctors that you can’t afford the deductible, so much for affordable healthcare. People up north should look at the quality of their life, the outrageous expenses and the never ending Government hands in your back pocket.

Now imagine you’re a person who’s retiring with limited retirement funds and a fixed income to live on. Unaffordable horrible health care is what you’re looking forward to in your later years? Let’s face it, you can’t afford to retire in the USA anymore unless you want to live at a “one step above homeless” level. Even then it would be hard. Frankly living in Mexico, I see what the United States is doing to their retired people and it’s criminal. No SSI increases for more than twelve years. Is it any wonder people are leaving the states faster than a rat off a sinking ship?

It’s All About Locking You In Place, Keeping the cash in the country,

So this is a story you won’t hear is North America, Canada or the USA, they want your money and they want older people dead, as quickly as possible. You may doubt that, but open your eyes. So there you have it folks, retired individuals and couples are bailing on a Socialist agenda converting America to a communist, equitable govt.

You can live in Mexico, easily on your Social Security check. You can purchase affordable healthcare in Mexico, from American agents very, very inexpensively. English speaking, board certified doctors who requalify to practice medicine in Mexico! So if you have been drinking the CDC and WHO Juice you and believe the American Medical System is the best in the world, it isn’t! Not buy a long shot.

So the older population is being targeted and step by step being placed in a mental state where “fear” is being used once again to control the population. So they tell you, the international traveler that you’re going to die if you go to Mexico. I’ve seen post about how dangerous Cancun was, on CNN, where pictures of dead bodies lying in the streets were portrayed as Cancun. In this case and there are many others, the picture was from a hundred and fifty miles away in a zone much like Chicago. CNN knew it, but they put that visual and written lie out there like it’s factual, truthful and accurate. The same people will tell you that it’s more dangerous than Afghanistan?!

So retired Americans are looking to retire anywhere but the North America. Now there is Panama, Costa Rica, Columbia, many safe and welcoming locations. All have affordable health care, all are much cheaper on the daily cost of living and frankly a retired single lady can live on her Social Security in these Latin American Countries. You can have a car, healthcare that works and is affordable. Live in a nice house with affordable rent if you don’t want to buy. Medication is much cheaper. In Puerto Vallarta there really is no need to learn Spanish as most of the population speaks a “working” English. You can drink the water in PV and there is plenty of health care here which is taken advantage of by Canadians every winter. Canadians visit Mexico, American too, to get dental work done at bargain basement prices. Medical procedures are a third of the price with no malpractice insurance anywhere to be seen. You can have a beautiful condo overlooking Marina Vallarta for less than a thousand dollars a month. The average beer is two dollars, but there are cheaper places everywhere. Everything is 70% cheaper once you cross that North American border!

So keep this in mind, you aren’t going to die in Mexico. The Cartel is not looking for you. Covid is more or less under control now in PV and much of Mexico, but that’s not what you’ll hear. You can live comfortably in a very nice place and it’s affordable for any retirement budget. You can have a car, join a golf group, be an artist, you can do or be anything you want to be without the stress and infringements on your income, safety, RIGHTS and security. I’ve been here in Mexico for more than twenty years now and frankly I thank my lucky stars I live here and not in the Socialist North American countries.

The bottom line is you as a North American have options. Talk with your “crazy” friends and neighbors that braved the dangers of a fun filled week in Puerto Vallarta! Ask them how many dead bodies they saw in the streets. Ask them about being harassed by a nice friendly face to enter a world class restaurant with a view of the Bay of Banderas and tell me you feel “unsafe”. The truth is out there, but you won’t find it on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Thttps://www.vallartatoday.com/puerto-vallarta-headline-news/national-news/the-government-of-mexico-expresses-concern-regarding-the-alert-by-us-authorities-not-to-visit-this-countrytand the rest.

The biggest fear North America has about you retiring to Mexico isn’t about your health. It’s about your money leaving the country! Older people have better than 60% of all the money in banks, not young people with a credit addiction. For North American Govt’s they have to keep their money in the country or their financial system will collapse. You can’t keep printing money and think it has value, maybe paper value.

So, consider your options, look to private individuals not orchestrated lies for information. There are even several shows on TV about people moving to Mexico and they don’t seem to be dying or being attacked. Question your information sources looking for agendas. And finally just think for yourself.

One thing to be aware of, a few years ago when Obama was in office, there was talk of a new tax where the American Govt would take 40% of your money as a “exit” type tax. It stopped a bit short, but that doesn’t mean it won’t resurface amigos.

I would like to say my primary motivations was this article: https://www.vallartatoday.com/puerto-vallarta-headline-news/national-news/the-government-of-mexico-expresses-concern-regarding-the-alert-by-us-authorities-not-to-visit-this-country

Here’s an idea, check the rest of the world for their travel warnings, you’d be shocked to hear what they have to say about places like San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, D.C., Baltimore, Chicago, Portland, Seattle and the list is endless.