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Here we are again, a week has gone by and things have changed considerably! The bait issues at Corbetena and El Banco have gone away. Sailfish and Marlin have returned to both Corbetena and El Banco. All the deep water locations have blue water and mature Trash Lines. Dorado and Sailfish are also on the menu, thanks to the fish gods. We’ve even seen some decent sized Yellowfin Tuna as well. Two days after I wrote the last article, things changed drastically as Skip jack Tuna moved back into Corbetena, El Banco and Punta Mita! While water temperatures are still warmer than we’d like, we’ll have to endure since this warm water isn’t going anywhere soon. All the necessary “elements” are here now. The only question is if you can put those elements together. If so, the results will be the stuff memories are made of and will last a lifetime!

Ok, let’s get this show on the road. Corbetena this week, I should also include El Banco, they both exploded with Black and Blue marlin anywhere from 350 to 600 lbs.! We haven’t had a decent report from El Banco for a while. But Capt. Cesar from Tiliche went out to the high spots for an over-night trip and boated three Black Marlin by mid-afternoon. The primary factor of this puzzle was the fact Skip Jack Tuna returned in good amounts. And with this “perfect” bait came other species, specifically Cubera Snappers at 45 to 60 lbs. Yes, the Cubera Snappers, aka Dog Tooth Pargo, are taking trolled Skippies on the surface! Not to be out done, there are also Sailfish of good size and Yellowfin Tuna from 30 to 100 lbs. depending on what you come across. The only down side is the Dorado numbers are down, but I guess we can’t have everything. El Banco also has Yellowfin Tuna at 30 lbs, but I figure their big brothers are also running the neighborhood. In fact it’s easier to boat a Yellowfin Tuna at the high spots than it is to boat a Black Marlin! Right now the fuel risk to hit this outside location is well worth the “risk”. It’s been a while since I was excited about El Banco, but I am now! With both of these deep water locations, the water is high visibility blue, which is an essential element!

Looking toward the area from El Morro to Punta Mita or rather Punta Nayarit, it’s a blue water paradise for Dorado and Sailfish. Yep, I said Dorado and Sailfish! After last week, I should say after I wrote the report, things flipped! All of a sudden a mature trash line became a Dorado playground. You can also expect Sailfish in the area anywhere from El Morro to Sayulita! There are a few things you need to be aware of. First, there is a trash line that goes out a few miles. On this trash line and if there is any floating debris, you’ll find Dorado larger than 20 lbs and they’re pretty plentiful. The Sailfish as mentioned a moment ago are at the 8 mile mark from the shore! Skip Jack Tuna are the preferred bait to use and there’s plenty of bait in the area. Well worth the eight hour duration. One nice thing to remember, Rooster fish like the “agua dulce” or fresh water mixed with the salt water. This means they’ll be hanging near the surface after the rains and around the river mouths. Use this information wisely, ja ja.

The bay is alive and doing well. One interesting this is there are some small Dorado in the bay, but nothing impressive to say the least.  If you’re going target these golden fish, you should look to Punta Mita! The primary problem in the bay is the dirty water. You see when we get the massive amounts of rain, which is normal here in PV, the water running into the bay is a coffee color. Aka dirty water, but Jack Crevalls, Sierra Mackerels and Rooster fish will take baits if they see it. Now remember the dirty water can be shallow to about six feet in depth. A decent captain will have the necessary equipment to get the baits and lures to the correct depth. So the fishing in the bay is ok, but don’t expect perfection. If you get away from the river areas, there could be “cleaner” water, but there really isn’t any perfect water in the bay. If you’re not in a vacation budget scenario, the bay will provide plenty of action and memories, but you should have diminished expectations amigos.

We’re seeing a strange bite right now. Most of the Marlin and Sailfish action is happening around 1:30 in the afternoon. But I suspect the morning bite has moved to about 07:00. The bottom line is if you don’t hit it earlier, you have to wait until the early afternoon with few if any strikes in between. Water temperatures are still in the 89 degree mark. And naturally the local bait is best, but when the local dominant bait is Skippies, you’ve got the perfect bait for the moment! But it’s still a good habit to make bait and stuff the tuna tubes as cheap insurance. Not to mention the fun of catching the bait!

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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