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         Written by Stan Gabruk, owner Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle

Normally at this time of the year we’re in a “loop”. It’s not summer fishing so we’re not going to see Dorado or most of the warm water species. Striped Marlin are still roaming the area and that’s about the largest fish and only Marlin you’ll find in the area. Jack Crevalles which are “our bread and butter” come winter time are lacking in their normal numbers. So the longer day fishing trips are targeting just a few species which is “normal”. The good news is we’re still seeing Sea Bass, Grouper and Snook. The weather is perfect and the bite is on.

This past week we’ve seen a few cold fronts go through and the deep water fishing grounds and experienced unexpected rough seas. It put the brakes on many of the locals heading out. The lack of Canadians in Puerto Vallarta has greatly affected the number of boats fishing and this probably won’t change in the near future. For those heading out to Corbetena there are still Striped Marlin about five miles north of the rock. These Stripers are spread out and the fact that there is massive amounts of Krill Squid out there means getting their attention may be difficult. Now you don’t normally expect Marlin to be eating bait this small. But if you think about it, why not? Cubera Snappers aka Dog Tooth Pargo are taking trolled baits now as well as jigged baits. Surprisingly there have been super large Skip Jack tuna in the 12 to 15 lb range! You’ll always find Jack Crevalls, but with some luck Amber Jacks will be there for the jiggers.

Punta Mita to El Morro has been interesting. With few boats heading out, there seems to be mixed information depending on who you talk with. Capt. Pedro was at the back side of El Morro and reports that Cubera Snappers of 30 lbs were taking trolled baits! And are also there for the bottom fishing guys. Capt. Pedro also boated a monster Sierra Mackerel of 20 lbs. Frankly I’d be surprised if this wasn’t close to a record for a Mackerel. Bonito are also running the area in larger amounts in the 10 lb range, great bait for fish chasing Squids. Stripers are anywhere from this area to Corbetena and El Banco. That’s what I mean by “spread out”.

Inside the bay is still where you’ll find your best action for the moment. Sea Bass are still hanging in front of the Ameca River, but all rivers are much the same. Grouper are in the area as well as are Snappers and Snook. All these species are around the river mouths with the “sweet water”. Jack Crevalles are running the area from 20 to 50 lbs, but are spread out thin. It seems the Nuevo Vallarta area is a good place to start and Jack Crevalles will turn your arms to spaghetti. Sierra Mackerels are still everywhere in the bay running about 10 to 12 lbs, some smaller. Great tasting and abundant, great for family fishing as well so don’t discount Sierra Mackerels. Bonito are mostly smaller under 20 lbs. And of course there is always great action around the structure near Punta Negra. For now your best bang for your fishing buck is a six hour trip in the bay unless you want to roll the dice at Corbetena.

We saw another drop in temperatures with the cold currents coming in from the clashing cold fronts going through the area. Inside the bay is not 72 degrees, down three degrees from last week, quite a swing! The bite is still happening after 9 and could be as late as 11. Unless you’re targeting Sierra Mackerels which are a better early morning bite, it’s best to head out a little later. If targeting any species it’s best to use a Squid Jig type of rig. Everything is gorging themselves on these Krill Squids now so it can’t hurt. We should have this colder water until about the middle to end of March when it should start ticking upwards so be patient, it’s winter fishing still!

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