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                      Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

We’ve been lucky this whole winter high season when it comes to fishing. We’ve had warm water, summer species and incredible action. For a while there I was concerned that this could be an El Nino year, but thank your lucky stars things have changed. So this means were back on a “normal schedule”. That means the water temperatures are dropping to where “normal” is and the warm water species we’ve enjoyed are finally thinning out. Now this sounds almost tragic, but in reality it’s not. Winter Species are now moving in which means Jack Crevalls are more plentiful and larger in size. Sierra Mackerels which are great tasting and while smaller are great “machine gun” action at will. Grouper are showing up at the Ameca River mouth, still small but in a week or two this will be the secret spot. Yes folks we’re changing seasons now but that doesn’t mean fishing has stopped. It just means we need to change our focus to smaller and more abundant species looking for that all important arm burning action!

Corbetena this week has continued to be interesting with Striped Marlin and Sailfish possible in the entire area. Now remember they’re still spread out so finding them is the first thing you need to do. Stripers like water as low as 68 degrees so as long as we have “fast food” for them, they’ll hang! Sailfish normally leave then come back around March, but they never left so we’ll just be thankful! For the jiggers the Cubera Snappers will be looking for your bait soon. Yellowfin tuna are still in the area. We’re seeing some green runners to 20 lbs, they live well in the “live well” and are the only live bait Tuna are taking! Tuna have been fickle but they will at times take baits, feeling lucky? For now ten hour trips are for the guys taking a chance on a larger fish is worthwhile.

The area from El Morro to Punta Mita are no longer seeing any Dorado and frankly they’re not cold water species. So what we’ve been enjoying so late into the season has finally come to an end. For now the species moving into the area are Pompano to 20 lbs north of the Marietta islands. Now remember fishing on the Marietta Reef is illegal and you will be chased if running your own boat there. Don’t be stupid, don’t fish on top of the reefs! At El Morro we’re finally seeing Amber Jacks to 50 lbs. Jack Crevalls to 40 lbs, Bonito to 25 lbs and hungry! Possible Sailfish and Striper for the lucky.

Inside the bay we’re right exactly where we should be at this time of the year. We still have the massive amounts of Krill and smaller “Whale food” baits. Great for the whales and the “locals” but not so great when you can’t get their attention. Once again it’s on / off with the Crevalls. Bonito to 25 lbs, Sierra Mackerels near La Cruz are thick and in the 12 lb range. I’ve been hearing some reports of Red Snappers at 20 lbs near the point of Cabo Corrientes and any structure handy. With dropping water temperatures we’ve seen some small Groupers but as we see the cooler water moving in they’ll be larger in size and more abundant. So the fishing is great all around the bay, it would be a shame if you don’t get a chance to get on the water. We’ll make it affordable …

Tres Maria’s Tuna Report: For those of you coming to this area looking for Monster or Cow Yellowfin tuna you will find them. This week things in the area have been on the slow side with a handful of YF Monsters at 330 to 370 lbs. But that was for 15 to 20 anglers. Many of the long range companies like to post pictures of the fish they’re boating, which have been Cubera Snappers, large Rooster fish and a few huge Dorado. Yellowfin Tuna at this time of the year can be fickle and even if they’re in the area they may not take your baits! For now we’re seeing massive amounts of “Krill” Squids and Shrimps. Basically Whale food that Tuna live to eat. We need to remember that this is “off” season for Yellowfin Tuna in our area. Yellowfin Tuna will stay in cooler water temperatures if the bait is abundant as it is in this area. But they prefer water temperatures above 82 degrees. So while the fishing looks great, the real summer species like YF Tuna, Marlin, Dorado etc. run these fishing grounds like it’s a fish Disneyland in the summer months. For the Southern California boys running those long range boats they’re just trying to make “ends meet” with their off season income here in Puerto Vallarta. Conditions like this can and will last into late April. In May with warming water temperatures the San Diego boys go home to take advantage of their local markets. Exactly when the best Yellowfin Tuna fishing occurs DAILY. This being nothing new, the local knowledge is just playing on the uninformed and excited anglers looking for some great Tuna action. For now the best Tuna fishing is in this area, but as the water warms up size and abundance will increase. So if you’re planning a Tuna fishing trip where every time your line hits the water you could literally boat a world record fish! Again every single time your line hits the water it could be a WORLD RECORD ….     

The bite is once again at 09:00, so plan accordingly. Water temperatures are at 72 degrees now and they won’t get much cooler than this. With so much natural bait in the water try running dead baits or Krill mimic baits of red.

We’re still doing the shared boats, Surf Pole rentals out of the Marina Shop. We also have some loss leader promotions you’ll find on my Facebook pages (Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle). Benjamin our Tour Expert can wrap this all up in one nice package so you don’t need to fret with some of these Bozos out there. 

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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