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Winter Fishing Returns to PV, Water Temps Dropping, Massive Bait!

We’ve been lucky this whole winter high season when it comes to fishing. We’ve had warm water, summer species and incredible action. For a while there I was concerned that this could be an El Nino year, but thank your lucky stars things have changed. So this means were back on a “normal schedule”. That means the water temperatures are dropping to where “normal” is and the warm water species we’ve enjoyed are finally thinning out. Now this sounds almost tragic, but in reality it’s not. Winter Species are now moving in which means Jack Crevalls are more plentiful and larger in size. Sierra Mackerels which are great tasting and while smaller are great “machine gun” action at will. Grouper are showing up at the Ameca River mouth, still small but in a week or two this will be the secret spot. Yes folks we’re changing seasons now but that doesn’t mean fishing has stopped. It just means we need to change our focus to smaller and more abundant species looking for that all important arm burning action!