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Swirling Currents, Dorado vs. Massive Bait Balls!

You know I’ve been writing these articles now for something like twenty years. In that time, writing and paying attention to conditions, you begin to learn and see what happens with the seasonal changes. That means how currents work, water temperatures change, the results of these types of natural ocean movements and the things that just don’t “fit” in the scenario. So it’s not surprising to me when the seasonal changes comes and frankly we’ve been waiting for it. But it’s a La Nina year, which throws a wrench into everything you’d expect, especially water temperatures. Then we come into March.

Warm Water Keeps Dorado, Sails and Rooster fish in PV

To be straight up with my loyal readers, all 54 of you, February is not the best month of the year to be fishing here in Puerto Vallarta, Banderas Bay to be exact. Not that the fishing is lacking, but because most people are looking for Monster fish like Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo to name a few. Now we still have Dorado, Rooster fish and Sailfish if you are in the right location, which is not in the bay amigo. Yes we´re moving into winter fishing which means Jack Crevalls coming out of our ears, billions of Sierra Mackerals that are great tasting, but not large.

Sharp Drop in Water Temps, Striped Marlin Return, Jacks also

The air is warm, the humidity is way up and all of a sudden these cold currents show up out of nowhere! That´s right amigos, just when you think it´s going to be a great day fishing, the water gauge shows water temperatures that are hitting a chilly 75 Degrees. As a result Black and Blue Marlin have moved out of the area for the moment, that´s the down side. The up side; Striped Marlin are back in the area and they´re good sized running 300 lbs, but you won´t see Striped Marlin occupy the same areas as Black Marlin with their preferences in water temperatures being at different levels. Having said that the fishing is great, but you may have a mixture of winter and summer species fighting for your bait!

As Spring Moves in, Fishing is Up and Down!

As Spring Moves in, Fishing is Up and Down! It’s kinda funny how those that are here in Puerto Vallarta during High Season assume this is the best time of the year for fishing here in Puerto Vallarta. While there is never a bad time to go fishing in Puerto Vallarta (PV).  But in fact […]