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Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Lately it’s looking like the “good old days” have come back to our world famous fishing grounds. After years of diminished fishing, the Seiners (production fishing ships) have mostly faded away and we’re finally seeing small schools of Yellowfin tuna roaming the entire area. Dorado are still thin, but they’re “trickling in” daily. Water temps are hovering and water conditions are about as good as you could ask for. Even Hurricanes are “Tranquillo”. We’ve moved into our Summer Fishing pattern where in the bay fishing is not going to provide you with Marlin and Tuna. For the next four or five months we’ll be seeing the best fishing outside of the bay. Now that doesn’t mean the fishing in the bay is anything other than great, they’re just smaller that’s all. So family fishing or Big Game fishing for trophies, either way They’re just what the “Vacation Doctor” ordered!

I always get asked “How’s the fishing”? I’m happy to finally report things are great and getting better by the day. Come winter time it seems like August and September are a long way away. Now that we’re looking at world class fishing, tourism is in low season. FYI, High Season is about the weather, not the fishing. So those coming to PV in August experience high humidity, high temperatures and of course the seasonal rains. But because of that warm humid weather, we have Black Marlin / Blue Marlin in the 400 to 500 lb range. Sailfish are also roaming around as well. Dorado are at both El Banco and Corbetena and we’ve seen some at Dorado at 60 lbs or over. Yellowfin Tuna are running 80 to 140 lbs and are taking baits. Cubera Snappers are at 50 to 65 lbs for those jigging, but some are taking trolled baits. Sailfish, Dorado, Tuna, Marlin and Cubera Snappers! The crowds are down and if you can imagine El Banco alone, well that’s priceless and possible right now! With plenty of Skip Jack Tuna, Sardines, Flying fish, Goggle eyes and more, I’d call these conditions just about perfect. If you’re thinking of great uncrowded fishing, now would be it!

Moving in closer, the area around El Morro to Punta Mita is still alive and well with several trash lines and great conditions. Sailfish are roaming around the area from El Morro to Punta Mita. Dorado are feeding off the trash line, but they’re smaller for the most part with the largest you could hope for would be in the 20 – 25 lb range. Stripers have for the most part moved out, but there are still some “freaks” in the area. Rooster fish are smaller, but I have a captain who has a “secret spot”. Those are the major players in the area and the numbers are picking up daily. So we’re looking at improving conditions daily, naturally some days are better than others so check before making your decisions.

Inside the bay as mentioned earlier are for the most part smaller fish. Some Jack Crevalls are running the area still in the 30 lb range. Dorado are around the trash lines, but as you’d expect they’re smaller at 10 lbs or so. Now there are some larger Dorado roaming the are so don’t be surprised if you see larger fish coming out of the bay. The occasional freak Striped Marlin and Sailfish can still be found roaming the bay! Sierra Mackerels and plenty of smaller fish around structure means you’ll have a fun day in the bay, perfect for family fishing days at affordable prices.

Surprisingly we’re not seeing the “normal” levels or rain in the area. This means the Trash line is not as abundant as we’d like, but we still have small fish running the line so anything is possible. Water temperatures are holding level at 86 degrees with High Visibility blue water means the conditions for this time of the year are as good as they’ll get. With abundant bait in the area in the form of flying fish, Sardines, Bonito, Skip Jack Tuna and the list goes on. We‘re still seeing a late morning to mid-afternoon bite. Yellowfin tuna are hitting baits hard from 3 to 6 o’clock! The other bite, for most fish is happening between 9 and 3 pm. So time management will save you some fuel money and time. It looks like we’re moving into a normal fishing season, gracias a dios! With no drastic movements in water temperatures or currents we should see conditions, fish abundance and variety of species increase weekly. As a brief reminder, at this time of the year it rains! Now the rain can be hard for the most part, which means it “burns out” quickly. Another thing to remember is the fishing is better in the rain! We only take notice is there if Lightening is in the area. But even then it’s not important until you get to the fishing grounds and there is lightening in that area! Normally morning rain doesn’t last after 09:00 a.m. naturally we cancel or reschedule fishing trips if we can if conditions like this exist at the dock in the morning. At that point it’s your call with the appropriate input from the captain naturally. But we won’t put a lightning rod in your hands amigo, it’s bad for business… ha ha!

Our fishing trips to the Tuna Grounds are seeing Yellowfin tuna sizes increasing on an average basis to just under 300 lbs. Ocean conditions have been blue and perfectly smooth. Bait is abundant, but local bait is always the best bait. With better than sixty miles to roam there are many daily opportunities at this time of the year to boat a world record Yellowfin Tuna every time your line hits the water! Now that’s not big talk amigos. From now until mid-February is Monster Tuna Time which naturally happens with or without you there with a pole in your hand! 

Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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