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 Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter´s Sportfishing & Tackle

Sailfish have moved in, in a big way!

I have to tell you, I was wondering what happened to our fishing season. We had plenty of blue water just full of bait. But we weren’t seeing decent sized Dorado, the Marlin were here, just spread out so that meant burning fuel! The worst part was I couldn’t with any confidence say “You’d boat a Marlin or Dorado”. Well now I can! In fact Marlin are very thick, Dorado at varying sizes are essentially at every fishing grounds we have. Sailfish are also picking up in size and numbers as we normally expect. We’re moving out of the Hurricane season, that doesn’t mean we won’t see any more, but the possibility will diminish by the day. It’s this time of the year that built Puerto Vallarta’s reputation as being some of the best fishing locations in the world!

Let’s start with the “amazing” change in what seemed like overnight. Last week after we had the second tropical storm march up the coast dumping massive amounts of rain, I thought the fishing was going to be a little “slow”. Boy was I wrong, it seems twenty minutes after I submitted my report to my publisher at PV Mirror things changed. All of a sudden we have Big Black Marlin in the 600 lb range for the Males running the area hitting any bait they saw. Blue Marlin in the same size range were hanging with their cousins. Sailfish in tournament winning sizes are being plucked out of the water easily. In Fact Capt Cesar of Magnifico called me from El Banco or the Bank to let me know there were so many Marlin in the area that they were hitting baits almost the moment it hits the water. In fact, what he told me was “that there are so many Marlin taking Skippies (aka Skip Jack Tuna) that they using Saviki rigs, I call them Daisy chains to get bait. You would have four Skippies hit the rig, but before you could get them back to the boat, a Marlin would fleece two of them! Realistically every boat in the area for the last few days have had no issue boating Marlin! Dorado are also in the area running anywhere from 20 to over 30 lbs. If you’ve ever wanted to boat a Marlin, black or blue, now is the time to be here on the water! Yellowfin Tuna are here as well, but they’re sounding and eating their fill of baits like Squids, Crabs and whatever else they love. Don’t give up, Tuna are there, it’s just with so many marlin in the area, you will have a hard time getting your bait past these hungry Billfish!

Paul Nicklass with his 40 lb Rainbow Runner at Corbetena

Corbetena, you can pretty much copy and paste the same info. Blue water, big fish, Plenty of Bait, I’d like to tell you these pelagics are hanging around the area. But to be straight up, anywhere in between Corbetena and El Banco you could find yourself reeling is a finned fantasy. Yellowfin Tuna seem to be more bait receptive, but that could have been just a day or two. For now you can’t go wrong throughout the entire area. Perfect for tournament season.

The area around Punta Mita has had plenty of debris, logs and trash for Dorado to gather around from the recent rains. Find a clump or log and you’ll find a Dorado Goldmine! Averaging at 25 lbs these Dorado are hitting anything shinny! Sailfish are also running the same area as you’d expect. Rooster fish seem to be on and off north of Sayulita, but why take a shot at Roosters when you have Dorado and Sailfish, even Marlin a little farther out? I highly suggest an eight hour trip to this area, affordable, fun and well you won’t be sorry experiencing world class fishing!

Inside the bay, well it’s changed as well. The normally full bay dirty water conditions have changed! Yes there is still some dirty water, but at the edge of that dirty water there are Dorado! Sailfish are around the La Cruz Marina and there are Skip Jack Tuna all over the bay. Jack Crevalls are roaming the area as well, but they’re not something you can plan on. For the short day fisherman, I suggest a six hour trip which will allow you to find where they are today in the bay. To me, if you come to PV and you don’t find your way on the water, then you missed one of the most beautiful aspects of Puerto Vallarta! Give us a call, we’ll make it affordable.

Our Tuna Fishing grounds are not disappointing. One interesting about the Tres Maria Islands is there is more than just Yellowfin tuna. Yes, I know they get all the attention. But with 50 lb Dorado, 70 lb Rooster fish, Big Black and Blue Marlin are looking for your bait. Yellowfin Tuna, the star of the area are running well over 600 lbs and frankly it wouldn’t surprise me if a Grander or two hasn’t already been boated in the area. Now this is not a day trip, you’re best value is a 2.5 day trip for the experience of a lifetime! There are a few boats charging stupid pricing for this trip, well have luxury options for half the price of the Sardine Can high density operations, in a luxury “once in a lifetime” sport fishing yacht! Contact us for more info….

Yellowfin Tuna Near the Tres Maria Islands

The bite is, believe it or not, still after 09:00 a.m. into the mid to late afternoon. With as much debris in the water this allows you to head out a little slower on an early basis. Or you can leave later in the morning and kick it in gear, head out at best speed! Bait is off the hook, or I should say super plentiful! Skip jack Tuna are thick as they could possibly be. Google Eyes, Green runners, Sardines and the list goes on. Forget plastics, with Skippies stealing the show and fitting the appetite, live bait is king.

With cooler Currents from up north moving into California I expect the Dorado, Sailfish and Marlin numbers to just increase. With the massive amounts of bait in the water they won’t have a reason to leave. Yes folks I wait all year long to write about what’s happening now, it’s Peak Fishing Season and frankly it’s possible to see a world record “something” come in on a daily basis now. If you’re here in PV don’t let this pass you buy….

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Until next week, Don´t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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