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Marina Vallarta Las Palmas I Local 3


Tournament season has started and even though it’s still early in the season for peak fishing conditions, they’re not bad. With abundant blue water, plenty of fish and now a Trash Line, conditions are good. We’ve had a pretty good run for the last two weeks since the Hurricane passed, but like all good things, they come and they go. We’re not seeing the 35 lb Dorado in the bay any longer, but we’ve still got nice sized Dorado at Los Arcos, but the Dorado have spread out in the bay now. We’re getting a steady stream of Marlin these days, Sailfish are picking up in numbers and are in more locations. Water temps are up, no bait issues. Day by day the conditions take a click in the right direction. For now things aren’t quite as good as they were after Hurricane Beatriz. Those were freak conditions where if you were here to take advantage of the situation, you had some unforgettable action. Looking forward, I feel very positive for the season. With more fish moving into the area, we know conditions will only improve.

We’re finally starting to see some more action when it comes to Sailfish and Marlin at Corbetena. Dorado are also finally picking up in numbers and are running 20 lbs. Yellowfin Tuna are anywhere from 40 to 80 lbs, but be warned, they’re moving around so be ready to burn some fuel. The Blue and Black Marlin are in the 220 to 300 lb range and they’re taking baits nicely. So finally you can head to Corbetena with the confidence you’re not taking a boat ride. With plenty of natural bait in the form of Skip Jack Tuna, Flying fish, Goggle Eyes and more, you can’t go wrong right now! One little secret is to drop baits as you pass El Morro and anything is possible amigos. No reports from El Banco this week..Stay tuned.

The area from El Morro to Sayulita has picked up a bit, Sailfish are in decent numbers just north of Punta Nayarit, but the secret here is to stay closer to shore, no more than 8 miles out and again, anything can happen. We also have some mature trash lines, so working those will pay dividends in great eating fare. Jack Crevalles at 35 lbs and up are still running the area surprisingly enough. Throw in Bonito and Skip Jack Tuna and you’ve got just what the fish doctor ordered! There are a lot of flying fish in this area, so running a lure to mimic them may be a good trick, let me know it works. With blue water and perfect water temperatures, well worth the fuel dollar for an eight hour trip. One thing to keep in mind, find a floating log and you’ve hit the Dorado jackpot!

Inside the bay it’s been a little slower. The Dorado that were at 35 lbs last week are now in the 20 lb range and we’re happy for it! Bonito to 25 lbs, Jack Crevalles to 35 lbs, Sierra Mackerels are still running the area even though they’re more of a cold water species. Throw in the Skippies and you’ve got action. One thing to remember, fish are moving all over the bay. Dorado are anywhere from Los Arcos to Bucerias, but the trick is they’re more in the middle of the bay and not necessarily in the “got to” locations. So be flexible and hit the middle of the bay, about 14 miles out, that’s the real secret. The bay trash lines are young and they can be a little slow when they’re in the bay, game fish wise. Still the trash line shouldn’t be ignored. If you find the trash line farther out, then again, anything can happen. Some four hour trips are coming up empty because you need six hours to find the fish. Going to where they were yesterday right now isn’t a good strategy.

The bite is still happening in the earlier hours, but frankly the afternoon bite may be more productive with the tides and seeing what’s jumping from my shop in the marina. Worth a thought, fish bite in the afternoon too!! We’ve seen the water warm up to 88 degrees in some areas, which is a great temperature for fishing. Blue water is at all the fishing grounds right now, a pleasant change for sure. Live bait is king, fill those tuna Tubes, in some area near the midpoint there are some areas absent of bait. So play smart. 

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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