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Fishing Reports

Weekly Fishing Reports by Stan Gabruk

Whack-A-Moe Fishing, When They Come Up, Hit it Hard!

We’ve seen some cold days in the last few weeks when the cold northern currents moved in. Now we’re seeing warmer days and warmer water in the 77 degree range just move in to Corbetena. For the previous weeks we were lucky to have 74 degree waters, but with no fish to speak of....

Sailfish, Dorado, Stripers, Now You See Em, Now You Don’t

One thing about the world of fishing is you never really know what’s happening from day to day. Fish move, water temperatures change, nothing stays the same for long. Some days you’re all smiles, others you’re not. Those “demanding” to catch fish will rest assured there are fish to be had amigos. Now if...

Water Temps up, Sailfish Move In, Great Fishing Now!

For the last few weeks I’ve discouraged people from taking fishing trips longer than eight hours. Now as we surprisingly see that water temperatures have jumped back to comfortable range at Corbetena and other fishing grounds. It’s almost like late fall fishing as we even have Dorado in the area, yep I said Dorado!...

Colder Water Doesn’t Mean Bad Fishing, Fish Abundant

After last week’s severe drop in water temperatures due to cold currents pushed down by northern storms water temperatures have snapped back a little. This week we’ve seen the water warm up a little so we’re seeing some, not many, summer species like Dorado still lingering taking advantage of the plentiful bait conditions. As...

“Give it a try” Fishing, Drastic Drop in Water Temps

We’ve had a roller coaster week when it comes to fishing in our world famous Bay of Banderas. We’ve been pretty lucky with relatively warm water temperatures lingering later than usual into late January. This week we’ve seen dramatic changes in water temperatures which means we’re square in the middle of winter fishing...

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