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Rooster Fish at The Marietta Islands
Rooster Fish at The Marietta Islands

Yellowfin Available in PV Fishing Grounds If You Are Willing to Pay the Price December 20, 2010

Normally at this time of the year we see the Puerto Vallarta Fishing grounds full of Yellowfin Tuna, Black Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado and more. We still have Yellowfin Tuna at the Tres Maria Islands, commonly known as the Prison Islands. We also still have Striped Marlin and Sailfish north of San Pancho, which is about the same distance as heading to El Banco. But for those looking for close, trophy Game Fishing action things have changed. Water Temperatures continue to drop and hover in the winter ranges of the low 70’s. So what does that mean for the Holiday Angler looking for big fish? Well it means for the most part you can still find what you are looking for, but you´ll have to be flexible of wallet and time.  As we move officially into winter, the fishing is fine, but you´ll need to hunt them down amigos!

The normal fishing grounds of El Banco and Corbeteña have changed from summer fishing to winter fishing conditions. You can still find Striped Marlin at these spots, but the chances of you boating one has been greatly diminished with several days of no sightings in either of these places. Of course Corbeteña always has Cubera Snappers and other bottom fishing. But most people are looking for billfish in here. The same goes for El Banco. But for now, you are better off heading to other locations for these species until spring time amigos…

With the low water temperatures the currents have been changing quickly. This has stirred up the water and the silt from the bottom so we have some areas that have some dirty water. The good news it is mostly only the bay and the bay fish don´t seem to care much about that at the moment.

If you are looking for Yellowfin Tuna, and for the most part the fisherman who are shooting for these understand that once winter comes to the fishing grounds, they will pretty much only be found at the Tres Maria Islands. Now this is nothing new, but what is new, people are wanting to catch them in the winter and they are willing to pay for a 14 to 16 hr day to hit this spot located 80 miles out from Marina Vallarta. So what is the draw?  Well for now, if you’re in Vallarta and want a chance to boat a ¨Monster¨ you will be able to do it here and now! The down side is most boats in the Vallarta Marinas do not have the permits that allow them to get closer than 15 miles to the islands. They, the navy, seems not to get too excited about people until they get within 10 miles. But those interested can get a permit to fish closer, but you have to be screened. So I predict as demand for these fish go up, the permit procss will get more difficult to go through. Stay tune….

Those looking for Striped Marlin and Sailfish are heading up to San Pancho or San Francisco in English. This in the neighborhood of a ten hour trip and your chances this past week of getting one of these bill faced beauties was just about 50 / 50. Some days were naturally better than others and of course that is fishing. But if you´re a mind to catch one of these, this is where you´ll be heading.  The good news is they are taking baits and are in relatively close to shore, within 15 miles. So if you are determined to give it all a shot, take it here!

As is normal for winter fishing we see the Marietta Islands become one of the primary fishing grounds with Snappers in the 35 lb range, African Pompano, Bonito, Skip Jack Tuna in the 30 to 40lb range,  Rooster fish around the reefs in the 30 to 45lb range and the list goes on.  Not many Dorado for the moment with the chilly conditions. Sierra Mackerals and Jack Crevalls or Torros as the Mariners call them are everywhere. So a short day will always produce these for those not looking to chase down a Marlin or Yellowfin Tuna. These days it seems lures and live bait are working equally well…. So make sure you have a good bag of tricks with lots of color. Keep working it until you find a combination that works. I would start with the color purple in combinations. Poppers and Diamond Jigs are cheap and they work well cast or trolled!

Punta Mita has seen some small Dorado and Snappers. Sailfish which are normally all over the place seem to have vacated the area for now.  Rooster fish are farther up the coast by a few miles where there is structure and they´ve been fair sized of 40lbs. For the most part people are just skipping this area on their Marlin quest.

Inside the bay is Jack Crevalls land, with Sierra Mackerals a close second. Bonito, Skip Jack Tuna, Roballo or Snook by the river mouths and more are in the bay for the guy looking to spend a little time and a little money for a shorter day on the water. This is a great option for those with young kids that don´t want to hook into Moby Dick! Our super pangas are just what the doctor ordered. Even the girls can go since my pangas have a head / bath room for privacy. So why not consider a day on the water and who knows, you may come across a whale that is checking you out!

Remember as we move into what many call the ¨Slow Season¨, this means you will not be coming back  with fish over 100 lbs. But if a 30 to 50 lb fish is what you’re looking for, then you will have a great time. So remember, deal with the guys that will tell you the truth and now just what you want to hear. If some guy comes up to you on the street or boardwalk telling you he has twenty boats, run away from this guy, he´s a pirate! These guys will take a deposit as large as they can shake out of you, give you a slip of paper and a phone number that doesn´t work. I have seen this happen a million times for those looking for a cheap price and ultimately end up sorry. Use people you can find later in offices or shops like Master Baiter´s in Marina Vallarta to be sure you get it straight and fairly priced options.

If you would like to have your fish smoked and or Vacuum packed there are a couple of ladies in town now that will come and get your catch, smoke it, vacuum packed then deliver it back to you for a fair price. You can reach Caren of Made of the sea at: madeofthesea@gmail.com or call (044) 322 136 73365 for more information….

Tourism is way, way down with the perception the press and the television stations have created. I literally have people telling me that their friends have told our visitors coming to Puerto Vallarta that they will ¨Die¨ if they come to Mexico. This is not the case, but with all the bad news they seem to be digging up I can understand how people feel that way. For the Record, Puerto Vallarta is as safe as it gets. Mexico in general is very safe, but the Drug Wars exist because Mexico is trying to support the efforts in law enforcement to stop the flow of drugs into the United States. But for the life of me I don´t understand why Mexico would take it on the chin and lose billions in tourism to help the states stop drugs they obviously want at all cost. With Tunnels and an open border, the border crossings are a joke! With the demand as high as it is for drugs, I think it´s time Mexico do what it can, but not at it’s won expense. By killing or removing the top drug lords, this creates a void of stupid idiots with guns. At least with the top guys in place there is some sense of order… but I don´t like what I am saying, but what is the option! Until the United States either legalizes the product the Americans want, Mexico will never be without drug violence.  Until the border is closed, including the tunnels that have existed for a long, long time.   The problem lies north of the Border with the huge appetite for Marijuana, Cocaine and Meth there is really little that can be done south of the boarder except die and lose tourism because the Mexican govt. is doing the right thing just to be beat up in the press and on television. I want to take this opportunity to tell people that unless you´re in Juarez, you are not going to die,  you  have no reason to be afraid of places like Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Cabo or other tourist destinations ! Take it from a guy who has lived in Mexico for the last ten years, I am safe and so are you. I also live in a real Mexican neighborhood, and I still feel safe and have seen no incidents of anything the press is warning you about….   If you are truly interested in hearing or reading some facts about Mexico I suggest you to: w w w . The Truth About Mexico dot com… put it all together and you’ll find the truth, it is out there amigos….. I hope this didn´t get to heavy for you, but Americans are being manipulated by the press and there are good people going out of business in the Marina and in the city and it just gets under my skin…. So take that CNN!

Until next time, don´t forget to kiss your fish….

Remember, if you have any questions or suggestions you can reach me at: www.MasterBaiters.com.mx or CatchFish@MasterBaiters.com.mx

The trade name Master Baiter’s ® Sportfishing and Tackle is protected under trade mark law and is the sole property to Stan Gabruk.  Always ask to speak with Stan to insure product quality and to insure you are working with the true Master Baiter´s ® and not an imposter

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